4 Iconic Taylor Swift Moments In 2017 That Prove The Old Taylor Is Officially Dead

by Karen Ruffini
Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the year 2017 may have been a raging dumpster fire for many, there are a few people who are walking away from the rubble of the past 365 days relatively unscathed. Case in point: Taylor Swift. While there are definitely some cringeworthy moments that she's faced, Taylor, for the most part, has had one epic year. And you know what? She deserves it. Before we take a look back at the four badass Taylor Swift moments that 2017 has given us, let's just take into consideration that she has had her own set of challenges, and has basically overcome them all like some superhero with an angelic voice, impeccable style, and, as we've learned this year, the ability to spit some pretty mad game.

Swift has a way of disappearing and reappearing in the media — seemingly perfect with her timing of things, often deleting her social media just before she does something epic, almost as if she's sending out flare signals to her fans that basically say "GET READY, FOLKS. I'M COMING BACK."

So when Taylor took a work hiatus, essentially becoming a hermit during early 2017 (honestly, who didn't want to become a hermit during that time?), fans grew suspicious, knowing all too well that the sound of crickets on Tay-Tay's end usually means something big is happening behind-the-scenes. This radio silence could only mean one thing from our friend Taylor: a sixth album was in the works:

And, like a phoenix rising from the damn ashes, Taylor Swift came back to life on social media in August, showering her fans with some cryptic, menacing snake vids:

That was all it took for the return of Taylor to come and slay 2017.

I think now's a good time to take a walk down memory lane, and check out the return of Taylor (not the old Taylor, 'cause she's dead) and the most badass moments she's had this year.

1. August 2017: Taylor announces her newest album, Reputation, and her single "Look What You Made Me Do."

August was a good time to be alive for Swifties. That's because Taylor announced that she not only was releasing her new album, Reputation — the first we'd be seeing from the artist since 2014 — in November, but that a single was to be released the very next day after her announcement on Instagram:

Fans were arguably shook hearing the news and, just one day later, were able to hear "Look What You Made Me Do" and watch the music video, debuting a ~new~ side to Taylor Swift:

Swift showed a side to her that hasn't been seen before: gone was the innocent Taylor we knew, replaced with a no-nonsense, fearless woman who wasn't going to take sh*t from anyone.

2. October 2017: Taylor announces her new social app, The Swift Life.

Just a few months getting dear Taylor back, fans got an even bigger surprise in the form of an app. Swift announced that she will be creating an app called The Swift Life, where users can connect with Taylor herself, claiming that "Taylor can see, like, and comment on posts," and collect "Taymojis™," because why the hell not?

And, while it didn't make a ton of waves when it was released in November, many fans still thought the app was pure perfection:

While the app doesn't exactly scream "rebel," it still demonstrates Swift ignoring any haters and doing her damn thing.

3. October 2017: Taylor releases her music video for "...Ready For It?"

And just like that, another video is dropped from the Taylorverse. Swift's "...Ready For It?" proved it had just as much fire — if not more — as "Look What You Made Me Do," and many people believed that this song was Swift's version of clapping back at Kanye West. Others think the song is a correlation between "good" Taylor and "bad" Taylor, and how the media can sway people into believing whatever tale they fabricate.

The memes did not disappoint, either:

Whatever you believe "...Ready For It?" is actually about, it's undeniable that Swift really started to turn heads when this video dropped. Kicking ass and taking names (in a nude leotard, to boot) seemed to be her new thing, and you know what I say? About damn time.

4. November 2017: Taylor releases her new album, Reputation.

After inviting a small selection of fans to a listening party for her new album in October, the rest of the (unlucky) world was allowed to listen to Swift's Reputation on November 10, and the end result for many was pure magic.

There were an endless amount of theories about nearly each song, like "Dress" actually being about Karlie Kloss, or "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" really being about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and essentially every speck of Taylor-filled drama in between.

I mean...

Can we just...

Honestly, you name a theory about Reputation, and I can guarantee that it's been discussed, and I think that's exactly what Taylor wants.

Make waves, girl!

So, what can we expect from Taylor in 2018? Will she address any of her fan's theories about her lyrics? Will she disappear from social media, leaving everyone to guess what her next big move will be? Will she sing only with her gold snake microphone from now on?

We're not sure what the year will bring for us, but as long as Taylor's involved, we are so, so in. Bring it, 2018.