The One Thing To Experience On Your 25th Birthday, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Daring Wanderer/Stocksy

You're a quarter of a century old. Yikes. It's all downhill from here, right? Absolutely wrong. Turning 25 means you're right in the middle of your life as a 20-something. You've already had so many life adventures between friendships, falling in and out of love, and seeing the world. It doesn't stop when you hit the legal age to rent a car. Truth is, as we get older, life gets even better. Save the quarter-life crisis for another day, and celebrate being still so young with a lot of lovely life ahead of you. Based on your zodiac sign, the one thing to do on your 25th birthday will get you hyped. No matter how old you are, the stars will always be in style.

You've been through enough to know how handle the real world, but are still figuring a lot of things out. Maybe you still have to move out on your own, are working on landing that dream job, or finding a way to make your passion your paycheck. Don't give up on those side hustles and settle quite yet, because there's way too much left to look forward to.

Your birthday bash should be bigger and better than ever. This is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again — don't miss out on a minute of making memories. The universe seemingly has your life all figured out, and really hasn't steered you wrong. So, if you're unsure how to spend your 25th birthday, look to the stars for the one thing you should do based on your sign.

Aries: Try Out A Spin Class

You love to get active, Aries. Sure, your friends might not have the same love for cardio as you, but they'll be feeling fit and fab after taking a spin class on your special day. You've heard of SoulCycle and always wanted to give it a try, or maybe today's the day you get extra daring and try aerial yoga or another fitness trend. The stars say that you'll have a blast on your birthday either way, as long as you're in the comfiest of clothes.

Taurus: Take A Cooking Class

Bon appetit, Taurus! It's your birthday and you're already probably planning on eating too much cake. But, before you start making boring dinner plans with your friends, think about taking a cooking class to really spice this year up. Being 20-something is all about savoring all the good and bad life has to offer, and you know more than anyone that with a little patience and the right ingredients, life will serve you something sweet every time.

Gemini: Go To A Concert

Music is in the air, Gemini. On your birthday it's time you take your playlists and turn them into a party. Get tickets to one of your favorite band's concerts, or even hit up a weekend-long music festival with your friends. You want to experience everything in this life, and seeing your favorite songs performed live will totally transport you through time and space.

Cancer: Go To A Paint Bar

This birthday is going to be picture-perfect, Cancer. According to the stars, you'll be spending it at a paint bar! You love your close friends, and they're the only ones you really want in your company come the time of your birthday. Sure, you could wine and dine, but why not wine and make something fine? You're the creative one in your crew, and want to get a little #artsy this year.

Leo: Have A Pool Party

Don't have a pool? Then have a beach bash for your birthday! You've made a lot of friends during your time on Earth, and you'd love to be surrounded by them all, Leo. You're extra lucky, because summer days are extra long so your birthday will definitely be one for the books. Keep your day light and full of life, and let your extroverted soul have a very social and sun-kissed special day.

Virgo: Go Rock Climbing

It's time you experienced your Earth sign, Virgo. Your birthday is right on the cusp of summer and fall, which means it's the perfect time to get outside one last time before the winter weather hits. Getting outside will be so good for your soul, and rock climbing will be the challenge you always crave. Spend your day doing something oh-so-adventurous and fun with your friends, because let's be real, tomorrow you'll be back on your usual grind.

Libra: Visit A Unique Museum

You love your peace and quiet, Libra. A lively bar night just wouldn't be the right way to spend your birthday. Grab a couple of your closest friends and visit a unique museum. Not every museum is filled with art, or has the rep of being boring. From the Museum of Ice Cream to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the best sightseeing spots rarely make it onto our bucket lists and can be appreciated by almost anyone.

Scorpio: Take A Dance Class

You love to express your emotions, Scorpio. According to the stars, nothing will quite speak to your soul on your special day like a dance class. Just like writing, painting, or poetry, dance is just another form of expression.

From hip hop to ballet and all the ballroom dance classes in between, the opportunities are endless for you and your friends to do some fancy footwork. If you're not sure where your nearest studio is, try checking out the Broadway Dance Center in the city for drop-in classes.

Sagittarius: Go Ice Skating With Your Squad

It's fire and ice, Sagittarius. Winter birthdays can be tricky, especially when you love to travel and be outside like you do. The cold weather just doesn't give you as many options. But, the stars hope you make the most of it and go ice skating with your squad.

Life is all about slipping up here and there, and turning 25 doesn't mean you're quite done making mistakes. Your Fire sign will be coming into this year hot as always, but take the day to enjoy the fresh air and the freedom that comes with being 20-something.

Capricorn: Have A Nostalgic Game Night

You're all about control, Capricorn. So, turning 25 and getting older might have you a little freaked out. The stars suggest that for your birthday you have a nostalgic game night full of Candy Land, Monopoly, Twister, and Chutes and Ladders.

Break out the board games with your besties and maybe a pack of beer. It'll be a trip down memory lane and remind you that no matter how old you get, you're really just still a kid at heart.

Aquarius: Go To A Comedy Club

You're full of energy, Aquarius. You want your birthday to be electric, and there's no place like a comedy club to score that adventurous and spunky atmosphere.

Find your favorite comedian and plan a night to go see their latest show. If you don't have a single person you're dying to see on the stage, then hit up the city for some new humor. You're far from boring, and the stars think you should spend your day with people who have just as much personality as you.

Pisces: Go To An Aquarium

A lot of the time you feel like a fish out of water, Pisces. You'll probably spend your birthday sleeping in a bit, but once you wake up, its time to adventure to an aquarium. Yes, your sign is a fish — the stars see the irony. But, they also believe that your special day will go just swimmingly if you spend some time roaming around the tanks and checking out all the cool creatures that swim in sea.

Being 25 won't always be a breeze, but starting it off will a birthday well-spent, courtesy of your star sign, will surely give you some good vibes.