Who is Cole Emhoff's single? Here's the scoop on his girlfriend.

Here's Everything You Should Know About Cole Emhoff & His GF

It should be pretty clear by now that Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff have an unbreakable bond — and part of what makes their relationship so sweet is how Harris has embraced her stepchildren, Cole and Ella Emhoff. It's evident from interviews that she adores them just as much as they love their "Momala" (can we talk about that nickname, BTW?) — and if you already thought their fam was peak #goals, there's one more relationship to know about: Cole's. So, who is Cole Emhoff's girlfriend, Greenley? Fear not, I did a deep dive to gather all the deets on this picture-perfect couple.

For the sake of background, Cole is Doug's son from his previous marriage to Kerstin Emhoff. According to a 2018 profile in Vogue, Cole graduated from Colorado College in 2017, where he majored in psychology, and then worked as an assistant at the talent and media agency William Morris Endeavor. Currently, he appears to be working as an executive assistant at Plan B Entertainment, an Oscar-winning production company that was co-founded by Brad Pitt. It makes sense that Cole wound up in the entertainment, biz: his dad is an entertainment lawyer, and his mom, Kerstin, is a film producer.

Cole's Instagram feed currently only features about 20 posts, and many of them include a certain lady who's apparently played a big part in his life in recent years: Greenley, his girlfriend. (Her full name isn't public.) He's also been known to share pics of their fur babies, Otis and Amos — and fun fact, the pups even have their own Instagram account.

While Cole might be semi-private about his love life, he did confirm his relationship status in a recent interview with Glamour, when he referred to having a girlfriend. "I remember the first time I brought my girlfriend over, Kamala’s like, 'Can you make a Caesar dressing?'" he told the magazine. "She was like, 'Uh...'"

From looking at his Instagram, it's obvious that Cole and Greenley are super close. In fact, she's one of the only people you'll see on his page — aside from his sister, Ella. It's also apparent that Greenley was super invested in the 2020 election. On Nov. 7, the day Joe Biden and Harris' victory was declared, she posted a video of herself doing cartwheels with the caption: "Officially the best f*cking day of 2020. This has been a harrowing week — nail biting and waiting for a decision. I love the Emhoff/Harris family so much & honored to be a small part."

Another thing worth noting from their Insta activity is that the couple has some pretty cute nicknames for each other — while Cole refers to her simply as "G," Greenley calls him "Coco." And in a birthday tribute she posted for him on Sept. 15, she made her feels crystal clear when she wrote: "Love you so much & cannot imagine a better partner during Covid or any time."

According to one of Cole's IG posts, it appears they may have moved in together in February of 2019. Doug commented on the pic, writing: "So proud of you, Cole!! Love, K&D." Can this family get any cuter?

Cole and Greenley have taken a ton of sweet selfies — and prior to when the coronavirus pandemic hit, it seems they enjoyed traveling the world together. They also take the holidays very seriously. Not only did they dress up in coordinating costumes on Halloween (as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf), but they also did a hilarious photoshoot with Santa together.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Greenley calls Cole "the love of her life." So, yeah, if you've been crushing hard on Cole, I hate to break it to you, but these two seem downright inseparable.