Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Revealed Why He & Taylor Were In The Coachella Crowd

"We probably could've finessed it that way, but..."

Coachella is for the lovers — and not just the music ones. There were ~many~ celebrity couple sightings at the first weekend of the festival in 2024, including Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The duo, who attended day two of the music event on April 13, weren’t exactly under the radar. They were surprisingly spotted in the crowd, dancing along to several shows as fans recorded them. Despite the madness, Kelce recently revealed the choice to be in the audience was intentional and “fun as hell.”

“I love live music, man,” Kelce told his brother, Jason, on their New Heights podcast on April 17. “I don’t get enough of it in my life. I just like going to events, going places where people are seeing talents... all these talented people in the world.” Then again, he could’ve been taking notes for his own upcoming music fest.

As with many fans, Jason was surprised to see how public their date night festivities were. He thought Swift and his NFL brother were going to “be backstage” and more secluded; however, they had different plans.

“I like to see it from the fans’ perspective. I’m a fan of music and live shows, I want to see it from the front of the stage,” Kelce said. “We probably could’ve finessed it that way, but I think it’s just that much more of an experience if you’re in the pit, man... in the madness with all the fans.”

Gilbert Flores/WWD/Getty Images

They were first seen walking hand-in-hand with their wearing matching green accessories: Swift supported Kelce’s podcast by wearing a New Heights cap (which Jason teased was now sold out), while Kelce wore a Happy Gilmore hat and a bandana.

They made their rounds at different shows, starting with Jack Antonoff’s set with his band Bleachers. “Jack Antonoff absolutely ripped it. I had so much fun seeing him go nuts with the guitar,” Kelce said, adding that the show instantly “made him a fan.”

Shortly after, the duo watched Ice Spice’s set alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan. Swift and Kelce also had a cute Lion King moment during DJ Dom Dolla’s set, where he lifted her up so she could see over the crowd.

Swift and Kelce were clearly the main characters of the night, even without being on stage.