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This Detail On Taylor's New 'Fearless' Cover May Be A Major "Love Story" Connection

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Prepare to get your mind blown, Swifties. After Taylor Swift announced her re-recording of Fearless is coming in a Feb. 11 Instagram post, some fans noticed there was an easter egg on her album cover art that referenced her original album. It all had to do with her 2009 "Love Story" music video. They couldn't believe they missed it at first because it was staring at them straight in the face all along. This theory connecting Taylor Swift's Fearless (Taylor's Version) cover and "Love Story" makes so much sense when you think about it.

In case the easter egg went right over your head, don't worry. A lot of fans didn't catch it, either. Maybe that's because everyone was too excited about the news of a 2021 version of Fearless heading their way to really take a closer look at the cover art. The image, which is dripped in a sepia tone, has Swift wearing a white blouse that looked very familiar to some fans. They soon realized it resembled the one Romeo actor Justin Gaston was wearing in the original music video for "Love Story" circa 2009.

Here's a picture of Gaston wearing that iconic shirt for reference:


Since Swift dropped her re-recording of "Love Story" as the first single off Fearless (Taylor's Version), the outfit choice could be a nod toward her original track. Her song lyrics also reference Romeo and Juliet, so the blouse definitely seems to send a message. Plus, Swift is always hiding easter eggs in her music videos, lyrics, and social media posts, meaning it's not a stretch to say the covert art is connected to "Love Story."

Swift explained on Instagram that she re-recorded Fearless first because it's an album "full of magic and curiosity" and it represents the "curiosity, the bliss, and devastation of youth." Knowing how highly Swift thinks of her Fearless era could mean she wanted to capture that same magic in her cover art by referencing an iconic character like Romeo.

Fans think it's a total power move she would dress as Romeo this time instead of Juliet.

This is giving fans so much nostalgia and they can't wait until Fearless (Taylor's Version) officially drops on April 9.