6 30-Day Fitness Challenges To Try When You're Bored With Your Workout Routine

by Georgina Berbari

There's nothing worse than falling into a workout slump. One minute, your motivation is through the roof and you're slaying every sweat sesh, and the next, the mere thought of anything cardio-related makes you cringe. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to mix up your normal routine with a 30-day fitness challenge to keep your body moving all month long, even when you're just not into it.

Plus, research shows it takes about 66 days to form a habit, especially when it comes to working out. So, completing two of these month-long challenges is sure to get you back into the swing of things if nothing else will.

Here are six 30-day workouts that are anything but boring, and may even make you miss the monotony of tedious treadmill trots.

1. A 30-Day Plank Challenge For Your Core

There are an aggressive amount of plank variations out there, and this challenge covers them all.

From the standard plank, to side plank, to reverse plank, get ready to add "planking pro" to your resume after your 30 days are up.

2. A 30-Day Burpee Challenge For Cardio

Whether you love them, hate them, or love to hate them, there's no denying burpees are effective AF for getting in shape.

Ditch the elliptical, and get ready to stop-drop-and-burpee until you're totally out of breath and drenched in sweat.

3. A 30-Day Wall Sit Challenge For Your Booty

Sitting seems easy -- until you take away the chair and add a wall.

I'm pretty sure lengthy wall-sits should be considered a form of torture, but I've been known to be a drama queen.

This booty-blasting challenge may be a literal pain in the butt, but once you conquer the month, those glute gains will be so worth it.

4. A 30-Day Push-Up Challenge For Your Arms

I once tried this challenge myself, and after my 30 days were up, I felt like I could absolutely destroy anyone who even considered using the term "girl push-up."

Come at me, bro.

5. A 30-Day Split Challenge If You're Working On Flexibility

If your hamstrings feel as tight as your jeans after Thanksgiving dinner, this challenge is definitely for you.

Splits may seem like they're reserved for gymnasts and advanced yogis, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

After sailing through 30 days of stretching, I promise you'll feel like a total bendy badass.

6. A 30-Day HIIT Challenge For Your Whole Body

Work your entire bod by throwing this difficult HIIT challenge into your routine.

Warning: These "quick" workouts may feel like an eternity in the moment, but will have you feeling strong as hell after a month of dedication.