20 Music Festival Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Every Unsexy Product You Need To Survive An All-Day Concert

Blister prevention? Check. Extra phone battery? Double check.

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Festival Season 2024
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When you think of music festivals, you probably think of listening to your favorite artists live and getting that perfect shot for Instagram in front of the famous Coachella Ferris wheel (or maybe even your mind goes to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dancing during Ice Spice’s set — same). While it’s true that festivals *can* be IG-worthy and celeb-filled, festivals are not for the weak. There’s an undeniably unsexy side to these jam-packed days of concerts: blisters, sunburns, late start times, and rain, to name a few.

For the best chance of making it through every last set, you’ll want to pack your festival season essentials accordingly. Let’s be real: When the headliner finally gets on stage, you won’t really need all three pairs of sunglasses you crammed into your bag, but a rain poncho could come in clutch. (This is coming from someone who was poncho-less and got drenched in a sudden downpour right before Lizzo went on stage at Gov Ball 2023.)

Below, the Elite Daily staff rounded up all of the items you actually need to have a successful festival season and why they deserve a spot on your packing list.


A Way To Keep Blisters At Bay

Moleskin makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your feet blister-free after a long day walking around festival grounds. The padded strips are sticky enough to stay put and cushioned enough to keep your feet comfy. For preventing blisters, moleskin always wins over Band-Aids. — Hannah Kerns, staff writer

A Solution For Everything

It’s a towel to sit on when your legs get tired from dancing, a shawl (or skirt) when the temp drops at night, and a blanket for a picnic in between sets — seriously, what isn’t this towel? I bring it with me everywhere, and it always comes in handy, especially at music festivals. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

A Spray That Prevents Chafing

If you have any issues with chafing or dry skin, this mist is great. It’s also refreshing for any accidental sunburns. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

A Glowing Sunscreen That’s Lightweight

Obviously, you’re going to need a good sunscreen at an outdoor festival, but it doesn’t have to be that boring old transparent cream. Buttah’s tinted sunscreen has a golden matte finish that will help you truly shine. — Dylan Kickham, associate entertainment editor

A Fan To Keep You Cool

There’s nothing worse than feeling sweat drip down your face and body while you're just trying to live your best life. One easy way to combat that is a portable, hands-free fan that you can hang around your neck. I love the color and compact nature of this one; you can pretend it’s a purposeful accessory to your ’fit. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style


A Setting Spray That’ll Hold All Day

No one needs you to unintentionally “revive the wet look” à la Regina George. Keep your fire festival SZN makeup going all day long by spritzing a waterproof (aka sweatproof) setting spray before you head out the door. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

A Celeb-Approved Scent

Packed with essential oils that latch onto your skin, Bella Hadid’s new Orebella fragrances smell amazing. (Salted Muse is my fave!) Opt for the 10-milliliter bottle if you want to pop one in your purse to reapply throughout the day — and please do, because you *will* be sweating. — Celina Khorma, senior social media strategist

Editor’s Note: This product is currently sold out in the 10ml and 50ml options, but the 100ml bottle is still available for $100.

A Lip SPF That Looks Like Makeup

SPF is important, even for your lips. I always have some sort of lip balm with me at a festival or concert, and this lip tint from Tatcha is especially great because it provides nice color and keeps you protected from sun damage. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

A Solution For Sweaty Skin

Who better to channel at a musical festival than Rihanna? Blotting papers are an essential for a long day sweating in the sun, and this option is top-rated for combatting oily skin. Plus, its compact design will easily fit in your festival fanny pack. — Hannah Kerns, staff writer

A Sunkissed Shine In A Bottle

This fulfills two purposes: giving your skin a shimmery glow and making sure you smell like tropical heaven, not sweat. I’m obsessed with being bronzed year-round, but there’s no better time than a music festival to feel like a sun-kissed goddess. — Sarah Ellis, senior editor, entertainment & dating


A Must-Have For Hydration

Hydration is my top concern in sunny situations. Since traditional water bottles are a bit heavy, take up a lot of space, and may not even be allowed on some festival grounds, it’s always good to have a collapsible option on hand. Stojo’s currently comes in 10 colors that’ll keep things #aesthetic while you fuel up. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

An Innovative Straw

If I didn’t watch someone use this to take a sip out of dirty NYC groundwater with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that a straw could be ground-breaking, but it 100% is. Even if all you have is access to a bathroom sink (which is already questionable, at best), you can still use it without worrying about dirt, bacteria, or parasites — you know, the fun stuff. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style

A Way To Prevent (& Reduce) Hangovers

You’ve probably heard of Liquid I.V. as an effective way to "reduce the impact of hangover symptoms," which is a must if you’re drinking all weekend. But even if you’re planning to go sober, these powder packets will help you stay hydrated during long days in the sun — a key factor in sustaining your energy. — Sarah Ellis, senior editor, entertainment & dating

A Hydration Pack That Does It All

This hydration pack is made specifically for festivals and raves, so you can be sure to have plenty of water on hand at any moment while also rocking some fun, eye-catching designs. Not to mention, the pack has plenty of storage options for your valuables. — Dylan Kickham, associate entertainment editor

A Just-In-Case Purchase

Now that you’re fully hydrated, you’re going to need these ASAP. Tissues might not seem like the No. 1 essential for festival packing (that award might go to hand sanitizer), but hear me out: Imagine waiting 20 minutes for a porta-potty only to realize there’s no TP left. Case in point: Pack the tissues. — Hannah Kerns, staff writer


A Portable Charger To Stay Connected

A portable charger is a must for a long day at a festival, especially if you’re coordinating with a big group. Quick and trustworthy, this portable charger is the best of both worlds. — Hannah Kerns, staff writer

A Fanny Pack For Easy Access

Belt bags are the ultimate festival season hack. You can be hands-free (so you can focus on holding your drink and dancing), store all your essentials without weighing your shoulder down, and have easy access to your phone when the light show looks too good not to capture. — Michelle Toglia, executive editor

Ear Plugs For Noise Reduction

Not only are earplugs essential if you plan on getting close to the stage, but I find that having some noise reduction is great for when you’re overwhelmed in a crowded area. Sometimes, you just need a little break. Plus, these come in so many colors to match your festival ’fits. — Rachel Chapman, staff writer

A Rain Poncho For Any Sudden Downpours

Most festivals don’t allow you to bring in umbrellas, so a rain poncho is a good idea. There’s nothing worse than *finally* getting a great spot to see your favorite artist (Chappell Roan, anyone?), and then it starts to pour. Bring this poncho instead of heading for cover and losing your place at the barricade. — Sarah Ellis, senior editor, entertainment & dating

A Bracelet For A Bite-Free Time

I’m a mosquito magnet, but I usually can’t stand bug repellents. They’re sticky, they smell, and they have chemicals in them... until now. With this one (actually cute!) bracelet — which uses special, innovative tech to repel bugs without all the icky stuff from sprays and other wristbands — I could go to *multiple* music festivals and not get a single bite. Bonus: They last three to five months, so it’s cost-efficient and sustainable, too. — Kaitlin Cubria, deputy editor, experiences & style