The opening night of Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour' had some promising nods about her career.
The Most Legit Taylor Swift Easter Eggs From The Eras Tour

Is Speak Now (Taylor's Version) imminent?

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has finally launched. On Mar. 17, the Midnights singer kicked off her anticipated slate of shows in Glendale, Arizona. 60,000 fans reportedly attended the tour’s opening night (including self-proclaimed Swifties like Emma Stone), which saw Swift trekking through 44 songs across her discography in over three hours. While the pop darling’s stage presence and momentum is impressive, her fans have took it up a notch with their tour-related theories.

It’s no secret that being a Swiftie involves engaging in some mental gymnastics. Since the early days of the singer’s career, she’s hidden Easter eggs in her music, accompanying videos, and public appearances that potentially hint at her next big musical event. As of late, her fans seem to think Swift’s alluding to adding her 2007 album, Speak Now, to her stint of re-releasing older albums. The incredulous push behind that theory has only grown since the tour started, and it appears Swifties *might* be onto something.

Here are five promising Easter eggs from Swift’s Eras Tour so far.

Are her Red T-shirts hinting at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)?

The Speak Now vibes are real with this one. On Mar. 20, a fan named Ginnie posted a TikTok of a potential Easter egg that involves the 2007 album. The theory, which originally stemmed from TikTok user Destiney (@adamsandlerspickle), states that Swift’s hiding a secret message in the shirt she wears during her Red set. On the tour’s opening night, Swift wore a white shirt that read, “A lot going on at the moment,” with the words “a lot” bolded in red.

The following night, the Midnights singer wore a shirt with a different statement: “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Ew.” That time, the word “ew” was highlighted in red. According to Destiney, the originator of this theory, Swift might wear a new shirt each night that spotlights different words in red. Eventually, those select crimson letters will spell out: Speak Now, Taylor’s Version.

Did Swift allude to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) in her Midnights Mayhem With Me series?

It appears Swifties might have found another secret nod to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). On Mar. 26, TikTok users Jessica (@JessiSwiftTok) and Nikki (@Nikkiking23) hatched a theory that Swift might announce a re-release of the 2007 album on tour by referencing a hint in her Midnights Mayhem With Me videos. IYDK, ahead of Midnights release last October, the singer revealed the names of each track on the album in the aforementioned series by using a bingo machine and numbered balls.

Every time Swift would reveal a song title, she picked up a red phone and held it to her ear. However, in her two videos announcing “Anti-Hero” and “Vigilante Sh*t,” she held the phone upside-down. At the time, fans wrote this off as an accident; however, Jessica and Nikki believe there’s more to it. “She has upside-down phones in her videos for “Anti-Hero” and “Vigilante Sh*t” off of Midnights, which is track 3 and track 8. This is a date. It’s August 3rd,” Jessica said in the TikTok. “We’re going to get an announcement that day.”

Jessica noted that Aug. 3 is Swift’s first tour night in LA and the only other Thursday in her tour date list. With that, she believes Swift will announce Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) at the show and drop it later at midnight. To strengthen her theory, Jessica also mentioned this “potential drop” comes on the 10-year anniversary of her Speak Now single “Mine,” alluding to the idea that Swift is taking back the ownership of her music with this re-release.

Taylor’s nod to Speak Now has Swifties spiraling

It’s clear that Speak Now is the It Girl of this tour. Compared to her other eras, the fairytale drawl of this album has been on everyone’s mind— including Swift herself. She recently made that known during her Apr. 13 show in Florida, and now Swifties are sold that the album might get the Taylor’s Version treatment soon. On that same night, Twitter account @TSwiftLA shared a video of Swift gushing over Speak Now during her segment of performing surprise tracks.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about one of my albums recently,” Swift said while strumming her guitar. Some fans instantly knew the chords she played belonged to the album’s title track, and can be heard excitedly whispering in the distance. “One of my albums has been on my mind a lot. I’ve been thinking about it, lots going on in my brain about it, and so I thought I might play the title track of that album.”

Is Swift’s Speak Now alter-ego trying to break free?

It seems Swift can’t escape the Speak Now re-recording theory. On March 18, the second day of the Eras Tour, a fan named Megan posted a TikTok of Swift performing “Look What You Made Me Do” from her Reputation album. In this specific set, Swift had a stage prop of a multi-colored cage filled with all her past alter-egos, which is fitting, considering the singer was kissing off the older versions of herself during this era.

In the video, Swift began hitting the glass cage that held a dancer in a purple dress, one eerily similar to the one she wore on her 2007 Speak Now tour. Though it appears Swift’s movements are part of the choreography, some fans believe this is Swift trying to “release” her Speak Now persona. In the comments of the video, Megan also noted that all her dancers were freed from the boxes... expect for Speak Now and another undisclosed era. Coincidence?

Swift’s nail inspiration matches the theme behind her Eras Tour
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This might be the most straightforward Easter egg Swift will give fans on this tour. ICYMI, the singer shared a few behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram before the show’s opening night. In the last shot, Swift posted a closeup of her nails, and fans speculated the new manicure was a nod to all 10 of her eras. This seemingly lines up to her tour’s three-hour set, which canvased popular and underrated singles from each of her albums.

For context of her right hand: The black polish on her thumb likely represents her darkest album, Reputation. The pastel pink and white hearts on her index translates to Lover, while the lavender-toned beside it reminds fans of Midnights. The neutral-peach shade on her ring finger is similar to the background of her 1989 album. Then, the deep-green and blue on her pinkie might be an ode to her debut self-titled album, which boasted similar hues in the artwork.

For context of her left hand: The turquoise shade on her thumb seems to be a continuation of her debut album. The red hue on her left index finger possibly stands for Red, of course. The rich purple on her middle finger echoes Speak Now, while the gold on her ring finger resembles her Fearless album cover. Lastly, the shimmery green on her pinkie could be an ode to Evermore and Folklore, which both adopted woodsy aesthetics.

If these potential Easter eggs prove anything, it’s that fans know how to simultaneously enjoy a concert and skim for hidden messages. Obvs, it takes a bit of dedication to be a Swiftie.

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