7 Best Spots To Travel To When You’re Newly Single & Down For The Adventure

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So, you're single. It would be so easy to stay in bed all day snuggled up with your blankets, but when has dwelling done anybody any good? Falling out of love and dealing with your post-breakup feels is never fun, but now you get the chance to find yourself a bit. Life is full of little things and big adventures that are worth appreciating and experiencing. Booking a plane ticket and traveling the world is a no-brainer right now, and you finally can check off some things on your bucket list. The best spots to travel to after a breakup will be full of beauty and a lot of love — reminding you that relationships are rad, but places are pretty perfect, too.

They say you should travel alone at least once in your lifetime. Truth is, when you're wandering the world solo you learn a lot about yourself. The only schedule you have to follow is your own, and it's refreshing and relaxing to get comfortable in your solitude.

Being newly single means your finding your inner compass again, and attempting to navigate this thing called life. It's not always going to be easy, but with a little bit of adventure you'll surely find your footwork. Do some soul-searching, pack your favorite sweater in your suitcase, and check out one of these seven spots. You're feeling fun and maybe even a little flirty. Channel all of that passion right into your passport.

Venice, Italy
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Surrounding yourself with love and beauty isn't always so simple, but it's especially key after a breakup. Venice is a bit tourist-y, but will inspire your soul like no other. With water-filled streets, pastel and brick buildings, and quaint little bridges, this city will spark the creative side in you.

You'll want to take some time to appreciate the artists who have made their masterpieces here, and the intricate architecture of St. Mark's Square and engineering behind the Rialto Bridge. Get an even better view of the city on a gondola, or take a water taxi over to the island of Burano. You'll feel #blessed to be in a place so picturesque.

Barcelona, Spain
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If you're in serious need of an energy boost, find yourself in Barcelona. This city has a lot of life and light to give. The forecast almost always calls for days filled with sunshine and summer weather, and the beaches and busy streets are bustling alike.

You'll want to spend a day roaming around the markets for fresh smoothies, and shopping a bit at the local stores. Retail therapy is always good for your soul, and there's a ZARA on every corner. Maybe even wander over to Park Güell one afternoon for the best display of Gaudi's mosaics. Life will feel absolutely artistic, and even picture perfect.

Cape Town, South Africa
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If I had to give you one piece of advice post-breakup, it would be to give yourself up to adventure. Anytime you're traveling, you should really live by this in order to get the most genuine experience. Some of the best stories I have from studying abroad are about running through subway stations. Life felt like a movie, and yours can, too (and not just one of those tear-jerking romantic comedies.).

There's no place quite as adventurous and active as Cape Town, South Africa. It's time your reach for the stars, and the mountains will get you pretty close to the sky. Spend your days hiking, surfing, or seeing the natural world on a safari. You're already out of your comfort zone, so challenge yourself to get a little daring with your life.

Marrakesh, Morocco
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Make some memories for yourself in Morocco. If you're looking for a bit of an exotic experience, this country is the culture-filled place for you post-breakup. The mosaic-covered walls are asking to be all over social media, and you'll love getting a little lost.

Roam around the palaces, and surround yourself with greenery in the gardens. You'll want to save some cash and space in your suitcase for amazing finds in the markets that line the alleyways. Local artisans make textiles and pottery, and you can stay in a beautiful Airbnb for insanely cheap. Treat yo' self in the single life!

Galway, Ireland
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Friendly faces will make your heart feel at home no matter where you go in the world. In Galway, you can find new friends over a glass of Guinness and surround yourself with comfort food. Not every trip to Ireland is like P.S. I Love You, but if you come home with your very own Gerard Butler it might not be so bad either.

There are a lot of cities that will greet you with a warm welcome in the world, but you'll feel extra lucky for getting to experience these people. Sit in a pub and listen to the live music, or wander in the windy hills. Some peace of mind is always needed, and now more than ever you could use a calming escape.

Lagos, Portugal
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Sometimes the best way to cure our souls after splitting with our significant other is to dive into the sand and surf. Nothing is quite as healing as a little bit of vitamin sea. But, just heading to the Caribbean might be a little too cliché for your adventurous spirit. So, I suggest you lay out in Lagos.

The best beaches in Europe are entirely underrated. You've heard of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, or the beautiful Greek islands — but girl, go somewhere a little off the grid! Right now, life feels a little bittersweet, and you'll find a lot of comfort in the saltwater air.

Surround yourself with the towering cliffs by the beach, and camp out in the coves. Portugal is a passionate place, and you have a lot of love left to give.

Sedona, Arizona
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Cities never seem to sleep, and you're ready to make memories in the moonlight. If you're obsessed with the stars and feeling like you need to get in touch with the galaxy then head to Sedona, Arizona for nights filled with amazing stargazing. Your mind will seriously put things into perspective when you're sleeping under the night sky, and you can roam around so many art galleries on a lazy afternoon.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. And although we do have a lot of control over our fate, it's often nice to put a little faith in the universe and the power of the planets. Maybe this is just Mercury Retrograde messing around, or something that's been a long time coming. Go with your gut and plan a sweet getaway. Being single is just the start of something new, and it's time you get a little fun and flirty with life.