Passionate Aries Personality Traits

These Aries Personality Traits Prove How Passionate This Zodiac Sign Can Be

As the beginning of spring nears and the flowers begin to bloom, that's when you know Aries season is on its way. This cardinal fire sign marks the beginning of the astrological new year, and welcomes in warm weather along with a renewed, revitalized world. As you pack away your winter sweaters and boots to make room for your brightly colored spring clothes, you can’t help but notice the wave of exhilarating energy that comes over everyone. Aries season is all about fresh starts and passionate new beginnings, and the individuals born under Aries, with all of their amazing personality traits, do an excellent job at ushering in this brand-new start.

Aries embody the air of spring in a way that is so inspiring; the energy they possess is infectious. If you don’t have Aries in your sun, moon or rising sign, don’t worry, you still have that sign contained in your birth chart somewhere. The sun traveling through this cardinal sign will light up the area of your chart that’s in need of a little attention. As the lengthy winter months come to a close, along with Pisces season, let’s talk about how the passionate traits of Aries are expressed.

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1. Aries are quick to get things started.

If you need to get something done in a timely manner, call your Aries friends to help you out. These fiery individuals are the only fire cardinal signs of the zodiac, and it shows. (They’re ruled by Mars, after all.) The abrupt energy of an Aries is excellent for knocking out a project in a short amount of time; in fact, these folks work best under pressure. The vitality of an Aries can be best described as the act of striking a match, quick and burning hot — but only for a short period of time. Once they’re done or have lost interest, they’re on to the next exciting thing.

2. They will be your biggest cheerleader.

Not only are Aries excited for their own independent projects, they will be sure to take on any challenges you face with the same level of vigor and enthusiasm as if it were their own. If you’re struggling to accomplish a goal, they will be in your corner, offering a confidence boost and a friendly nudge in the right direction. These individuals will set a fire under you, to inspire you to keep going if you’re on the edge of giving up. They are determined to see everybody achieve their goals, and don’t mind supporting others as they achieve their own goals.

3. Aries individuals will inspire you with their ambition.

As Mars-ruled individuals, these fiery folks are highly ambitious and set their eyes on the prize at all times. They have a competitive streak that keeps them on their toes, and motivates them to keep going, no matter the odds. Their high energy levels protect them from getting burnt out, so they continuously strive for greatness in every area of their lives. As the first sign of the zodiac, they maintain the mentality of being “the first” when they set their sights to achieve something. The perseverance they possess can inspire you to keep pushing, even if you feel like giving up.

4. They’re comfortable speaking their mind.

Aries are proud of their own opinions and ideas, and will express them in a direct, unwavering manner. They aren’t afraid of being disliked, which allows them to go through life being true to themselves. They approach conflict with unwavering tenacity — which can occasionally backfire, but their courage is something you simply can’t help but notice. In every word they speak, their confidence shines brightly, even if those listening don’t agree. They have no issue standing up for themselves, and those who have been silenced by others.


5. They hold their head up high, no matter what.

Because Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac, they also rule over the part of the body that everyone tends to lead with: the head. These individuals are headstrong, and don’t apologize for it. With the odds against them, they still maintain their confidence and self-awareness like a shiny badge of honor. The thoughts and ideas that come from an Aries aren’t always expressed in a traditional manner, but you won’t catch them keeping quiet about it. Their confidence can rub off on everyone they encounter, reminding you to stand firm in who you are. Their motto: Be unapologetic about your confidence, even if it intimidates people.

6. They stand up for the people they love.

These fiery individuals are extremely passionate about their loved ones, and will always be there when you need some support. They won’t tolerate the people they care about being mistreated, and will step up to the plate for you if need be. Aries folks have the energy to defend you against anyone; their courage is one of their best qualities. If you’re looking for someone who will have your back, an Aries should be your first choice.

7. Aries are quick to fire up, but they won’t hold a grudge.

As the first and only cardinal fire sign, Aries people move fast — and they leave things behind fast, too. These individuals are not one to hold a grudge for long. They get worked up for a moment, and then like a flame, they fizzle out just as quickly. This makes it easy to resolve conflict, without having to rehash previous confrontations. Their passion is what makes them special, but since they’re passionate about so many things, they won’t dwell on any misunderstandings that may have occurred between them and another person. They’ve already moved on to the next thing.