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Esther Povitsky's Astrology Reading Reveals SO MUCH About Her

By Elite Daily Staff
Esther Povitsky of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a Pisces sun and it shows. Esther Povitsky has often played shy, mousey (her words, not ours) characters: Maya in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Esther in Alone Together, and Izzy in Dollface, to mention a few.…

Tik Tok Star Jackie James Shares The Beauty Must-Haves She Is OBSESSED With Right Now

By Elite Daily Staff
Get in b*tch, we're going shopping. Have you SEEN Jackie James's looks on Tik Tok?? They're constantly as fierce as her opinions. So we asked her what her must-have items are right now. From skincare (she just splurged on Fenty) to hair products…

How To Efficiently Pack For The Weekend

By Elite Daily Staff
Weekend trips are essential to having a great summer but the packing part can be a daunting task. In this video we show you some quick and easy tips to make packing for these getaways much easier.

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Tries AERIAL YOGA | Take Me With You

By Elite Daily Staff
You probably think ‘Queer Eye’s’ Antoni Porowski has done it all, but what about AERIAL YOGA? Follow along to see how well he can “hang” once he takes his yoga skills from the mat to the air 🤔😂

5 Minute Morning Routine | Ready in 5 Challenge

By Elite Daily Staff
*Nothing* is worse than snoozing your alarm so many times that you only have a few minutes to get ready. But don’t panic! Our Senior Style Editor, Theresa, has got you covered with her 5 minute morning routine.

Cierra Ramirez & Trevor Jackson Make Gourmet Pizza

By Elite Daily Staff

Can Milo Manheim Zombify These Dance Trends?

By Elite Daily Staff
We put the ugly filter on Milo Manheim...and it doesn't even work. Watch as he attempts to Zombify these classic dance trends.

Kalen Reacts: TXT Ultimate Dance Challenge

By Elite Daily Staff
We sat down with Kalen Allen of ‘Kalen Reacts’ to watch Elite Daily's Dance Challenge with K-pop band TXT and his reactions are PRICELESS 😂 Check it out and don’t miss Kalen trying out some TXT’s moves for himself 👀

Olivia Pierson & Natalie Halcro Get A Tarot Reading

By Elite Daily Staff
‘Relatively Nat & Liv’ stars Olivia Pierson & Natalie Halcro brought us along to a professional tarot card reading. Watch to find out JUST what the universe has in store for them 👀

Trixie Mattel Office Takeover | Elite Daily

By Elite Daily Staff
Trixie Mattel worked a day in the Elite Daily offices and she did the ~absolute most~ 😂 Watch her work front desk, perform live with an acoustic guitar in our kitchen, and even lead a drag queen sensitivity training.

14 Things To Buy To Channel Cozy Night-In Vibes

By Elite Daily Staff
Colorful and crisp, the days of fall can immediately transport you like no other season, bringing about thoughts of pumpkins and past Halloweens, leather jackets and flannel shirts, and the smell of wet leaves along gravelly roads. But regardless of…

3 Reasons It's Perfectly OK To Have Sex On The First Date

By Elite Daily Staff
Nobody likes first dates. They’re awkward, usually involve some kind of drink or meal you’d rather not share with a stranger, and there’s always that barking question at the forefront of both your minds: Are we going to have sex later? Sex on the…

13 Best Principles For Success You Need To Have In Your Life

By Elite Daily Staff and Alexa Mellardo
Success is something that we all want to attain. It’s a station of life that we dream about. Why wouldn’t you want to shoot for the stars, reach your goals, and have a taste of the sweet life you worked so hard to achieve? That’s why Elite Daily…

Here's How Penis Size Actually Affects Pleasure During Sex

By Elite Daily Staff
By now, you've probably heard about the study that measured the dick sizes of 15,000 men from all over the world. And, chances are, you (or your date tonight) fall somewhere right in the "normal" range, which may not be such a bad thing. The truth…

Why Donating Blood Matters, By The Numbers

By Elite Daily Staff
During summer months, the rate of blood donations drops significantly. Whether due to travel, school breaks, or the more sun-soaked and easygoing vibes, the fact remains that blood donations go into short supply. But while the vast majority of…