6 Lazy Meals To Make When You're Craving Comfort Food, But Can't Get Off The Couch

So, you're hungry, you've got $15 left until pay day, and you do not want to get up off of your couch to do much of anything, let alone make a meal. But something has to be done to appease those cravings for comfort food, right? It's crucial for couch bums (like myself) to have a hearty list of lazy meals to make that you can turn to when you need something good, satisfying, and so, so easy for dinnertime.

Comfort food is, well, comforting, but those good eats really are great for your soul. Studies show that eating foods that comfort us might actually help some of us to feel less lonely, and even if you're eating them alone, they can sometimes offer the same positive effects as social interaction. In fact, one study showed that people with good emotional relationships were actually more inclined to reach for comfort foods because they were reminded of their healthy attachments. You're basically eating love and memories, you know what I mean?

So, if you've got a hankering for something delicious, but you're looking to put in minimal effort to satisfy your craving, let some of these recipes inspire you for a cozy, lazy meal at home.

A Veggie Dinner Bowl
Masha P. on YouTube

When I cook at home, I would say that most of the time, I'm making a bowl. What is a bowl, you ask? Well, it simply combines a grain, a protein, a few veggie additions, and some kind of spice or oil. If you have these on hand, you're good to go. Keep some sausages or tempeh in the fridge that you can heat up on the stove real quick, boil some black rice, roast a sweet potato, add some spinach, and voila!

And trust me, you can get super creative with these and make a bowl that meets the demands of any craving.

Mac And Cheese For The Faint Of Stomach

Annie's Homegrown Organic Vegan Elbows & Creamy Sauce Rice Pasta Dinner, $2.87, Vitacost

I love mac and cheese, but I would be lying if I said it didn't feel like I ate a brick after I indulge in a bowl of the cheesy stuff. If you struggle with those belly issues too, I recommend going a little easy on your tum-tum, and keeping some vegan, gluten-free mac and cheese in your cupboard.

Just add to it whatever your heart desires, be it Brussels sprouts, some lightly sautéed mushrooms, or heck, even some (organic) hot dogs! Listen to your cravings, and indulge, my friend.

Because Guacamole Counts As A Meal Sometimes
Craftingeek* on YouTube

Guacamole is honestly one of the easiest foods to make in the world. And yes, on some particularly lazy nights, I have 100 percent said, "F*ck it all, I'm having guac for dinner," because I am an adult, and I make my own choices. All you have to do is cut and mash up some avocados, tomato, and onion, then squeeze in a little lime, salt, and pepper.

And FYI, tortilla chips aren't the only thing you can pair with this deliciously smashed-up dinner. You can also spread this tasty green stuff over a nice piece of whole grain toast full of sprouted grains and seeds, or use carrots, radishes, and cucumbers as "chips."

Baked And Loaded Sweet Potato
AnarchistKitchen on YouTube

I believe that the sweet potato is one of the most versatile of all root vegetables, because there is simply so much you can do with it in the kitchen. And don't even get me started on its long list of health benefits.

The above recipe from AnarchistKitchen entails baking the potato, then adding corn and beans — that's it, really! Add a spoonful of salsa or sour cream if you feel like it, a little salt and pepper, and you're good to go. So hearty, so easy.

A Big Bowl Of Bacon Brussels Sprouts
Laura in the Kitchen on YouTube

Brussels sprouts are often a staple at holiday dinners, but you can make your own version for an easy-peasy dinner whenever.

After cutting 'em up into halves and drizzling oil over them, put your Brussels sprouts into the oven. Watch an episode of something to kill some time. When it's over, cook some bacon on the stove, and in another pan, sautée a little onion, but only if you're feeling up for it.

Then, mix the Brussels sprouts, the bacon (which should be cut into small strips), your onions if you made 'em, and just a splash of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and maple syrup. Top it all of with a tiny pinch of salt.

You're welcome.

The Best Miso Soup Ever
Simon and Martina on YouTube

When it's cold outside, sometimes the only thing that will warm the chill in your bones is a hearty bowl of soup. Keep a nice miso paste in the fridge so you can whip up a bowl whenever the craving strikes.

Depending on how lazy you feel, here are some recipes for different versions of miso soup that take anywhere from one to 30 minutes to prepare. You can add delicious things like chives, tofu, sprouts, seaweed — whatever your heart desires. Cozy, soupy goodness is simply moments away.