We Tried Kylie Cosmetics' Power Plush Longwear Foundation

We Tried Kylie's Power Plush Foundation, Her "No-Makeup Makeup Days" Staple

"I’ve been going for a more natural look,” she tells Elite Daily.

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Kylie Jenner is in her minimalist makeup era. The same media mogul who was known for her rainbow-colored hair and overlined lips in the 2010s (long live King Kylie!) has been keeping things simple yet sophisticated for the better part of a year. One key ingredient in most of those looks? Her beauty brand’s first-ever foundation.

“I’ve definitely learned that less is more with complexion,” the 26-year-old tells Elite Daily exclusively of her more toned-down appearance. “I’ve been going for a more natural look.”

I can wear it on no-makeup makeup days, as well as on days where I’m doing full glam.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Power Plush Longwear Foundation plays a big part in that, as it offers that medium coverage that Jenner’s usually looking for. “When creating our foundation, I wanted the formula to blend into skin seamlessly without being cakey,” she says. “I love that it is easily buildable, so I can wear it on no-makeup makeup days, as well as on days where I’m doing full glam.”

Despite the product officially launching on Jan. 17, it’s actually been a makeup kit staple for the reality star for longer than anyone realized. “I’ve been secretly wearing our foundation for a while,” Jenner says. “We spent over three years perfecting the formula,” during which time she tested out multiple lab samples.

One recent appearance of the foundation in Jenner’s beat was at a top event for stylish celebs. “I recently wore it during Paris Fashion Week,” she says. “It’s really comfortable and lightweight, and leaves skin with a beautiful, airbrushed finish.”

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Since an IRL filter look is always the vibe, Elite Daily’s team of makeup-loving editors and writers tested a selection of the Kylie Cosmetics Power Plush Longwear Foundation’s 40 shades to see whether the product lives up to its name. Here are their honest reviews:

Hannah Kerns, Staff Writer

Skin type: sensitive and acne-prone, with pink undertones.

Shade tested: 1N

First impressions: The packaging for this foundation was girly and sleek. I loved the baby pink lid and glass bottle (for some reason, those always seem sturdier to me).

When I first applied the foundation to the back of my hand, I was concerned it would be too yellow for me. Luckily, it became more neutral as I blended it, and when I applied it to my face, the color match was near-perfect.

How does it compare to other formulas? I’m not a huge foundation person, so I tend to opt for light coverage or tinted moisturizers instead. My personal favorite is the Rose INC. Skin Tint Serum Foundation. That said, Kylie’s formula was definitely more full coverage than I’m used to, but I didn’t mind it at first. It went on easily, blended into my skin, and seemed like a great base for the rest of my makeup.

Unfortunately, after I finished my makeup routine, I realized the foundation had dried out a bit, emphasizing a small breakout I hadn’t even noticed beforehand. I’m on acne medication right now that dries out my skin, so this might only be a me problem, but I’d recommend going a little heavier on the moisturizer before using this foundation to avoid that result.

The results:

Hannah Kerns

Overall thoughts: Personally, I’m going to stick to my more moisturizing formulas, especially since my skin is on the drier side. But for people who prefer a full coverage foundation (and tend to have oily/average skin), I think this foundation is worth a try. The shade match was really great, and I loved the packaging.

It’s also pretty hardy. (I dropped the bottle at one point, and it didn’t break or shatter.)

Rating: 3.5/5

Jordan Murray, Contributing Writer

Skin type: dry (especially in winter) in the medium to light shade range, with cool undertones.

Shades tested: 5N & 5W

First impressions: I’m a sucker for products with cute packaging, so I love the sleek bottle with the baby pink cap.

I was a little nervous about the shades. I tend to have trouble, in general, finding a shade that’s a good match. Even with help from beauty store employees, foundations I purchase will rarely ever match my undertones and can often be either too ashy or too orange. I tested out a patch of 5W and it seemed like it was going to wash me out, so I opted for the darker 5N, even though I was concerned about the undertones.

How does it compare to other formulas? Because my skin tends to be drier, resulting in occasional patchiness from more heavy foundations, and because of my difficulty finding the correct shade, I have opted out of foundations entirely and now use tinted moisturizers that are buildable and can become more full coverage with concealer. My go-to is the Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer.

The results:

Jordan Murray

Overall thoughts: This shade did end up being just a bit too warm and orange-toned for me, but it blended perfectly with my concealer, which I think created a pretty good color match. I did notice a couple of dry patches around my chin, and while I didn’t find the foundation super moisturizing, I tend to get these patches in general, so the need for an extra layer of moisturizer under my primer was definitely the culprit.

After reapplying moisturizer and primer to those spots, the problem was solved. It was very buildable and I applied about two layers to get the coverage I was looking for. I didn’t find myself having to apply a ton of powder to cover up any shine, but there was still enough dewiness for that satin finish.

My other cream products, including blush, highlight, and contour, blended really nicely with the foundation to finish off the look. I wore this look while going out with friends and it lasted really well throughout the night. I didn’t notice any creasing or spots where the foundation seemed to have faded.

Rating: 4/5

Sarah Ellis, Senior Entertainment & Dating Editor

Skin type: oily-combination, sensitive, with warm undertones.

Shades tested: 3N & 3.5W

First impressions: The packaging is really cute and looks girly and fun sitting in my bathroom cabinet.

I had a little trouble figuring out the right shade match because the colors were warmer and more orange-toned than I expected, even as someone with warm undertones. I ended up liking the neutral shade best.

How does it compare to other formulas? I used to be a full-coverage foundation girl to my core, but like many people during lockdown, I switched to using tinted moisturizer and never looked back (thank you, glazed doughnut skin icon Hailey Bieber!).

For a full-coverage look, I will say that this hits a nice balance: It’s somewhere between dewy and matte, and it doesn’t get oily throughout the day, but it also doesn’t dry out my skin or feel irritating.

The results:

Sarah Ellis

Overall thoughts: I like it, but it’s a little warmer-toned and drier than I would prefer on my skin. I think full-coverage girlies may easily find something to love in this formula, though. It stays on all day, doesn’t transfer too easily, and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I’m keeping it in my cabinet for when I want a full-glam moment.

Rating: 3/5

Rachel Chapman, Experiences Staff Writer

Skin type: oily, acne-prone, with cool/pink undertones.

Shades tested: 2C & 3N

First impressions: The packaging is simple and fits in perfectly with the rest of the Kylie Cosmetics line. The frosted glass bottle is cute, though it does make it a little harder to see the actual shade, so this is one you’ll need to test around.

How does it compare to other formulas? Since my skin is so oily, I don’t really go for a full-coverage foundation, unless I’m going to a long event like a red carpet where I need glam for hours. I’m more of a tinted moisturizer girlie, because it’s light.

I love something with SPF like Rare Beauty’s Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer, so this was a little bit thicker than I normally would go for on a day-to-day basis. However, it wasn’t too thick compared to some other foundations I’ve tried. It did require some blending and a little goes a long way.

The results:

Rachel Chapman

Overall thoughts: I love a no-makeup look, so I often just throw on a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone. Wearing this foundation really emphasized my skin texture instead. I wore it to a friend’s birthday party, and by the end of the night, I could see the foundation separating on my face.

I also broke out a bit after using it, so maybe this is just not the right product for those with oily and acne-prone skin. However, I was surprised that both shades I tried — despite being vastly different — worked with some blending, which felt like magic.

Rating: 2.5/5

Hayley Schueneman, Senior Newsletter Editor

Skin type: dry (although I do get some oiliness in the creases of my nose and my forehead), in the light shade range, with olive undertones.

Shades tested: 3W & 4N

First impressions: This packaging is beautiful. I love that it’s a taller and narrower bottle for a foundation — makes it way easier to pack for travel. I also prefer a pump for ease of application, which this has, over a doe foot or just an open bottle.

The cover slides on and off easily with a faint click into place, so you know it’s secure and won’t spill all over your makeup bag.

How does it compare to other formulas? Since I am afraid of foundation, I don’t typically use it in my routine. I usually use the Saie Slip Tint in shade 3.5 and the e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter in shade 2.

Even though I was convinced that these two Power Plush shades were too yellow, they blended seamlessly into my skin. The pump distributes the perfect amount of product, and as such I didn’t have to use very much. I applied it with my fingertips, and I loved how it felt on my face.

Normally I find foundation too drying, hence my preference for tinted moisturizers, but this felt sooo good. It was the epitome of “my skin, but better.” 3W is actually a perfect shade for me, it’s the no-makeup makeup foundation of my dreams. 4N is a tad darker, with a little bit more intensity for a full beat — or for summer when my skin is darker from the sun.

The results:

Hayley Schueneman

Overall thoughts: This formula is incredible: I can apply it with my fingers, it lasts all day, and it feels truly weightless. I have gotten compliments on my makeup ever since wearing it, even though I’m not changing anything about how I do the rest of my face. I love that I don’t need a ton of product and it washes off easily with a cleansing balm at the end of the night.

The only thing that I have to make sure I do before applying is properly moisturize and prep my skin — if you’re a dry skin girlie like me, you need to use a rich cream and a hydrating SPF formula so that this goes on seamlessly and doesn’t just emphasize your dehydrated little pores. Aside from a dusting of translucent powder to set, this didn’t require any touch-up throughout the day.

Rating: 4.5/5 — I’d like to personally thank Kylie Jenner for making me brave my fear of foundation. (Kylie, let me know if you have any tips on overcoming a fear of birds.)

Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Experiences & Style Editor

Skin type: dry-combination, sensitive, and acne-prone, with cool/pink undertones.

Shades tested: 3.5W & 4C

First impressions: The pastel pink color lid immediately gives quintessential Kylie Cosmetics vibes. The best thing about the bottle: the pump. This helps to easily control how much product you actually want to come out.

As with any foundation, I was nervous about finding a shade that matched my skin tone. Depending on which ~expert~ you ask, I have either warm/yellow undertones or cool/pink undertones (lol), which is why I tried one of each. In this instance, I’m cool (*insert sunglasses emoji here*), so I stopped using the warm shade after one quick application.

How does it compare to other formulas? My go-to is Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation in Ivory Rose, which is described as “light-medium with cool rosy undertones”; Kylie’s foundation in 4C is described as “light with cool, subtle neutral undertones,” so there is some overlap, but the rosiness of the former definitely matches better — that’s my bad. (Note to self: Try 3C next time.)

Neither of them feels like I’m wearing makeup, which is always what I look for. I’d say Estée Lauder’s edges Kylie’s out ever so slightly in the coverage department, though, because I had to pump out a bit more of the Power Plush to get a similar result to the Double Wear.

The results:

Kaitlin Cubria

Overall thoughts: With my typically dry skin, I always make sure I’m a glazed queen before applying any makeup (COSRX’s Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream is my holy grail), so the Power Plush foundation glided on smoothly.

Not one to do any test run halfway, I took this look — which also included Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush and a little eyeshadow from a LORAC palette — to a Broadway show (that I had to run to to make it before curtain) amid the freezing temps of winter in NYC.

By the time I got home (and took this pic), I did notice a bittt of dryness around my more problem spots, but overall, the foundation held up. It’s not my new go-to — that still goes to Estée Lauder — but it is my new backup.

Rating: 4/5