I tried Truly's exclusive draft seltzers at their first-ever taproom in Los Angeles.
I Tried Truly's Draft Seltzers At The New LA Taproom, And This Was The Winner

Plus, the exclusive “Trulixers” menu is a must-try.

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Rachel Chapman

It’s about to be a Truly great summer in LA, because Truly Hard Seltzer is finally opening its first-ever taproom in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 25. Truly LA, which is located in Downtown LA next to Angel City Brewery, will serve a full menu of Trulixers (cocktails), drafts, and even frozen drinks all made with Truly Hard Seltzer. I was able to visit the Truly LA taproom before it officially opens, and I tried all three of Truly’s exclusive draft seltzers to rank which ones you should order first.

Truly LA, which is styled like a “fully immersive” hard seltzer bar, features indoor and outdoor spaces that can seat up to 100 people, live entertainment, tasty food options, and a bar with 12 taps serving up exclusive Truly sips. In addition to its specialty draft seltzers on tap, the hard seltzer company will also have a menu of “Trulixers” that’ll take your Truly to the next level.

For one, Truly LA has a Bourbon Barrel-aged hard seltzer that you’ll be surprised to learn is not actually bourbon. I also tried a few of the Trulixers and if you are a bourbon fan, you’ll definitely want to order either the Truly Highball or Maple Old Fashioned-Style. You really get the strong bourbon flavor in both of these cocktails, but with the Maple Old Fashioned-Style, you can also taste the subtle maple flavor as well.

Since Truly LA is opening just in time for the summer season, I also highly recommend the light and refreshing Berry Bramble. This Trulixer is made with raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry with lemon juice and simple syrup. Some of the other Trulixers have real tiki drink vibes, like the Passionfruit Hurricane-Style and Blue Tradewinds. Both drinks come with colorful Truly LA drink umbrellas and are picture-perfect for a sipping selfie.

While the Trulixers are fun, when visiting the new Truly LA taproom when it opens, you won’t want to miss trying the exclusive draft seltzers that you can only get at this location. Here’s how the Truly flavors rank.


Mandarin Tangerine Infusion

Rachel Chapman

On their draft menu, Truly LA is serving infusion drinks that mix their House-Infused Hard Seltzer with fruit juice. The seltzer really takes a backseat to the fruit flavors, so each of these taste like you’re really just drinking juice. This Mandarin Tangerine Infusion was super refreshing, but didn’t have as much flavor as the other drafts on this list.


Passionfruit Pineapple Infusion

Rachel Chapman

If you’re looking for an infusion drink with a little more flavor, you’ll want to order the Truly Passionfruit Pineapple Infusion. The passionfruit and pineapple flavors really pop more in this draft drink, which is why it just barely beat out the Mandarin Tangerine. It was like drinking pineapple juice on the beach, making it the perfect drink to take out to the patio at Truly LA and sip on as you sit by the fire pit table.


Truly LA Cucumber

Rachel Chapman

When you’re visiting the Truly LA taproom, you must order the Truly LA Cucumber on draft. This simple but delicious flavor is exclusive to the taproom, so you can only try it here. Not only is it one-of-a-kind, but it’s delicious as well. While all the drafts are refreshing, nothing is better than cucumber water. It is also served with a large slice of cucumber for an Insta-worthy garnish. What’s not to love?

While I’m recommending the Truly LA Cucumber as your first choice, you really can’t go wrong with the entire Truly LA menu. In addition to cucumber, Truly LA will also have a Truly Mixed Berry flavor on tap that is sure to be just as delicious. There’s also a canned and frozen drink menu, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Whether you’re looking to try new drinks or just hang out with your besties after work or school, Truly LA is the spot to do that with a fire pit, tasty sips, and even a stage that’ll host live comedy shows and concerts. Cheers to summer 2022.

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