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Ariana is a Fashion and Beauty Writer at Elite Daily, where she covers everything from product drops and brand collaborations to celebrity style and timely trends. If you've read any sneaker or Glossier-related news on the site she probably wrote it. As a freelance fashion, travel, culture, and music writer, Ariana's bylines have also appeared in Teen Vogue,,,,, and more. She previously served as the Culture Editor at Teen Vogue, overseeing the print magazine's "Voices" section and covering everything from music and entertainment to global news events and social issues. Ariana received her bachelor's degree in journalism from New York University. After taking 16 months to travel and work remotely, Ariana is enjoying settling back into Brooklyn. Dancing to techno, eating samples at Bedford Cheese Shop, and hiking are a few of her favorite things. You can follow Ariana on Instagram at @themarshian and check out her work at

PSL Season Is Almost Here, So Here Are 20 Plaid Fashion Pieces To Celebrate

By Ariana Marsh
Some prints and textures just feel synonymous with a certain season, like velvet does to winter, gingham does to spring, and florals do to summer. As for autumn? There's nothing that screams PSL season more than plaid, which is why I rounded up 20…