Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner at the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards
Wait, Did Kylie Just Drop A Hint About Those Timothée Breakup Rumors?

It's all in the accessories.

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The most private superstar couple is still keeping fans on their toes. Altough Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have been rumored to be dating for a full year, they’ve only let precious few details about their relationship slip out. They’re so mysterious that people aren’t even sure if they’re still together or not.

When they first started getting spotted together, sources weren’t sure Jenner and Chalamet were serious. In August, an insider told Us Weekly that things were “very casual,” especially considering their “busy schedules.”

The source explained, “Kylie and Timothée haven't been spending that much time together recently because they both have very busy schedules. But they're still communicating on a pretty regular basis and have remained friends despite the fact that they don't hang out that often.” Per the source, they aren’t in a “committed relationship,” but she is “having fun.”

While that may have been the case for a bit, Jenner and Chalamet seemed to be getting hotter than ever in 2024, especially after they attended the Golden Globes together and packed on the PDA all night long. But shortly after that, the breakup rumors began.

Here’s a full breakdown of their relationship, from DeuxMoi rumors to glamorous date nights.

April 2023: The Dating Rumors Started

On April 6, celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi went to Twitter to share a tip they received. The tipster claimed, “Multiple sources have told me that Timmy C has a new girl … Kylie Jenner. ⚰️⚰️.” Although fans were hesitant to believe it, DeuxMoi added that they were “1000p sure” it was true, but the romance was “prob casual” and Jenner and Chalamet were “Not BF/GF.”

At the time, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “They are keeping things casual at this point. It’s not serious, but Kylie is enjoying hanging out with Timothée and seeing where it goes.”

June,2023: Kylie & Timothée Were Photographed Together For The First Time

On June 1, Jenner and Chalamet were photographed together for the first time, while enjoying a family barbecue at Chalamet’s Beverly Hills home.

July 28, 2023: Travis Scott Released A Timothée Diss Track
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Jenner’s ex Travis Scott released his album Utopia on July 28, featuring a song “Meltdown” that seemed to be shading Chalamet. In it, he sings, “Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs (Vs), got the Willy Wonka factory (Vs) / Burn a athlete like it’s calories, find another flame hot as me, b*tch.” Chalamet was cast as Willy Wonka in Wonka, a prequel about the chocolatier, coming out Dec. 15.

September 4, 2023: They Attended A Beyoncé Concert Together

Chalamet and Jenner made their romance public when they attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour together in early September. At the concert, they engaged in some serious PDA, from dancing together to making out.

September 10, 2023: Kylie & Timothée Had A Date At The U.S. Open
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Jenner and Chalamet became Getty Images official when they attended the U.S. Open together on Sept. 10. They sat side-by-side at the tournament and were photographed kissing, too.

“I think it’s the real thing,” an eyewitness told Page Six. “They are very good at communicating with each other in a coupley sort of way that makes this feel like the real thing more so than all the PDA.”

September 21, 2023: Timothée Became Kylie’s Screen Saver

Jenner and Chalamet’s relationship hit another milestone: They became lock screen official. Elle Mexico shared a photo of Jenner at Milan Fashion Week on Sept. 21, arriving at the Prada show. In it, you can see a glimpse of her iPhone — and the sweet selfie with Chalamet that is now her wallpaper.

One day earlier, on Sept. 20, TMZ asked Chalamet about the romance. Although he didn’t answer their question, he did flash a not-so-subtle smile in response to Jenner’s name.

January 7, 2024: Timothée & Kylie Kissed At The Golden Globes
Christopher Polk/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The couple took their relationship to a glamorous new level in early 2024, when Chalamet brought Jenner as his date to the Golden Globes. Chalamet may have lost his category, but he won a super romantic date night.

Cameras caught the couple staring lovingly at each other and packing on the PDA all night long.

March 8, 2024: Breakup Rumors Began To Swirl

After their glitzy Golden Globes date night, Jenner and Chalamet were rarely seen together for several months. As Jenner started posting several videos and photos with no sign of Chalamet, fans began to theorize the two had probably broken up.

April 9, 2024: Kylie’s Bracelet Caught Fans’ Eyes, Suggesting She’s Still With Timothée

Although the rumored couple didn’t step out for another date night, Jenner appeared to confirm that she and Chalamet were still going strong in some pics from her beach vacay. Fans noticed Jenner was wearing her Cartier LOVE bracelet, which matches Chalamet’s Cartier LOVE necklace.

Fans of the couple believe the matching jewelry is a symbol of their connection, so Jenner may have been giving Chalamet a subtle shoutout by showing off the bracelet.

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