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Kylie & Timothée's Body Language At The Beyoncé Concert Had Mixed Signals

“He’s very assertive, while she’s more self-conscious.”

Nobody saw Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet’s relationship coming when rumors started in April, but the unexpected pair confirmed their ‘ship on Sept. 4 at Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. At the show, they didn’t shy away from engaging in some major PDA — kissing, hugging, and dancing together in public. One fan responded to the video on TikTok, “Why did I not think this was actually true?”

Fans weren’t just surprised by the video’s existence — they were struck by just how touchy Jenner and Chalamet were together. “Wow physical chemistry is off the charts & I’m here for it,” one TikTok user wrote. But Patti Wood, expert body language analyst, tells Elite Daily there was some lingering “nervousness” for the new couple, especially on Jenner’s side of things.

In videos posted by TMZ, Jenner and Chalamet were dancing together — at one point, he kissed her and his hand lingered on her butt. It looked pretty steamy, but Wood, who wrote Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, notices some tension in Jenner and Chalamet’s body language when the two were talking. “What stands out is how much tension she has in her body. Her shoulder is pulled up to the ear, which is a freeze response that happens when there’s a part of you that’s tense and afraid,” Wood says. According to her, Chalamet seemed a little on edge, too. “The way he’s holding that cigarette — there’s tension in his fingers.”

Considering this was the couple’s first public outing (and Jenner’s ex, Travis Scott, was also in attendance), the tension might be due to the stress of going public as a Hollywood couple. “She’s hyper aware of being watched. A lot of what I’m seeing is response to being in public view,” Wood adds.

Things got looser when Jenner moved behind Chalamet to dance. “When she’s behind him, she’s much more comfortable,” Wood says, pointing out how Jenner wrapped her arm around him. “This indicates she feels protected by him.” (On Sept. 5, a source told People about Chalamet and Jenner’s ‘ship: “He is charming, very loving and protective of Kylie.”)

As they danced, Chalamet kissed Jenner’s fingers. “It’s sweet, tender, and quick,” Wood adds. It doesn’t seem to be for cameras, either. “It’s not overdone.”

All in all, Wood thinks Chalamet appeared more “confident” about going public with their relationship than Jenner. “His body language is saying, ‘I’m so hot for her. I’m so attracted to her.’ He’s very assertive, while she’s more self-conscious.”