These 7 Chill Getaways Were Meant For The Lazy Girl With Wanderlust

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Lazy with a side of wanderlust. That's quite the combination when you think about it, because you want to follow your feet, but are just so snuggled up in bed. It's so easy to trade our passports for pillows, and settle in our current surroundings. But, when the travel bug hits, you have to just go. Leaving your blankets behind for unreal beaches and culture-filled cities is worth packing a suitcase. Your bucket list doesn't have to be too bustling, though. There are plenty of lazy places to travel that will let you wander without losing any time with your sweatpants.

The most annoying part of traveling is getting to where you want to go. After that, it's basically a breeze. Booking plane tickets can make a mess of our brains, but once you're in the air, it's really all movies and endless napping until you land.

If you're feeling a little lazy, don't let that keep you from going everywhere in the world. Sure, getting to some of the most exotic places can be quite the trek, but they're so worth it when you can say you slept just a few miles away from an elephant sanctuary in the tropics of Thailand, or read your favorite book in a coffee shop buried in Budapest.

You won't lose any sleep over these seven places to travel to if you're oh-so-lazy. Diving head-first might not be your style, but you'll surely want to get your feet wet in these places around the world.

Burlington, Vermont
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If you're looking to do a road trip real quick, head to the mountains for some chilly weather, and an even calmer atmosphere. Settled in the green mountains is the artsy city of Burlington. Filled with farmer's markets in the summertime, some of the best breweries, and lovely views of Lake Champlain, it's an underrated spot in New England.

When I went to this place last summer after graduation, it was the perfect getaway. After a stressful semester, I loved wandering around the shops and book stores, and having one too many scoops of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. If you're lazy, this destination will be so sweet — and not just because of the chocolate chip cookie dough cones.

Boulder, Colorado
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Meet your match in the mountains. Boulder was named the "happiest place in the United States," and it comes to no surprise because it's such an escape from reality. We tend to spend so much time in our beds when we're dodging schedules and stress. This city will make you want to move a bit more and surround yourself with fresh air and carefree feelings.

You could hike along the Rocky Mountains, or just wander in and out of so many art galleries. You'll leave feeling so inspired by a city that's so on the rise, and refreshed by the amazing lifestyle the people choose to lead. If you're looking to be a little lazy and spend some time in the natural world, consider this destination for your next getaway.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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The people of Copenhagen are just comfortable, and your lazy soul will feel content amongst all their good vibes. Spend hours in a coffee shop people-watching with a cappuccino, or if you're feeling a little active, tour the city by bike.

You might want to spend one afternoon seeing The Little Mermaid statue or wandering around the Tivoli Gardens (which is actually an amusement park, too.) Most cities, especially in Europe, can be bustling. But this one will have you feeling at home, and as easygoing as ever.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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This city is quaint and quiet. It's a big attraction for tourists — but when you're walking along the canals, you'll never feel crowded. Wake up a little late and enjoy a Dutch pancake. They look something like a crepe and can be topped with combinations like apples and bacon (Seriously, so good.)

Amsterdam has a lot going on in terms of history, and you could spend a whole week learning about it all like you would in a classroom. But, the best adventurers go off the beaten path and actually seek out a much calmer lifestyle when traveling. Truth is, when you live like the locals, you get the true experience. And in the Netherlands, you'll want to do just that.

Santorini, Greece
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Seas the day in Santorini. Tropical places really sooth your soul, but this memorable beach spot in the Mediterranean will be adventurous and relaxing just the same. If you're lazy but have a lot of wanderlust based in Europe, well, it's time to get you to the Greek.

Spend your days soaking up the sun and living an effortless lifestyle. Sure, there might not be too many palm trees, but it's still incredibly picture-perfect. You'll be a dancing queen and a social media star after just a few days skipping along the sidewalks surrounded by white houses with bright blue roofs. Living lazy has never been so salty and sweet.

Bali, Indonesia
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Before you rule out booking flights across the world, consider Bali. It's so easy to settle for Caribbean islands, and don't get me wrong — they're incredibly beautiful and relaxing alike. But, Indonesia is full of culture — and if you're lazy, you won't want to sleep on a place so saturated with love, nature, and beauty.

Travel to the temples, and spend an afternoon in the Sacred Monkey Forest. Maybe you'll even go for a yoga or meditation retreat. Nothing is calmer than finding your center, and you'll feel incredibly relaxed after some quality soul-searching.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia
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Beautiful beaches are best when you've got a lazy lifestyle. There are no planners or gel pens in a place like Bora Bora — just a whole lot of sand and surf. You'll want to pack lightly to head across the Pacific. A few bathing suits, sunscreen, a good camera, and of course, your passport, will be enough.

Stay in one of the bungalows that sit right out in the water, and spend your night sleeping in the sea. You don't always get such luxury when you're lazy, but these resorts are built on a foundation of living carefree. Girl, you have so much wanderlust, and these chill places to travel to are waiting for you.