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Here’s Everything To Know About Having A Leo Rising Sign

You give off big royal energy.

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Before astrology really popped off in the mainstream and knowing your Big Three like it’s your SSN (and that of your besties, entire family, crush, dog, and crush’s dog) was the norm, the sun sign was about as deep as most people really got into their birth charts. As this is only a teeny fraction of your complex and layered astrological blueprint, many people decidedly did not vibe with the indications of their zodiac. But there were always those few people who wore their sun sign loud and proud and swore by the accuracy. Enter: Leo risings.

First, the ascendant sign is far more indicative of a person than their sun in general, but people with Leo here are special in this regard. Because Leo is ruled by the sun, the sun sign of a Leo rising will actually shine bright AF — so they may actually act exactly how you’d expect a Virgo sun or a Libra sun to act, for example. This also puts a special flavor on each Leo rising person, as their sun sign will season their ascendant accordingly.

The rising sign, or first house, is something of a monarch when it comes to your natal chart. This one calls the shots and determines a lot about you: how you interact with the world, how you’re perceived, your basic instincts, and even your physical appearance all fall under this domain. In fact, the rising sign is often called the “first impression sign” because it describes exactly how you initially come off to others. As professional astrologer Maren Altman previously told Elite Daily, it’s very much your “overall vibe” as well as your character, mannerisms, and vitality.

What does having a Leo rising sign mean? If you’re one yourself, there’s a good chance you’ve already skipped ahead to juicy deets of your personality. Here’s everything to know about this ascendant sign, from the energy you give off, to personal traits and physical appearance.

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What Is A Rising Sign?

Just as a person gets their sun sign based on which zodiac the sun was in when they were born, the rising sign is also determined by the happenings of signs at your moment of birth. With the sun sign, there’s about a month-long window that the sun passes through each sign. For example, if your birthday is between July 22 and August 22, you have a Leo sun.

However, the rising sign is determined by which zodiac is rising over the eastern horizon at birth. The thing is, every single zodiac rises. Every. Single. Day. For roughly two hours each depending on location. So not only does this placement offer you your special dose of uniqueness, but knowing the exact time you were born becomes paramount for an accurate ascendant. If you know these details, simply put them into a birth chart calculator and it will compute your rising for you.

The rising sign is symbolic of you entering the world and taking your first breath, as astrologer Indigo Witt previously told Elite Daily. “It’s representative of how you interact with the world socially, your physical appearance, your self-expression, and style.” When people meet you for the first time, they are meeting your rising sign.

It also sets up your entire birth chart of astrological houses, aka the different facets of your life. The ascendant is the very first of these 12 houses and is known as the “house of self.” Whichever sign falls here determines the layout of the rest of the signs throughout the rest of the houses, so it’s really offering the most detail about what makes you exceptionally you. As Witt put it, “Your ascendant is the most important placement in the birth chart.”

Leo Rising Personality Traits

As a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun and represented by the lion, having Leo on the ascendant bestows a bright, big personality. They’re always out here doing the most. The sun is the center of the solar system — it’s pretty hard to miss. This “hey, look at me” vibe is what Leo ascendant people outwardly express whether they mean to or not. People naturally gravitate toward their sunshine-y rays and obvious main character energy. “When you're ruled by the sun, people just are naturally kind of attracted to your warmth,” Witt tells Elite Daily. “[Leo risings] give off very strong energy,” she continues. “They're almost more Leo than a Leo sun.”

There’s an almost royal energy to Leo risings as well — think literal Lion King. But like Simba, it’s not an arrogant kind of royalty; rather it’s a deep love for their kingdom. They adore their people and are extremely family-oriented. This makes sense, as Leo also rules the heart. Often they will lead with their hearts, pouring passion out at the seams. And as a fixed sign, Leo risings are extremely determined in their pursuits and fiercely loyal, especially when it comes to their friendships and relationships. Leo also lives in the realm of children, romance, creativity, and performance — giving this ascendant sign a flare for the dramatics in a youthful, playful way.

“They represent the absolute height of fire energy,” Witt says. They’re incredibly expressive and can be quite the entertainers — they want to show off their talents and creativity and they want to hear the applause. “When you're around them, it almost feels like they're like putting on a show. They're so interesting to watch because the sun is the planet that literally gives life,” Witt continues. The sun touches and lights up everything, she adds, “so it almost feels like Leo risings bring light to everything.” And because there’s no hiding from the sun’s rays, they can see all, making them very observant people.

When a Leo rising is putting on a show for you, you’d better clap for them. “People with Leo in the first house definitely require a lot of admiration because they want an audience,” Witt explains.

When they feel unappreciated, when you’re not “watering your Leo,” as Witt puts it, they can sort of wither in front of you. They have to make others proud and get proper recognition to operate at peak capacity. They also can have a jealous streak, especially when it comes to friends and FOMO. Leo risings may jump to conclusions in thinking someone doesn’t love them anymore if they aren’t providing the correct amount of adoration. This is really about reciprocation: You can bet a Leo rising is giving you their all, so they expect that same energy back.

Though they present with this sunny demeanor, this is just the first house talking. It’s surface-level presentation. Underneath, there’s typically a much deeper and more complicated world to them. “How their houses are set up is pretty intense,” notes professional astrologer Taryn Bond. “It’s a lot of secret signs in the secret houses.” Because of this, these people tend to be somewhat private with a very layered and interesting story to tell.

Leo Rising Physical Appearance & First Impression

There’s a natural radiance that shines from Leo risings — think Blake Lively and Marilyn Monroe. However the true Leo rising trademark is their lion mane, “They often are known for their hair,” Bond tells Elite Daily. “Often it'll be long, but not always,” she continues, “but it's always full. There's volume to it.” Either way, they tend to be very hair-conscious — as they should be because that mane is iconic.

A lot of Leo risings have an athletic build, as many can be into fitness or be competitive athletes. And because Leo rules the back, they might also have a prominent or broad back and shoulders. You may notice this especially in the way they carry themselves, which can go one of two ways: a proud, puffed-out chest (heart-forward), or they’ll be more on the slouchy side. “They just have this regal posture,” Witt says of the former. “They kind of walk around like they have a crown that may slip.”

Leo risings may also have a feline-looking quality to them, according to Bond. “They have these eyes that are a little cat-like — almost like they do cat eye [makeup]. They may also have a youthful, teddy bear-like look to their eyes as well, according to to Miami-based astrologer Valerie Mesa.

Leo risings can often have very bold and noticeable facial features like a lion. “Some of them — especially men — their upper eyelids will be a little bit more prominent, so it gives them that warm, sweet [look],” notes Mesa. “Some of them have dimples, [and] their smiles are really genuine and contagious,” she adds.

With their sun sign — representing the ego, personality, motivations, and core self — on display on the ascendant, Leo risings are some of the most authentic people you’ll ever meet. What you see is what you get, and they’ll be exactly who they are, take it or leave it. Of course, much of their personality and impression is heavily influenced by their sun sign — a Leo rising-Leo sun will be a whole different breed than a Leo rising-Virgo sun, for example.

“Whatever that sun sign is can really come through and be where they emit their rays,” Witt notes. They come off as very sure of themselves and have a natural confidence. Sometimes, Leo risings can seem a bit polarizing: People either love the Leo energy or are completely opposed to it. “This confidence sometimes freaks people out,” says Witt. “Sometimes people get uncomfortable [because of] Leo rising's confidence or their natural ability to attract attention.”

That said, they generally emit a very inviting and warm energy. “People feel very safe with them,” Bond says of those who aren’t put off by their confidence. “They have this happy-go-lucky impression,” she continues. “They seem like very vibrant and passionate people, very considerate,” she notes, adding they can come off as naive and childlike sometimes as well — think golden retriever energy. With their heart on the ascendant, they can appear very giving and trusting. “They lead with, ‘here I am with my love,’ and people respond to that,” offers Bond.

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Leo Rising In Social Settings

A Leo rising is not going to go unnoticed. “There’s something about them that demands respect,” Mesa says. “Automatically people kind of wonder, ‘Who is that?’”

You know that person who’s always laughing the loudest, being the silliest, and generally seems to be the entertainment of the whole joint? They’re probably a Leo rising and didn’t mean to grab the attention of every eyeball in attendance, but they did. They’re accidentally doing something a bit extra — but let’s be real, they like the attention.

Most of the time they’re not actively seeking out large groups of people, but somehow, Leo risings always seem to garner an audience. This fixed fire sign is like a campfire: People naturally gather around it. Or think of the sun, aka the literal center of the universe. While Leo risings tend to have a select pride of close companions, they’re inherently talented at being around and talking to a lot of people and are good at encouraging others to come out of their shell.

As the sun gives life, Leo risings want to give life to those around them. “They want to make people feel excited,” notes Witt, “They want to make people feel happy, they want to make people laugh. Leo risings are very engaging conversationalists as well, especially when it comes to talking about their passions. Whatever they’re into at the moment, everyone is going to know about it — it’s part of their identity.

Believe it or not, a Leo rising can actually be a little shy, depending on their sun sign and the rest of their chart. “But then they'll have these bursts of energy or passion,” Bond says. “Because Leo’s the child, it’s like how a child will all of a sudden have this outburst of joy,” she continues. Even if they’re on the quieter side, they’re always sort of ready to be in the spotlight.

Fire likes to be in control of their life and schedule, so social events are attended with intention. “When they go out, they're the life of the party without trying,” Witt explains. They’ll be very engaged and asking the right questions in conversation when they decide it’s a night to hit the town. “If they don't feel like going out,” Witt continues, “that Scorpio fourth house [of home and family] perhaps comes in and they're just like, ‘I just wanna like hide away at home.’” There can be a bit of an internal battle between wanting that cozy, close-knit fourth house family and wanting to light up every room with their ascendant. Ultimately, they yearn to feel accepted in their environment.

Leo Rising Compatible Placements

Leo risings are just overgrown kids at heart. They want to play and have fun all the time, so anyone who is not going to allow them to frolic around like a child is going to make them feel trapped. That’s why Leo risings get along so well with fire Venus signs, according to Mesa.

The experts agree that there’s *something* going on with fixed pair Leo and Scorpio. Mesa says they’re always attracted to each other in a steamy fire-water connection. “They vibe, they’re sexually attracted, their chemistry is off the charts,” she explains. Witt agrees, noting that Scorpio placements, especially risings, are “attracted to people that piss them off a little bit ... They like to figure people out.’” These two signs form a square aspect with each other, so it will certainly take work to assuage their differences, but wow, are they spicy together.

Another water placement with nice compatibility is the other luminary, moon-ruled Cancer. “Cancer and Leo are basically twins,” Witt offers, “like it's Artemis and Apollo ... just different sides of the same coin.” It’s a divine connection that gives off power couple vibes, she continues. “The sun and the moon together is so natural.”

Aquarius placements — notably Aquarius risings — also work well with Leo risings as this exact opposite sign falls in their seventh house of relationships. Leo moon people also make a great match for Leo risings, Bond notes, “because they'll just be a lot of love, like, the moon is emotion. Leo's the heart. One person looks like the heart, the other person is just pouring their heart out.” They just adore each other.

Leo Venus and Mars placements will definitely have the hots for a Leo rising, with other fire and air Venus and Mars placements finding them attractive as well. A rather surprising connection that Bond points out is with Capricorn risings, as they have Leo in their eighth house. “It follows the house of marriage,” she says of the eighth house, “so it's really about combining the intimate parts of your life with someone.”

How Do Leo Risings Flirt?

Leo is known as the sign of romance, so when they like someone they’re going to court them to the moon — but they want to be courted back. Leo risings are direct and passionate in their expressions of affection, so they might be the ones to pull out all the stops when trying to win someone over. You can tell if a Leo rising is into you because, as the child, they might be extra giggly, silly, and playful with you. While Leo risings do dress up for themselves, they might put in a little extra effort to play up their stunning good looks if they’re trying to strike an impression.

“There’s a fine line between them wanting the royal treatment at all times, versus their ability to just go after their prey in such a passionate way,” Mesa explains. Their crush takes over their life for a hot minute.

A Leo rising with a crush can also be likened to a peacock showing off its feathers in a mating dance. “They definitely want you to come to whatever it is they're good at, whether it's a performance or a poetry slam — whatever to like they do — they want you to see them thrive,” Witt explains. However, if their affections are not returned, a Leo rising is not going to wait around. Their pride is easily offended, so they have no time for unrequited love.

Leo Rising Careers

Fixed signs love consistency, and for determined Leo risings, this is doubled down with their Taurus midheaven, or tenth house of career and reputation. “They want what they want, they want it a certain way, they want to be comfortable, they want to be good at [their career],” Mesa explains.

With a Venus-ruled sign in their tenth house, they might yearn for a beautiful work environment where they feel physically comfortable. A lot of them will have careers to do with aesthetics, fashion, makeup, art (especially performing arts), or anything that has to do with appreciating the physical body, like skin care, massage, or working at a spa — all very Taurean. They’re very good in positions where they have to charm people, and often they’ll use their beauty to market or sell something. “Whether it be because they’re models, or influencers, or they have an OnlyFans, or they work out and they like to post their pictures — [there is] something very physical and sensual about their legacy,” Mesa offers.

Their ability to sell things isn’t limited to physical items (though real estate is right up their ally). Leo risings are very talented at assuming a character and can be attracted to the theater. “I think the most famous Leo rising is probably Marilyn Monroe,” says Witt. “She's the perfect example of that — they're just natural performers.” Because legacy and family are so integral to Leo risings, they may also continue a family business or find work that has ties to a family situation.

Leo risings also have a Capricorn sixth house (of daily routines), so they are very hard workers with keen attention to detail. “They can be good with math and numbers; also, with that Capricorn sixth house, they can naturally find themselves starting a business or being in positions of management,” Bond offers. Plus, they make great leaders.

Anything a Leo rising ends up doing, they’re going to put their heart into it. “They usually have a very strong purpose, and that's what they have to follow,” Witt says. If they don’t have a passion for it, they’re not about it.

Leo risings are the definition of main character energy, period. Wherever they go, others flock to them for the show. After all, it’s pretty hard to stay out of the spotlight when you are the literal sun. Show a Leo rising some love and affection, and they will come back tenfold with the passion of a lion’s heart.


Taryn Bond, professional tropical astrologer practicing synthesis of evolutionary, modern, traditional, and intuitive techniques rooted in a humanistic, soul-based astrological approach

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