The Spontaneous Bucket List Item To Cross Off In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Christian Gideon/Stocksy

The best kind of bucket lists make you a better you. They challenge you to reach new limits and get you out of your comfort zone — skydiving, parasailing, and bungee jumping always seeming to be regulars for the daredevils among us. But bucket lists don't necessarily have to send your adrenaline through the roof to be adventurous and rewarding. Everybody's different, and so there's a full spectrum of things to cross off your bucket list in 2018 based on your zodiac sign.

With the new year right around the corner, you may have already taken the time to write down some resolutions. Maybe you're going to hit the gym three times a week in 2018, or finally become fluent in Italian.

All of the goals and dreams you've been putting off for months are finally going to get their starting point. The race is on. Pace yourself. Starting is the hardest part, but New Year's resolutions are also infamous for never being finished. Please, oh please, pass the finish line this year.

Our souls and our signs are all incredibly different. Going into 2018, our bucket lists and resolutions should be, too. Assuming a free-spirited Sagittarius would like the more disciplined activities of a Capricorn is just absurd. So, based on your very unique zodiac sign, these are the items you should be crossing off in the new year.

Aries: Go Rock Climbing

You're determined to reach new heights in 2018, Aries. So, why not get a little physical and go rock climbing?

Whether you hit a local gym, or scale a nearby mountain with an instructor, this bucket list item will be the perfect challenge for the driven-type like you. Just be patient with yourself if you slip a bit the first time around.

Taurus: Paint A Picture

You like the beautiful things in life, Taurus. So, why not create something just the same?

You probably feel like a bit of an old soul — getting immense joy from your green thumb and sometimes being called a gourmet in the kitchen. You are patient with your life, and you like how using your hands makes you feel grounded. Taking up a hobby, like painting, in 2018 will allow to surround yourself with even more beauty — but even more importantly, beauty that you created.

Gemini: Soul Search

You're two-faced, Gemini — I mean that's literally your sign. At its core, it simply means you're great at adapting to all situations and people. You pick up on the little things and use them to make lasting connections in conversation. Sometimes you may lose yourself in these moments with others, and find that the decisions you make aren't always best for you. So, you need a little bit of soul-searching in 2018.

Maybe you can pick up a copy of Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey, or just create a chill playlist and go for a ride. Soul-searching is a fairly broad activity, but it will allow you to find a center for yourself.

Cancer: Volunteer Locally

You love being there for your loved ones, Cancer. So, why not spread the love in 2018 and volunteer for something locally?

All sorts of organizations need your sympathetic and spunky helping hand. From walking dogs at rescue shelters, to making copies for elementary school teachers, or making sandwiches for the homeless, there's a cause for everyone to get passionate about, and especially you.

Leo: Take An Improv Class

You love the spotlight, Leo. You're naturally cheerful like the sun in the prime season you were born, and have a knack for knock-knock jokes and drama alike. So, why not take your theatrical talents and run with them at an improv class?

You'll love thinking on your feet to take a charge of scene. Let's be honest, Jerry Seinfeld's got nothing on what you'll be able to do. *Mic drop*

Virgo: Go Hiking

You're an earth sign, Virgo. So, getting back to your roots and the natural world through hiking, organic foods, and outdoor activities will be at the top of your bucket list in 2018.

During the year, you work hard, but sometimes you forget the world is a playground just waiting to be explored. You'll appreciate this chance to understand the science and reason behind nature and going green, even if you're not the most adventurous soul.

Libra: Get Active On Social Media

Sharing is caring, right Libra? Maybe you're already all over Instagram, or just discovering the beauty of Tumblr. Wherever you may be at in the modern world, getting and staying a little active on social media will be something for you in the New Year.

You're a social butterfly, and love hearing people's opinions so that you can find a common ground in conversation. You're a gentle soul, so those aggressive selfies and tweets won't be your type, but finding online partnerships will make your world a little bigger and brighter in 2018.

Scorpio: Travel Abroad

You love a challenge, and you love being head-over-heels passionate about your world, Scorpio. So, in 2018, your bucket list will look a little more adventurous than you may be used to — you're going to travel abroad.

The world is your oyster, and thanks to your keen resourcefulness, you'll do just fine no matter where you go. Picking up new languages, cultures, and streets will come to easy to you, and you'll fall so deeply in love with the lands and people you magically meet.

Sagittarius: Keep A Promise

Pinky promise are legit, Sagittarius, and you've been known to let your adventurous soul keep you from keeping the most sacred of them. So, in 2018, this bucket list item is set to make you a better person and friend.

You're not selfish, Sag. Your curious energy just might get the best of you at times. I mean, there's a whole world of adventure out there — who could blame you? But, those dinnrs and coffee dates you skip out on with friends and family are truly worth your while. This year, try sticking to them.

Capricorn: Have A Heart-To-Heart

You're not always an optimist, Capricorn. You're sometimes quick to expect the worst out of people and may not be as understanding of the modern world. So, in 2018, you should set out to be a better listener and have a heart-to-heart.

You're smart, Cap. You know a lot of things, but during a heart-to-heart it'll be a challenge for you to just sit back and let the other person do the talking. Try to find common ground and places where you can relate. You appreciate tradition and the quality things in life, and nothing makes a friendship or relationship more golden than these emotional moments.

Aquarius: Join A Movement

You're a fighter, Aquarius, and you're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in, or the things you care about. In today's world, every issue has a voice and a movement behind it. Last year's Women's March saw so much success, and you could be a part of a international crowd of progressive people like that. So, add your voice to the conversations and join a movement in 2018.

You're not one to shy away from an intellectual conversation. You'll meet people along the way who challenge your thoughts and make you defend them. Expanding your brain is a beautiful thing, Aquarius.

Pisces: Take Yourself On A Trip

You're a water sign, Pisces, with the love to escape this crazy thing called the real world. You find comfort in your solitude, but are sometimes fearful that the world and it's realities will walk all over you. So, in 2018 you should unleash your inner Moana and take yourself on a tropical trip.

They say traveling solo is something you should do at least once in your lifetime. With your naturally friendly nature, you're the perfect person for a quest like this, and will instantly connect with the people you find surrounding you.