Kamala Harris' Quotes About Doug Emhoff Are Adorable AF

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Real talk: What's not to love about Doug Emhoff? He's Kamala Harris' No. 1 fan — not only does his Twitter bio reads "@kamalaharris hubby," but he regularly expresses how proud he is of her on social media. And he's also been known to heroically jump in to protect her when angry protestors storm the stage. So, it makes sense why his wife might be constantly gushing about him. In fact, Kamala Harris' quotes about Doug Emhoff are bound to make you love them even more — even if you thought that was impossible.

In January 2020, when Harris is sworn into office, Emhoff will make history as the first-ever second gentleman. But he's made it clear that his top priority and most important role is being Harris' right-hand man.

"I'm not overly political," Emhoff told Marie Claire in an October 2020 interview. "I'm overly her husband."

Time and again throughout Harris' political career, Emhoff has been a source of support, comfort, and encouragement. When she made the difficult decision to drop out of the 2020 presidential race, he told Marie Claire, "My role was to be there for her, to love her, to have her back, to talk it through, to help her." He also tweeted a pic of Harris sitting on his lap, with his arms wrapped around her as she leaned into him, and added the caption: "I've got you. As always." Side note: please do yourself a favor and get yourself someone who looks at you the way Emhoff looks at Harris.

Unsurprisingly, Emhoff has amassed a loyal following under the hashtag #DougHive — but the truth is, Harris was the OG member. Here are just a handful of the adorable things she's said about her hubs in recent years.

On His Best Qualities

In a Now This interview, Harris was asked to name someone she loves and explains why she loves them.

"I love my husband," she told the news outlet. "He is funny. He is kind. He is patient. He loves my cooking. He's just a really great guy."

IMO, that's more than enough good reasons.

On His Best Talent

Aug. 22, 2018, marked Harris and Emhoff's five-year wedding anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, Harris posted a photo on IG of them looking as joyful as ever, calling Harris "the man who always knows how to make me laugh."

On His Endearing Fam

Emhoff has two children from a previous marriage — his son Cole and his daughter Ella — and while Harris didn't meet them right away, she fell in love with his whole family as soon as she did.

"I was already hooked on Doug, but I believe it was Cole and Ella who reeled me in," Harris wrote in a 2019 essay for Elle.

On His Sense Of Humor

In an interview with People, Harris discussed the key to keeping their relationship afloat amid the stress of campaigning — namely, not taking themselves too seriously.

"Doug is extremely patient," she told the magazine. "And he has an incredible sense of humor."

On His Straightforwardness

Harris has made it pretty clear that Emhoff is an ideal partner in crime. In an Instagram post from Oct. 13, 3030 (Emhoff's birthday), she shared the sweet story of how her now-husband emailed her the day after their first date to say: "I want to see if we can make this work."

"We’ve been making it work ever since," she added. "I could not imagine anyone else I’d rather be with on this journey."

On His Parenting Skills

On June 21, 2020, Harris took the opportunity to wish dads across the nation a Happy Father's Day — but she gave a special shoutout to Emhoff, who she called her "best friend" and "biggest supporter."

"@douglasemhoff — you are a wonderful father to Ella and Cole and we’re so lucky to have you in our lives," she wrote.

On His Quiet Confidence

In her memoir, The Truths We Hold, Harris recalled her first date with Emhoff — who she was set up with via a mutual friend.

"There was no pretense or posing with Doug, no arrogance of boasting," she explained. "He seemed so genuinely comfortable with himself. It's part of why I liked him immediately."

On His Adorable Job In The Kitchen

Harris has frequently mentioned in interviews that one of her beloved family traditions is having a home-cooked dinner every Sunday — and apparently, Emhoff's role as sous chef involves chopping the veggies with a certain special accessory.

"Let me tell you, there is nothing more attractive than a man in onion goggles," Harris wrote in her memoir.

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