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The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2021 Is Here & It'll Affect Every Zodiac Sign

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The first Mercury retrograde of 2021 has officially arrived. This infamous transit is marked by delays, detours, awkward conversations, missed connections, and downright confusion. After all, Mercury is the planet of communication, logic, and cognitive function, not to mention it's also the "trickster" of astrology. So, what do you imagine could go wrong when Mercury is moving backward in its usual journey throughout the zodiac? Well, pretty much anything and everything. Luckily, it's not as serious a predicament as you might think, and your Mercury retrograde winter 2021 horoscope will prove it.

Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that occurs three to four times per year, when Mercury appears to move backward instead of forward through its usual orbit. This is what is known as "apparent retrograde motion," because Mercury isn't literally moving backward, it just looks like it is from Earth. Fun fact: Astrology is based on Gaia's (aka Earth's) perspective.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde begins at 26 degrees Aquarius on Jan. 30 and ends at 11 degrees Aquarius on Feb. 20. While Mercury is in fixed air sign Aquarius, it encourages you to gather in groups of likeminded individuals and take on a more community-oriented mindset. It also encourages you to embrace innovative ideas and go against the grain. However, let's not forget Aquarius can also be ridiculously stubborn and extreme about these ideas as it refuses to consider the nuances of a situation. It can also be rebellious for the sake of being rebellious, turning molehills into mountains.

While you might experience the darker side of Aquarius while Mercury is retrograde, there's also a lot of good that can come out of the situation. This particular Mercury retrograde will also be an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, tap into your inner humanitarian, and examine your dreams for a better future.

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This Mercury retrograde takes place in your extraverted 11th house of community, which may reconnect you with old friends and organizations you've lost touch with. It might even inspire you to participate in some humanitarian efforts and reassess some of your life-long dreams. However, you might also feel disconnected from society and withdrawn from your social life.


You may experience confusion and frustration in your career during this Mercury retrograde. Taking place in your ambitious 10th house of social status and public image, this Mercury retrograde may involve a loss of power or responsibility. However, it's also a chance to reconsider your career goals and how you want to exert yourself professionally.


This Mercury retrograde can take you to places you never expected to stumble across. After all, it takes place in your ninth house of travel and philosophy. This Mercury retrograde will inspire you to reexamine the meaning in your life and rethink your long-term goals. Don't rely too deeply on plans, because chances are high that spontaneous interventions will take you in other directions.


This Mercury retrograde will cause you to reexamine the contents of your heart and your wallet. Taking place in your eighth house of shared resources and energy, this Mercury retrograde may bring up old debts and financial ties that need your attention. It might also reveal the level of emotional depth in your relationships and whether they're truly as meaningful and devoted as you once thought.

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This Mercury retrograde may cause relationships from your past to resurface. Taking place in your seventh house of partnerships, this Mercury retrograde could cause unfinished business with someone from your past to return to the forefront of your mind. It may also emphasize the unhealthy relationship dynamics in your life, encouraging you to reassess where these relationships are going.


This Mercury retrograde is all about your routine and your self-care habits. Taking place in your sixth house of work and health, this Mercury retrograde could cause disorganization in your office space and mix-ups in your professional life. It will reveal whether your daily activities are bringing out the best results, encouraging you to reconsider the choices you make each day.


During this Mercury retrograde, you may find that the usual things that bring you joy aren't as exciting to you. That's because this Mercury retrograde takes place in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, confusing your typical understanding of happiness and romance. It's time to reconnect with your creativity by experimenting with different hobbies and artistic experiences.


This Mercury retrograde will likely challenge the spaces that are sacred to you. Taking place in your fourth house of home and family, this retrograde might bring up unresolved issues with your close kin. It might also cause disruptions in your home life that cause you to rethink where and how you live. This retrograde will also encourage you to reconsider how you nurture others and accept nurturing in return.

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This Mercury retrograde takes place in your third house of communication and transportation. You may find yourself stumbling over your words and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Be cautious of contracting foot-in-mouth syndrome. Spend extra time planning your day, because detours are more likely to make you late. Use this retrograde to reassess your mental thought process.


This Mercury retrograde may cause financial problems to arise, calling attention to your saving and spending habits. Taking place in your second house of luxury and money, this retrograde is asking you to rethink what you need and what you want. Self-esteem issues may also come up as you spend time rethinking the qualities that you bring to the table. Spend time building yourself back up.


You're feeling the brunt of this Mercury retrograde because it's taking place in your first house of the self. This retrograde may leave you wondering who you are, who you've been, and who you will become. It's not wise to make any drastic or permanent changes to your identity or appearance. Instead, spend time exploring the different facets of who you are and getting to know yourself.


Because this Mercury retrograde takes place in your 12th house of spirituality, the next few weeks may be marked by solitude. You might also find some wounds from your past reopening, giving you the chance to finally get the therapy and healing that you need. Pay attention to your subconscious and your dreams and don't try to put too much pressure on yourself to function in the "real" world.

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