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Elite Daily staffers rank Kylie Jenner's Sprinter vodka soda flavors.

A Definitive Ranking Of Kylie Jenner’s Sprinter Vodka Soda Flavors

Bubbly poolside sip acquired.

Zhong Lin/Sprinter

Kylie Jenner is adding vodka soda to her list of growing businesses. The 26-year-old has already made a name for herself in the celeb beauty world with Kylie Cosmetics, and launched her viral clothing line, Khy, in 2023. Now, the youngest KarJenner is stepping into the world of alcoholic beverages with her premium vodka soda line, Sprinter.

The ready-to-drink cocktails currently come in four fruity flavors that are ideal for spring break and summer: black cherry, peach, grapefruit, and lime. While the RTD canned drink market is dense with faves like White Claw, LaCroix, and Truly, the Sprinter founder believes hers is “the best tasting vodka soda” — and she says, “I’ve tried a lot.”

Though some may compare her venture into the liquor space to Kendall Jenner’s, with her 818 Tequila brand, Kylie isn’t in competition with the supermodel. Instead, “Sprinter is 818’s bubbly little sister” that you bring to picnics, backyard hangs, and beach days.

Sprinter is a mouthwatering vodka soda in a can that makes every moment an occasion.

The canned drinks are meant to be enjoyed when you’re out having fun with your besties. According to beverage development expert Chandra Richter, “Sprinter is a mouthwatering vodka soda in a can that makes every moment an occasion.”

The cans definitely have a Y2K-like vibe and fit perfectly into any cooler, but before you bring Sprinter to your next BFF hang, you’ll want to know which flavors are the best and whether these vodka soda really are as good as the media mogul claims.

Travis Rathbone/Sprinter

Below, Elite Daily and Bustle staffers puts each of Kylie Jenner’s Sprinter flavors to the test, ranking them from OK to OMGSOGOOD. FYI, there’s a clear winner.—Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer at Elite Daily

4. Lime

This seltzer tastes like someone tried to draw Sprite from memory.

When you think vodka soda, you’re likely to think of lime first. And yet, this was the one flavor most Elite Daily staffers couldn’t really get behind, reminding them of a knockoff version of a classic soda.

“This seltzer tastes like someone tried to draw Sprite from memory,” says Kelsey Stiegman, Senior Fashion Editor at Bustle, Elite Daily’s sister site. Instead of being a vodka soda with a hint of lime, this is all lime.

It also leans heavily on the soda side — but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Despite most testers putting this one at the bottom of their list, Elite Daily’s Senior Editor of Entertainment and Dating, Sarah Ellis, enjoyed the Sprinter lime flavor, saying, “When the vibe is right for soda, this is the move.”

Overall consensus: For when you’re craving a boozy Sprite.

3. Grapefruit

It was tasty, bubbly, and subtle enough to remind me of the pamplemousse-flavored LaCroix.

Most staffers said they weren't usually fans of grapefruit, but Kylie's version was an exception. "It was tasty, bubbly, and subtle enough to remind me of the pamplemousse-flavored LaCroix," says Elite Daily writer Hannah Kerns.

BDG Editorial Associate Jillian Giandurco, echoed Kerns’ sentiments, adding that it’s a refreshing choice for poolside sips.

However, if you’re starting off as an IRL grapefruit lover, this drink may have the opposite effect on you. Ellis, who loves a good grapefruit, says, “This one wasn’t totally doing it for me.” She’d drink it if it were at a party, but it wouldn’t be her first choice.

Overall consensus: It’s grapefruit for those who don’t actually like grapefruit.

2. Black Cherry

It’s sweet and simple without tasting artificial.

Kylie’s Sprinter is made with real fruit juice to be light and refreshing, but the black cherry aroma packs a real punch. Elite Daily’s Deputy Editor of Experiences and Style, Kaitlin Cubria, says, “The first thing that stuck out to me was the smell. It was overwhelmingly black cherry-scented.”

Though Cubria wasn’t the biggest fan, Abby Lebet, Manager of Editorial Operations at Elite Daily’s parent company, BDG, was delighted by the “sweet (but not too sweet)” black cherry fragrance.

Regardless of the smell, most staffers agreed the black cherry flavor is delicious, with Stiegman noting that it’s “sweeter, but just as refreshing” as White Claw’s black cherry flavor. Ellis even proudly proclaimed the bev as her favorite of the four: “It’s sweet and simple without tasting artificial (which is a gripe I have with some other seltzers out there on the market).”

Overall consensus: It’s very much *giving* black cherry.

1. Peach

This is the one you’ll want to bring to every party — if you’re willing to share.

Kylie’s beau, Timothée Chalamet, may be most famously known for his relationship with peaches in Call Me by Your Name, but the Sprinter peach flavor is almost as iconic.

This was hands down the fave of the Sprinter vodka sodas, winning over most staffers with its scent and real peach flavor. “I’m usually wary of peach seltzers because it can taste really artificial,” Lebet shares, “but this was light and refreshing.”

Cubria felt it was like a “peach creamsicle,” while Ellis said it reminded her of “a perfect summer day.” This is the one you’ll want to bring to every party — if you’re willing to share.

Overall consensus: Peach seltzer girlies for the win!



Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer

Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Editor, Experiences & Style

Sarah Ellis, Senior Editor, Entertainment & Dating

Hannah Kerns, Staff Writer

Jillian Giandurco, Editorial Associate, BDG

Abby Lebet, Manager, Editorial Operations, BDG

Kelsey Stiegman, Senior Fashion Editor, Bustle