10 Genius Picture Ideas For Instagram, If You're In A Rut & Need Some New Inspo

Kate Daigneault/Stocksy

It's all about that #content. If your social media game is struggling, and you've found yourself in quite the rut, you're not alone. Maybe it's the winter weather or just boredom taking over a bit, but you just don't have any creative or cute inspo right now. Usually, you'd be posting pictures every weekend, but lately, you've just stuck to scrolling through your feed. Your followers don't seem to be quite as stuck, and you're living vicariously through their wanderlust. Truth is, you're in serious need of something new, and these picture ideas for Instagram will have your feed looking as artsy and inspired as ever. Just call us gurus to the 'Gram.

Tired of selfies? The same old shots do get boring and repetitive after awhile, and if you want your feed to look fire you absolutely have to change it up. By now, you've probably perfected your posting skills and have downloaded all the best apps for editing. There are the ones where you can create a collage, or spend too much time messing with filters. (The inner art student in you really comes out when you're adjusting contrast and color tones.) And you can't forget the ones that help you plan your feed before you post, and get your 'Gram in a good groove.

You follow so many bloggers, photographers, and filmmakers who always post the most adventurous and aesthetically-pleasing pics. Sometimes, you wonder if you'll ever get to that level on social media — and you so can with some Instagram inspo.

The Detail Shot
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Switch out those candids for some close-ups. Life is all about falling in love with the little things, and detail shots are the perfect way to show social media something different. Maybe you focus on one part of your outfit, or hit zoom on some blooming flowers. Your followers will love getting a closer look at your lifestyle.

Posting these kind of pics can also be a great way to break up your feed and post a new perspective. Our eyes love to bounce around from one visual to the next, and a little detail will balance out the bestie shots.

The Quote
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A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a quote is all your feed really needs. Instagram is all about creating inspiring visuals, but words can have quite the impact, too. Particularly on Mondays, we all need a little motivation or a mantra. Posting a quote won't just add to your profile, it will give your followers all the right feels.

Some of my favorite quotes come from modern day poets like Rupi Kaur, lovely ladies in history like Audrey Hepburn, or artists like Vincent Van Gogh. Finding the right thing to say — like coming up with the most ideal Instagram caption — can be a bit difficult. Leave a little of the creative expression to someone else.

The Nature Shot
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Never underestimate a good nature shot. Sure, we love posting pictures of ourselves when we go to cool places. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your feed and followers want to see your surroundings.

A saturated sunset, some fun and flirty palms, or a simple succulent shot will surely elevate your space on social media. Maybe you recently went hiking and captured the view from the mountain, or went stargazing with your significant other. Don't sleep on the Instagram inspo that come with the night sky.

If you have found that your feed is feeling dull, a little greenery can do you some good and be the ideal getaway for your 'Gram.

The Foodie Gram
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Your followers love food. So, next time you eat something super good, share it with the world. A scoop of ice cream will be so sweet amongst your selfies, and a burger from Shake Shack will get your followers craving so much more than just content.

You might already follow some food-related accounts, and have taken the time to appreciate how artsy they make their meals look for social media. On Chopped and other cooking competition shows, presentation is always a factor, and that doesn't stop with posting pictures on Instagram. Channel your inner foodie and find something yummy to add to your feed. Top it off with a food pun for a caption.

The Adventurous Selfie
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Your selfie game can always be so much stronger. Sure, a mirror shot never seems to get old, but don't ever settle for one with a Snapchat filter (Seriously, that will ruin your feed.) Find the photographer in your life, or just an artsy friend, and take a trip. You don't have to go far, and it could just be an afternoon. Letting your feet wander will always lead to a more open mind that's oh-so-ready for Instagram inspiration.

Social media has a way of masking our lives a bit to make them look stunning all the time. We love adding filters to our photos, but sometimes fail to remember that editing does exist when we see amazing shots. Live for experiences, and let the adventurous feed follow.

The Fashion Guru Gram
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The inner fashion blogger in you is dying to have a moment on your feed. Put on your favorite outfit and find a good backdrop. Social media is a lot about your personal style, and nothing will show off your individual aesthetic quite like your wardrobe.

If you're unsure where to start, take some inspiration from Aimee Song or Sincerely Jules. These girls have an amazing 'Gram game and will give you a little inspo on how to unlock your inner fashion guru.

The Lifestyle Layout
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The lifestyle layout is fairly broad, but best for balancing out your feed. Sure, it might not get the most likes out of all your posts. But, it's a great way to get away from faces and show off what you're up to all the time. This could be anything from sharing your artsy sketches, to posting a picture of your new shoes, or cup of coffee on the counter.

Like the clothes in your closet, how you choose to live your life is always worth sharing on social media, and is undeniably part of your personal style. Use your platform to get your talents out in the world and try posting a pic like this.

The Feet Feature
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Where our feet wander is always social media-worthy. Nothing will make your 'Gram feel more grounded than sharing a picture of what you're standing on. Some people love snapping a shot of their hands against different skylines, or solidify their presence with a selfie. I personally love featuring my feet and showing the world a different perspective.

Maybe you find them surrounded by flowers in a farmer's market, or just stretched out in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. Or maybe you're currently following your wanderlust. In that case, there are paths that you'll cross that are dying for a picture. Let yourself look down instead of up on this one for an Instagram opportunity.

The Pet Pic
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People love to see your pets. Look at all those famous hedgehogs that have made it big on Instagram! They're the real social media stars. So, do your following a favor and snap a pic of your own fluff.

On winter breaks, we can't wait for everyone to go home just so we can see their dogs on our screens. There's an unlimited amount of appreciation for animals in this world, and we can't get enough of the cat that rides around on the Roomba. Get a little creative with your companion before you cuddle up, and capture something cuddly for your 'Gram.

The Bestie Shot
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Our besties are truly the best when we need to create some content. Every crew has at least one artsy friend, or someone who is always down for a photo shoot. They're the ones who will do anything just to get the right angle, or will pose for hours while you fill your camera roll.

Maybe you snap a pic while you're all dressed up one weekend, or just get a cute candid. Sure, it might seem a little cliché, but there are always good vibes and visions around when your gal pal is in the picture. Your Instagram has been in serious need of some inspo, and you've finally found something for your feed.