7 Fitness Challenges For The New Year That'll Show You What Your Body Can Do

by Georgina Berbari

The new year is comin' in hot my friends, and that means it's time to set some new goals and accomplish the crap out of them. If you've been slaying the fitness game in 2017, then you're probably already itching to find new ways to challenge your strength in the new year. And hey, even if you'll just be diving into the the world of fitness for the first time come Jan. 1, there are so many 2018 fitness challenges to choose from that aren't too intimidating or complex, and are sure to kick off your new year on the right foot.

Most of us know that new year's resolutions don't always stick, and that setting high standards for yourself, especially when it comes to working out, can be a recipe for disaster. The key is to create manageable, realistic goals that'll get your body moving in ways you'll actually look forward to, so that working out becomes a genuine hobby, not just a temporary trend you latched onto on a whim.

Fitness challenges and programs are a great way to help you stick to those workout resolutions, as they're often really effective in holding you accountable to your workout routine, and they provide an incentive to throw on your Lulus and lace up your sneakers a few days each week.

Even if you're already a seasoned fitness fanatic, don't underestimate the power of a good ol' fitness challenge, even if you find one from some random YouTuber. These challenges are all meant to be as easy or as difficult as you make them, so sweat accordingly.

As 2018 approaches and you're preparing to crush your workout goals, here's a list of seven fitness challenges that will help you see what that beautiful body of yours is truly capable of.

A Cardio Challenge Without Any Running
Joanna Soh Official on YouTube

This intense cardio challenge will have you sweating from head to toe as you work toward adding all your moves up to equal 1,000 reps.

TBH, the best part about this fitness challenge is that, even though it's cardio-based, there's no running involved whatsoever. Bless the f*ck up, amirite?

From jump squats, to mountain climbers, to hip thrusts, you won't even know what hit you by the time you complete this bad boy.

A Squat Challenge That'll Set Your Glutes On Fire
vicky justiz on YouTube

If you're looking to make some major #GluteGains in 2018, this is definitely the challenge for you.

Throughout the video, you're guided through different kinds of booty-tastic moves that will really make you feel the burn and put your leg strength to the ultimate test.

Make it a point to include this challenge in your workout routine at least once a week — if your butt can handle it, that is.

A Soothing 30-Day Yoga Challenge
Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

While most fitness challenges are known to be pretty freaking demanding, a soothing yoga challenge will be a welcome change of pace if you're looking for something a little more low-key.

Yoga With Adriene's "30 Days of Yoga" gives you a flow to do each day for a month, and guides both beginners and advanced yogis through some much-needed, peaceful time on the mat.

A Month Of Killer Arm Workouts
Healthista on YouTube

I remember one year, I made a resolution to be able to do 50 push-ups with ease by the summer. TBH, I should've included this arm workout challenge in my routine, because it would've definitely expedited the painful process.

This month-long challenge will strengthen your biceps, triceps, and everything in between. Guns of steel is totally the move for 2018, and I'm so about it.

A Challenge That Will Help You "Adore Your Core"
blogilates on YouTube

This Blogilates challenge is called "Adore the Core," and while that's a cute name and everything, there's honestly nothing adorable about it.

Your abs will be on fire as you conquer this difficult, core-centered quest. But by day 28, you'll feel stronger than ever, and who knows, you might actually want to give it another whirl.

A Cringeworthy, But Oh So Effective Burpee Challenge
FITNESS Magazine on YouTube

I know what you're thinking: Why the hell would I ever click on something titled "burpee challenge?" Is this woman ill?

Honestly, I think I only included this one on the list because Mercury's in retrograde right now, and for some reason, this challenge seems weirdly appealing to me.

Anyway, proceed with caution here, folks. Your entire body may or may not be sore for days as you make your way through this bad boy, but you will feel accomplished AF when all is said and done.

The FBI Fitness Challenge
BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube

If you're really looking to put your fitness skills to the test in 2018, the FBI challenge is where it's at.

This is basically the protocol used to test the physical fitness of members of the FBI, and uh, yeah, it is no joke, fam. From rapid-fire sets of sit-ups, to continuous push-ups, to long-distance running, your body will truly be pushed to the max.

Good luck, and remember, not all of us were meant to be super secret agents, OK? You're still hella strong.