8 Romantic Movies On Netflix To Watch With Your Girls On A Snow Day

Baby, it's cold outside. Snow days call for snuggling up in your favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants, and watching endless romantic comedies. Classes have been cancelled, you got called out of work, and so you and your gal pals have the whole day to lay around and do absolutely nothing. (Thank goodness, to be honest.) Back in the day, you would've had to bundle up and make your way to Blockbuster to rent some flicks for your movie marathon. But lucky for you, there are plenty of romantic movies on Netflix to watch with your girls when the snow has you staying in.

At the end of the day, your best friend is basically your significant other. So, watching romantic movies is never out of the question. There are always the sappy classics like The Notebook, or indies like 500 Days Of Summer. You could jazz it up with La La Land, or ugly cry over P.S. I Love You. Where do you even start? It would take a whole week's worth of snow days to really watch them all.

So, if you just have time for one feature film on a freezing cold day, the pressure to pick something good is so on. We've done a little bit of the work for you (so it's truly a day off), and rounded up some of Netflix's best romantic movies for a snowy girls' day in.

'13 Going On 30'
Media Graveyard on YouTube

Girls just want to have fun. On a snow day, you and your girls are living your best lives. You're cozy, a little less-stressed, and probably already a couple cookie dough spoonfuls deep. You may not be 30, but you might be feeling flirty, and certainly thriving.

This flick is ideal for every snowed-in girl squad. Following the story of a 13-year-old girl who just wants to grow up, it's the quirky story of young love meeting modern heartbreak, and all the adventures in between.

'Can't Buy Me Love'
Carlos Netto on YouTube

For all you Grey's Anatomy fans, Can't Buy Me Love is for you. This film is one of my favorites. It's the classic story of a cool high school girl falling in love with a nerdy-turned-chic boy. What starts as a deal to date, ends in a real relationship and adventures.

A young Patrick Dempsey will sweep you off your feet and make you giddy for that young love story.

'Love Actually'
UniversalMoviesINTL on YouTube

If you didn't quite get enough of Christmas movies and are still feeling a little festive, then Love Actually should be at the top of your list. Following the stories of eight different couples, this film will keep you on your toes, but will also have you falling head over heels.

Much like The Holiday, the stories all take place during the most wonderful time of the year and are set in London, England. It's a nice reminder to us that the greatest love stories can come unexpectedly amongst the chaos.

'Breakfast At Tiffany's'
FabAudrey on YouTube

Snow days might call for bagels in bed, but Audrey Hepburn will always be having her breakfast at Tiffany's. This oldie but goodie follows young socialite Holly Golightly as she navigates New York and a new love. If her cat doesn't capture your heart, then the guy who moves into the apartment across the hall with a similar feeling of being stuck will make you swoon.

Set in the somewhat magical Manhattan, this is the perfect pick for a Friends or Gossip Girl fan. Don't forget to uncork the wine!

'Beauty And The Beast'
Disney Movie Trailers on YouTube

One of our favorite Disney movies just got a remake, and it's on Netflix! Emma Watson stars in a perfectly renovated version of this childhood classic. You'll find that the inner The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fan in you will be just as stressed over the suspense relating to this rose.

Sing along to tunes like "Be Our Guest," because we all know you already know the lyrics. Maybe even a Disney dance party will ensue afterwards. Snow day well-spent, if you ask me.

'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days'
Paramount Movies on YouTube

All bets are off when it comes to a little bit of love. In this fun and flirty flick Kate Hudson plays a writer who's looking to do something more substantial in her work. She makes a bet with her boss, and immediately meets advertising exec, Matthew McConaughey, who's on a mission of his own.

In the world of work-life balance, these two walk the tightrope -- proving that a night at the bar could leave you in some perfectly complicated company.

'Definitely, Maybe'
Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

Politics gets a romantic spin in this memorable movie. Life and divorce are full of drama and debates. But for an 11-year-old, the story is just getting started.

Ryan Reynolds plays a political consultant right on the bridge of divorce. When his daughter inevitably starts asking questions, he's forced to look over his past relationships, changing names and leaving it up to her to decide which one he definitely fell in love with. Similar in ideas to How I Met Your Mother, you'll want to sit down and stay awhile for this one.

'Safe Haven'
Movieclips Coming Soon on YouTube

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. So, bundle up in blankets and watch a chick flick that will make you turn your home into a haven.

Nicholas Sparks stories are always bound to be good. From The Last Song to A Walk To Remember, they have a proven track record of tugging on all of our heart strings.

Starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, this story follows the relationship of two strangers who find a safe space in each other. Whether they're running from a dark past or trying to figure out their future, they share something special together. Based in a beach town in North Carolina, this movie is for the movie fans looking for suspense and solid romance.