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Rebecca Strong is a Dating writer at Elite Daily, where she writes about everything from breakup advice, the single life, and celebrity weddings to dating etiquette, and solutions to common relationship problems. Rebecca's bylines have also appeared on, HuffPost (Women, Healthy Living), and U.S News & World Report (Education). After receiving her bachelor's degree in media studies at Emerson College, she pursued her master's degree from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Rebecca's biggest honor was interviewing Arianna Huffington in 2015, after which Mrs. Huffington tweeted out her article and personally asked her to contribute to the HuffPost blog. When she's not nerding out on thought-provoking dating topics, she's typically writing songs on a keyboard in her quaint studio apartment in Boston (her first album, Sink or Swim, was released in January 2019). In all likelihood, she will have a hefty glass of dry Riesling nearby. She also has a penchant for TV shows that focus on impossibly charming and relatable murderesses (see: Big Little Lies, Dead to Me). And when she needs to get her aggression out regarding the misogyny of the modern world, she'll either be kickboxing, strength training or busting a move in hip-hop dance class. You can follow Rebecca on Instagram at @bex.strong and learn more about her music at

What To Know If Your New Partner Has The Same Name As Your Sibling

By Rebecca Strong
Names can carry a lot of weight in how we perceive people. If you meet someone who shares the same name as your college arch-nemesis, you may make some negative assumptions about their character. On the other hand, someone who shares the same name…