How To Celebrate Your Birthday In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Some of us are still removing confetti from our pockets and thanking that supermoon that was basically the cherry on top of welcoming a new year. 2018 has made its debut, and that means we're already starting to plan our birthday bashes. Since we all deserve our time to shine this year, you're probably curious about how to celebrate your birthday in 2018, based on your specific zodiac sign.

As much as I am a firm believer in individuality and self-expression, the qualities of the zodiac have proven to be accurate most of the time. It's so interesting to think that because of the day you were born, you sort of fall into this bracket of characteristics and personality traits. Needless to say, we're sort of creatures of habit, but one thing is for sure, we all have our own variation of fun.

On your birthday, you really just want to feel like for one day, your needs and wants are a top priority. Everyone deserves to have their special day, and there are so many incredible reasons to celebrate and let loose on your birthday in 2018. The opportunities are endless when it comes to celebrating, but the activities sort of vary depending on your sign.

Aries: Go To A Karaoke Bar

Aries, you probably already have an extra mic in your pocket for those impromptu moments when you're standing on a soapbox, energetically getting your point across. Your charismatic spirit is enough to loop anyone in on an *NSYNC song. Being the center of attention never deters you. It's your prime time to shine, birthday queen.

Taurus: Host A Fancy Dinner

Whether you make this dinner or not, Taurus, the dress code is classy. What else are you going to do with those gorgeous dresses you bought online? Not everything that glitters is gold, and you intend to use some dazzling outfits to prove it.

Gemini: Explore A New Town

A day trip to a new town would be perfect for you, Gemini. Not only will you be able to use those solid sociable skills to make some new friends, but you'll also get to feed that fascination and curiosity about what's unfolding around you. Adventure awaits.

Cancer: Arrange An Intimate Kickback With Close Friends

Cancer, all of your good friends know where your loyalty lies, and that's why they will hands-down show up to your little gathering. Your friends are a dime a dozen. Having them all in one place will be the best gift to yourself.

Leo: See A Broadway Show

It's time to see professionals who actually get paid for their dramatics, Leo. It might be hard to see someone else take center stage, but you're not opposed to a good show. Just make sure you aren't chasing the spotlight.

Virgo: Go Horseback Riding

You have a slight soft spot for animals, Virgo. Nature is also something you don't mind being knee-deep in. Whether it's your first time or not, experiencing horseback riding on your birthday will be something totally fun for you.

Libra: Head To An Outdoor Wellness Camp

Libra, you're all about balance. An outdoor wellness camp will fine tune all of your senses and leave you feeling better than ever. You deserve to feel refreshed and amazing on your birthday.

Scorpio: Hang Out With Your Best Friend

You're a true friend, Scorpio. That longtime friend of yours can definitely vouch for that. Chances are, your friendship is highly appreciated and they already have something amazing planned out for ya.

Sagittarius: Take A Road Trip

Sag, you're always down for a new adventure. Hitting the open road on your birthday is right up your alley. Round up the girls and take that birthday cake to go.

Capricorn: Get Tickets For A Concert

Live music is something you incredibly appreciate, Capricorn. And if this is a music festival, you've already got a game plan down. Organization doesn't ever really pause for you.

Aquarius: Attend A Historical Bar Crawl

A history lesson, a few drinks, and great company make for the perfect setup, Aquarius. There are hardly any chances for you to get bored. And if you have to drift off for a little alone time, there's room for that, too.

Pisces: Have Some Alone Time With Your SO

Pisces, you are always so freaking helpful and selfless, it's time to let someone take care of you. Let your SO take the reigns for your birthday, and show you a good time. They'll be sweeping you off of your feet before you know it.

Regardless of your sign, your birthday in 2018 needs to be a celebration of you. The day you were born is a day to remember, always.