These 5 Valentine's Day Dates Are Perfect For The Lazy Couple Who Wants To Stay In

The holidays are finally behind us, but before you get too relaxed, it's time for us to fix our eyes on yet another holiday coming up, one you either love or hate. You guessed it: I'm talking about Valentine's Day. If the classic date-night route (i.e. dinner and a movie) isn't your thing, you've probably already been racking your brain for some lazy things to do on Valentine's Day. Because life is exhausting, people.

If you're one of the lucky ones who has a Valentine to celebrate with, it's always a good idea to figure out what your plans are sooner rather than later — especially if you're a newer couple and want to impress each other. More seasoned couples who have already done the whole "flowers, chocolates, and dinner" routine a few times, on the other hand, are probably wondering how they can still celebrate in a more relaxed way.

Although I'm definitely in favor of using Valentine's Day as an opportunity to treat your partner and remind them how special they are, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave the house. Of course, you should always be aware of your partner's expectation for this love-filled holiday, but if you are with a bae who doesn't mind playing it cool on Valentine's Day, then celebrating from the comfort of your own home is can be an uber relaxing experience, especially with these ideas.

1. Have Dinner And A Movie In Your Bed

If dinner and a movie is your style, but after an exhausting week, neither of you can manage to haul your butts out the door, let alone try to look your best, you could totally just do the exact same thing at home. Pick a movie you both love (or one neither of you have seen yet), bring dinner in bed, and get cozy. As long as one of you is willing to bite the bullet and cook — or even better, you make it a team effort — then no harm, no foul.

2. Order Delivery From A Bougie Restaurant

If the thought of ordering from the same Chinese place you always do seems too basic for Valentine's Day, then treat yourselves. Instead, order delivery or to-go from a fancier place you've both been eyeing. If you really want to, you can even change out of your sweatpants or wear some sexy lingerie for dinner. You're at home, so why not?

3. Have A Wine Tasting Night In

If you don't mind planning a little bit, a great date in could be a wine tasting night. Instead of spending money on dinner at a fancy place, you could totally head on down to your local wine shop and splurge on a few bottles of nice wine neither of you have tried before. Brownie points if you can make a charcuterie board happen, too.

4. Have A Romantic Game Night... With A Twist

Pick up a couple of board games and some booze, and you're good to go. If Scrabble bores you, then feel free to raise the stakes by throwing in a more risqué element. So many board games can turn into strip games if you try hard enough. Plus, if you want to completely bypass the wholesome pretense of a board game, you could also just invest in some sex games.

5. Camp Out In Your Living Room

Ah, the great outdoors... except not. Just imagine the look on your bae's face when they open the door to your apartment and see you've pitched a tent, lit some candles, and have some roasted s'mores waiting for them.

Although many of us may still be wondering why on earth Valentine's Day comes so soon after we're all still broke from buying Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa gifts for everyone we know, sadly, that's just the way it is. But if your bae is down, then you might not actually have to leave your house and break the bank to have a good time.

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