The Biggest Halloween Makeup Trends For 2019, According To Pinterest

If you hate dressing up in a full head-to-toe costume for Halloween but have RSVP'd yes to a party, why not consider doing some extra cool makeup and calling it a day? You'll save on clothes and be lauded for your creativity, so it's a win-win. Halloween 2019 makeup trends range from the typical (think mimes and clowns) to the pop-culture informed (Stranger Things and The Powerpuff Girls are set to be huge costumes this year), so no matter what type of character you're planning on going as there will be a makeup look to nail it with. How do I know what's set to trend on All Hallow's Eve this year? Thanks to Pinterest's 2019 Pinfrights report.

Featuring information on everything related to Halloween that's been jumping in search popularity as of late, the report truly is a comprehensive guide to what types of tricks and treats the holiday has got in store for us this year. Along with the most popular costumes and beauty looks, the report also has intel on what kinds of games, art, decor, tattoos, and more people are interested in snagging in honor of Halloween this year. It's worth checking out in full, but let's get back to makeup specifically so you can go ahead and choose whom or what you'll be dressing up as already.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In terms of trending makeup inspired by TV and movie characters, Stranger Things makeup tops the list and is up 1569% in searches. You'll find a tutorial on how to transform your face into a wall strung with Christmas lights and featuring the entire alphabet — it's a look that would make Joyce proud. Also topping the list is Lion King makeup, which is up 954%; Scar Lion King makeup, which is up 283%; Powerpuff Girls makeup, which is up 317% (find the Blossom and Buttercup to your Bubbles stat!); Spider-Man makeup, which is up 280%; and Jasmine makeup, which is up +106%. All of the above shows, movies, and characters would make for incredible costumes, so pick your favorite and start learning how to give yourself a makeover in their style ASAP.

In terms of makeup looks not inspired television shows or movies that are trending, cute clown makeup tops the list and is up 370% in searches. Weird? Weird. But Halloween is all about the bizarre and unexpected so bring on the adorable bozos! Next on the list is pretty clown makeup, which is up 280%, so if clowns aren't your thing (read: if you're terrified them), 2019 might be a good year for you to skip Halloween. Thanks to the whole Storm Area 51 thing, Alien makeup is up 146% — I cannot wait to see how people interpret alien makeup, it's bound to be cool and creative AF. Rounding out the list is Mime makeup simple, up 153%; and porcelain doll makeup, up 153%.

While it's not on Pinterest's official list, I feel a deep need to throw Euphoria makeup into the mix. The beauty looks on the show were so good, from Jules' dreamy neon look after dreamy neon look to Rue's signature glittery under eyes. Which character will you stan on Halloween this year?