Here's Why The Stereotypes About Your Zodiac Sign Are All Wrong


The stereotypes around each zodiac sign are so commonly known, it's impossible to navigate an astrology-loving world and not come across them once or twice. "Aries are so aggressive" or "Geminis can be so fake" are just a couple examples. Not only are these stereotypes not always true, they can actually be some of the biggest misconceptions about the signs. Astrology is a complex study, and each zodiac sign can't be simplified down to a one-size-fits-all stereotype. Designating these assumptions to your not-so-favorite zodiac sign can make it easier to understand why you seem to never get along with Scorpios or Libras, but there isn't always truth to them. The most common misconceptions about each zodiac sign may be more popular than the actual qualities they embody, but getting to the root of why they're so commonly known (and surprisingly inaccurate) can help you understand yourself and others much better.

For starters, we're definitely not just our sun sign, so the Taurus individuals you always seem to butt heads with are likely more of their moon sign or rising sign than anything else. The sun represents our ego and our basic characteristics (which is why we can relate to this placement so much), but it's only a small part of who we are. To use blanket statements to describe each zodiac sign can't possibly fit every person, because our cosmic blueprint (aka our birth chart) is made up of much more than just the sun. Either way, the sign the sun was in when you were born is still significant, and can provide you with significant details to better understand yourself and others. The stereotypes, on the other hand, can often times pit you against a sign when the rumor about them may not even be true. Here's the most common misconceptions about your zodiac sign, including the real reason why Virgos are considered to be perfectionists:

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Aries: You're Always Angry

As the only cardinal fire sign, it's easy to see why others would consider you to be pretty aggressive, but this enthusiastic energy can often be misunderstood. Your most common stereotype is that you're always ready for a fight, and while you are ruled by Mars, your assertive energy is usually directed toward personal goals and self-improvement. Since the sun (which represents the ego) is exalted in this sign, you're also extremely self-aware, and can easily acknowledge when you're being brash. Overall, your excitable nature is primarily used to encourage and uplift others in a positive way. You are the first sign of the zodiac, after all, and enjoy taking the high role as the leader in every situation.

Taurus: You're Lazy

First of all, an earth sign? Lazy? What a common misconception this is. As a grounded, fixed sign, you express yourself in a productive and stable manner, and are excellent at seeing things through to the end. Since your season takes place during the height of spring, you excel at consistency, and look for security in every aspect of your life. You're willing to put in the work no matter how long it takes, especially if you know the payoff will be lucrative. You're also excellent with your resources, and can make them stretch for as long as you need to. Earth signs also tend to be extremely reliable, so you're always willing to show up for the people you care about.

Gemini: You're Two-Faced

As the adaptable, multifaceted sign of the zodiac, you often get coined as two-faced or fake because of your mutable sign nature. In reality, you're extremely flexible and can adjust to any idea, situation, or environment with ease. While others may see it as inauthentic, it allows you to cruise through life in a light-hearted manner, without getting too attached to the things in life that are subject to changes. Your adaptable nature keeps you from getting bored, and your curiosity keeps you learning. You may get called flaky, but no one is ever able to call you stagnant or boring.

Cancer: You're Moody

Being ruled by the moon isn't always easy, because of the ebb and flow of your emotions. As a water sign, the biggest misconception about you is that you're moody, when in reality, you're the most emotionally mature sign of all. The moon is at home in the sign of Cancer, and you have a way of making other people feel safe enough to express their feelings openly and honestly. The fluctuation of emotions you experience just speaks to your sensitive and intuitive nature, and you're not one to rush through that process. You feel everything deeply, and encourage others to do the same.

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Leo: You're Self-Absorbed

You're a light that shines so brightly, being sun-ruled and all, so people often associate your sign with being selfish or self-absorbed, which couldn't be farther from the truth. The reason people may associate you with these qualities is because of your ruling planet, but the sun can't help but shine. People often confuse noticing your presence with you asking for the attention, but just like when the sun is out, we can't help but notice its heat. The sun ruling your sign speaks to your strong sense of self-awareness and warmth, and you are easily one of the most generous signs of them all. Your desire for acknowledgement comes when you know you've done something to deserve it, and your fixed sign nature works hard to succeed in everything that you do.

Virgo: You're A Perfectionist

There's many different stereotypes associated with your sign, the most common being your desire for perfection. As one of the Mercury-ruled signs of the zodiac, your attention to detail is to be envied, and your desire to be of service makes you the most helpful sign of the zodiac. Since you're easily able to point out what's out of place, others tend to associate your analytical nature with perfectionism, which is false. If anything, you're harder on yourself because it's so easy for you to notice your own imperfections. As someone always looking to help, figuring out where the problem stems from makes you feel useful, and allows you to put your productive energy to good use.

Libra: You're Superficial

As an air sign, this stereotype can easily be debunked. You tend to be stereotyped as someone who only cares about material things or relationships, but in actuality, you want to be acknowledged for your intelligence. As the cardinal air sign of the zodiac, you actively attempt to make mental connections with everyone around you, which is why you're such a social butterfly. You're excellent at relating to others, and can mediate practically any situation. You have a way with words that others envy, and can smooth talk your way into just about anything. Being ruled by Venus is why people may associate you with superficiality, but at the end of the day, you're here to make connections.

Scorpio: You're Controlling

This is probably one of the most popular misconceptions about you, because of your fixed sign nature. As a water sign ruled by Mars, your determination is what sets you apart from the others, and your consistency is what makes you such an ideal partner. Contrary to popular belief, it takes a lot for you to form deep bonds with others. Your desire for real, genuine connections prevents you from forming surface-level partnerships, but when you do connect with someone, you're there for life. When you set your mind to something, you will always accomplish it, but you know when to let something go that is no longer serving you.

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Sagittarius: You're Flighty

Being a fire sign has its perks, and one of the biggest ones is that you live for adventure. Your mutable nature keeps you searching for your next quest, and oftentimes you get restless if you're feeling too limited or tied down. In relationships, you tend to get a bad rap for wanting a certain level of freedom, but your desire for excitement keeps every relationship you're in lively and fresh. You do require a certain level of distance in partnerships, but when you find someone who doesn't get threatened by that, you'll want to hold on to them.

Capricorn: You're A Workaholic

This is an understandable stereotype, but still proves to be false time and time again. Your cardinal earth sign nature always strives for productivity in your life, but that doesn't always take the form of a job or work. In all areas of your life, you strive to reach the goals you've set for yourself, and want everything you invest your time in to succeed. Working toward your goals gives you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, and without them, you may feel unmotivated. No matter how big or small, feeling accomplished on a regular basis brings you the upmost joy, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Aquarius: You're Detached

Many people consider you to be the most nonchalant sign of the zodiac, when in reality, you crave just as much acknowledgement as Leos. As an Aquarius, you care a lot about other human beings, especially unrepresented communities. You may often shy away from the limelight, because you work best alongside communities and friends, but your authentic nature craves to be acknowledged for your own unique opinions and ideas. While you tend to direct much of your attention outwards, it's essential that you allow yourself to get the attention you deserve. It may feel superficial, but you try your best to show up for others, and you deserve the recognition for that.

Pisces: You're Naïve

As the final sign of the zodiac and a mutable water sign, you tend to be stereotyped as the fish swimming aimlessly about, which is completely false. You are the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, and can put yourself in anyone's shoes, regardless of where they come from. Your intuition is spot on, and while others may not understand your motives, you have a strong moral compass and ultimately know what's best for others. Since you are so intuitive, other people may project onto you frequently, and you easily mirror back to them what they really need to see about themselves. When staying true to yourself, you vibrate on the highest of frequencies. Be sure not to give away your power to those who don't understand you.