The Inspirational Quote To Use For Your Instagram Bio, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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We could all use a little inspiration — especially when the winter blues come around, it's easy to feel not-so-artsy. Our social media feeds start to look a little dull, sporting so many neutrals instead of those bright pops of blues and greens that come with summertime. So, we have to spruce it up a bit where we can. I've always been slightly obsessed with quotes from the days of instant messaging when you had to come up with an icon and something to say while you were away. The inspirational quote for your Instagram bio is sort of like that, but instead curated by the stars, and not a very awkward middle school version of myself. You and your followers need a little inspo, and you can find some in these words of wisdom.

Social media is a platform, so whatever you post sends a message to the world. Your profile should totally show off your individual personality, but also give a glimpse into the people, places, and things you care about in some way. *Enter quotes.*

Some of my favorite quotes come from books, movies, and television shows. While others are straight out of history, or feminist speeches. Each one either sends me straight into my feels, or has me saying "same" from the other side of the screen.

When it comes to the inspiration for your Instagram, the words are written in the stars. Based on your zodiac sign, this is the quote you should consider for your Instagram bio.

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Put yourself on a pedestal, Aries. You've always had a lot of confidence, but it comes with a lot of grace and hard work. You just don't back down from a challenge, or let anything stand in your way.

The inspirational quote meant for your Instagram bio will have this same ambitious, yet appreciative, attitude toward life. Dreams don't work unless you do — and you know that being a leader means rising above the drama and nonsense of life sometimes.

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Everything you do is done in love, Taurus. Like an Aries, you're incredibly hardworking, but because you love to live your life surrounded by beautiful things. And you often take your fate in your hands, so your lifestyle can be just like that.

A quote from an artist is perfect for your patient and romantic soul, according to the stars. Truth is, even when you don't get the results you are looking for, you have all the right intentions and inspiration. Keep your head up always, and remember to build a firm foundation in love, no matter where you go.

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You're oh-so curious, Gemini. In life, you have a lot of expectations and things that you're looking for. You hold the people in your life to high standards, and can easily stress yourself out over all your hopes and dreams.

Almost like a Sagittarius, you like to take fate in your own two hands, and know that waiting around for the universe will really get you nowhere. Your vibe continuously attracts your tribe, and you're sending out all the good energies so that you get them in return. Sitting around and waiting for life to come to you just isn't your style.

melissafoss7 on Twitter

You're hard to read sometimes, Cancer. Some people may have a bit trouble getting to know you because it's very rare that you show your true colors and let people go beyond the surface. Your inner self is incredibly sentimental and intuitive, but the only people in your life you share those deep thoughts with may be the ones who have stuck around for awhile.

According to the stars, your social media bio should have a quote that speaks to your soul. Your profile should absolutely reflect who you are as a person, and these words will inspire people to be more open-minded and positive in their approach to you.

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You're always glowing, Leo. Something about being born in the summertime means that you have the natural ability to shine bright like the sun. You're quite possibly the loudest in any room — or at least the most radiant — and a firm believer that a good laugh can cure just about anything and spark any social situation.

You might remember Roald Dahl from children's books growing up, and his words are just as inspirational and creative as you and your solid crew. Throw this quote on your Instagram bio to bring that positive light to your social media people.

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You notice all the little things in life, Virgo. So, naturally a quote that reminds everyone to be a bit more present is the perfect fit. In any given social situation, you're the analytical one noticing the details that nobody will remember the next morning.

Being present can be incredibly difficult in a world full of screens, so you and your followers need this inspirational quote in your Instagram bio more than ever. Social media has a way of distracting us from reality — and if you find yourself living outside the moment, then you'll have these words from the stars to ground you again.

marisataylor24 on Instagram

Life's all about balance, Libra. On one hand you want to take fate in your own hands, and on the other you want to see what the universe has in mind. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you're always weighing the possibilities like this. So, according to the stars, this quote will radiate that need for equality.

You'll face many conflicts in your life, and unfortunately it's important that you face them instead of run away from them. But, you'll also always be the one to find compromise and put a little peace in the air.

ecoursealley on Twitter

One day, you'll make your passion your paycheck, Scorpio. You live your life for the love stories — it just gives you so much purpose. So, surrounding yourself with so many things worth falling in love with is sort of your idea of success. Relationships can be tricky, and following your dreams isn't any more simple sometimes. But, constantly having something to chase will keep your determined mind on the move.

Maybe you'll find yourself living the famous lifestyle, or just finally write that book you've been thinking about for awhile now. It's never too late to start — and you're never to old to dive head first into unreal passion. Follow your heart always, Scorpio.

marisataylor24 on Instagram

You're a Wilde child, Sagittarius. When it's not your feet wandering, it's your mind, and sometimes you're as mysterious as the moon. As long as you're seeing this world and experiencing everything it has to offer, you'll be happy. Out of all the signs, you're one of the most idealistic and approach adventure with such a positive attitude — and we know traveling can be a little tricky at times.

The world is filled with a lot of beauty, and you have the freedom to roam it and fall head over heels for the people and places in it. With this sort of spirit, the stars knew you needed a certain quote for social media, and this one just made sense.

hodgepodgedays on Twitter

It's quality over quantity with you, Capricorn. You see right through people sometimes, and know that what's on the surface isn't really what counts. You like the idea of being independent because it means you don't have to impress anyone but yourself.

A classic quote from The Breakfast Club will bring your universe together for the purpose of social media, and remind your followers that you're not in the business of trying to fit in. Everyone's dreams are different, and you'd rather work on your own than settle for another person's soul food.

marisataylor24 on Instagram

You're exquisite, Aquarius. You care so deeply about certain causes in your life, and are never afraid to go against the crowd for what you believe in. Like a Capricorn, you see quality over quantity, but you are more willing to put in the work to find the odd beauty in everything.

Sometimes digging a little deeper is all you need to realize that something isn't as dull as it seems on the surface. Like a runway dress, or one of those hairless cats — you can't judge a book by its cover, and must strive to see the creativity. An inspiring quote from a fashion designer is the ideal fit for your Instagram bio.

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You often find yourself dwelling in your thoughts, Pisces. Whether it's getting caught up in your daydreams, or letting your mind wander while you lay in bed in the morning — you feel most comfortable when you're doing some soul-searching. You understand why people act and react the way they do in certain situations, and actively self-reflect on why you responded just the same.

Our minds are pretty powerful, and letting our feels get the best of us isn't always beautiful. But, your intuition and ability to see the importance of your inner self is inspiring. Put a quote on your Instagram that is so perfect for your zodiac sign.