April 2021 monthly horoscope

There's So Much To Unpack In Your April Monthly Horoscope

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As the flowers begin to bloom and the earth starts to come alive again, you're warmly reminded that spring has officially begun. March introduced some much-needed change as you moved through the mutable watery sign of Pisces, and it reminded you that growth includes dreaming every dream, and feeling all the feels. As you continue through Aries season, your April 2021 horoscope will usher in crisp new beginnings and encourage you to start something new and exciting. With this invigorating new energy comes the desire to charge forward with a million fresh ideas and ventures, so be sure to pace yourself — Rome wasn't built in a day.

April kicks off with Mercury ingressing into the fiery, action-oriented sign of Aries on April 3, adding a direct and passionate expression to your communicative style. This is an excellent time to have conversations that may have been neglected during the time Mercury spent in the dreamy, idealistic sign of Pisces. Careful with your delivery though because this Mars-influenced sign has a tendency to come out swinging. Speaking of Mars, it continues through the curious, mentally charged air sign of Gemini and forms a challenging square to the foggy, elusive planet Neptune on April 9. Your motivations and ambitions may feel a bit scattered around this time, so it's best to leave your to-do list at home this day and allow the uncertain energy of this transit to carry you through.

You'll come face to face with an energetic new chapter on April 11, as the first new moon of the spring takes place in Aries. This refreshing energy will embark the collective on an exciting new journey toward your aspirations and ambitions. On the same day, love planet Venus in Aries will confront Pluto in Capricorn, asking you to transform your previous ways of seeking unity and togetherness in your life. New beginnings tend to mark a period of leaving outdated methods behind, especially since you've got much better things coming your way this month. On April 14, Venus shifts out of the fiery sign of Aries and encourages you to slow down, as she moves into her pleasure-based, grounded home sign of Taurus. Relationships begin to feel much more stable and rooted in reality now, and you may start to feel like slowing down in order to experience these pleasant new feelings to the fullest.

The sun and Mercury then join Venus in the earthy, artistic sign of Taurus on April 19, slowing down your desire to overly assert your thoughts and ideas. Your impulses take a more reserved approach as the height of spring approaches. While Mercury continues through Taurus, you'll want to savor your objectives more during this time, and ensure their accuracy before sharing them with others. Beware of prolonging your communication methods though — you don't want to miss the opportunity to speak your mind. There will also be a shift in your motivations this month, as Mars moves into the nurturing, protective sign of Cancer on April 23. The complexities of your agendas soften a bit during this time, as you become driven to secure your safe spaces. Your ambitions will take a sentimental turn, as home and family takes up a bit more space in your life.

The month commences with a full moon in Scorpio on April 27, shining a light on your lesser-known emotional responses. This energy emphasizes your capacity to control your emotions, and the desire for depth and intimacy in your lives. Taurus season is bringing your emotional and physical desires into sharp focus, and is asking you to reevaluate the security of your comfort zone. Here's the astrological forecast summarized based on your sun or rising sign:

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You're getting a refreshing surge in energy this month, and you'll likely be propelled forward into many exciting new ventures. Be sure to pace yourself, and refrain from spreading yourself too thin. The last few months have been preparing you for this time, and the time has finally come to plant some new seeds. However, you won't be able to charge full speed ahead if you're burnt out. You'll be prompted to slow down a bit near the end of April, but by that time you'll have more than enough projects to keep you busy.


You've gone through a lot of sudden disruptions recently, and April will be the first time in a while that you'll finally begin to settle into your new normal. This marks a time of inward reflection for you, before things pick up again in time for your season. Give yourself a chance to catch your breath, and focus on your inward wellness. This is a great time to refocus and envision your upcoming goals to prepare you for a much busier upcoming period.


This a very social time for you, Gemini, and your friendships and online presence will be heavily emphasized during this time. The focus that was placed on your career and public image back in March is now shifting toward your connections with others, so be sure to nurture them as best you can. It's important to not get too ahead of yourself though — you'll want to form connections in a genuine way, even if that takes a bit more time. The key is to not get overwhelmed by the demands your social life will place on you during this time. You don't have to accept every invitation.


Career endeavors are occupying your time this month, and you'll likely be in the spotlight more than usual. This is an excellent time to ask for that raise or promotion you've been eyeing. The acceleration of your public persona may come as a surprise, but you've been doing the work to prepare for this. It's important to set healthy work boundaries during this time to avoid becoming emotionally overwhelmed.



Your attention has been on relationships and partnerships for a while now, and you're super eager for a fresh outlook and something new to keep you busy. April's a great time to take a new course, learn a new language, or embark on a (safe) vacation. Mercury retrograde emphasized miscommunications in your love life, and now is the perfect time to free yourself of any stressful encounters. Your horizons are opening up and will bring in some exciting, unexplored energies.


Relationships were the highlight of March for you, and romance and mysticism seemed to sweep you off your feet. As Aries season approaches, the dreaminess has worn off a bit, and you're looking to deepen your romantic encounters. This energy may prompt you to evaluate the future of your romantic endeavors, encouraging you to take a closer look at what the other person has to offer. Be sure not to rush into anything without double-checking the intentions of a potential or current suitor; you don't want to be misled by how things appear to be.


This month, relationships will be a top priority for you, even more so than usual. Whether your partner has a full plate and could use a helping hand or you're mingling with new potential candidates, you will likely be occupied with a pretty packed social calendar. Relationships tend to begin rather quickly for you, and this month is no exception, so be mindful of jumping into anything new too soon. You're most comfortable when prioritizing other people, but this month, prioritizing self-care is a crucial component.


This refreshing new energy is being directed toward your daily routines and habits, and is prompting you to do some spring cleaning. If you've been feeling called to add some wellness habits into your daily practices, this month is the perfect time to do so. Aries season's got you charging full speed ahead into these new routines — but be aware of your fixation because building new routines is a gradual process. Remember to give yourself some grace as you rework your schedule.



Your creative endeavors are getting a nudge in the right direction this month, and you may see a surge in your inspiration. March prioritized your family and private matters, but now is time to let your hair down and have a little fun. Getting in touch with your inner child is a great way to reconnect with your adventurous and optimistic nature. Prioritizing your happiness is always a good idea.


April will be a time of seclusion for you, and it'll ask that you draw your attention to your family and domestic matters. Your desire to be productive can't fully manifest without having a safe and secure place to retreat, so now is a great time to reevaluate your home environment. Does your home space align with the future you see for yourself? If not, try to make some adjustments during this time so that your place of residence can properly support your ambitions.


Your immediate environment is being highlighted this month, and is prompting you to nurture the connections in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. You're most inspired by community, and now is an excellent time to do some work in your city. The changes you want to see take place aren't gonna happen without you. Forge those necessary connections with like-minded individuals this month because they'll definitely pay off.


Your values, money, and possessions are asking for your attention this month, reminding you of the financial goals you may have set for yourself at the start of the year. Your dreamy, idealistic nature tends to gloss over superficial things like money, but in order to make progress in this area, it needs some attention. This could also be a time where you're reevaluating your relationship with the things you own and making necessary adjustments. Be mindful of your spending habits, and your finances will flourish.