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Elite Daily Newsletter: September 16, 2022

How to know if you're "settling" in your relationship, Hailey Bieber sets a new eyebrow trend, and more.

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Hailey Bieber’s Grown-Out Brows Are THE Next Big Thing

Put the tweezers down and back away from the mirror! If being super lax about brow maintenance is your thing (it’s certainly mine!) then I have GREAT news for you: grown-out brows are back. And you can trust me, because none other than glazed doughnut beauty queen herself, Hailey Bieber, is the one rocking the trend. Plus, once you let your brows grow out a bit, you’ll have more space to embellish them with glitter or pearls. READ MORE

How To Know When You're "Settling" In Your Relationship Or If You’re Just Comfortable

Pop culture usually tells us that there are only three relationship phases: the chase, the honeymoon, and the rut/breakup. While there is some truth to this categorization, it’s still an oversimplification — and it’s woefully underestimating the “comfortable” stage of the relationship. AKA the one where you both sit on your phones and half-watch Great British Bake Off before taking the dog out and going to bed. But how comfortable is too comfortable? We spoke with experts about how to navigate secure relationships in a healthy way. READ MORE


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Blake Lively Is Expecting Her Fourth Child With Ryan Reynolds

Congratulations are in order for the Serena Van Der Woodsen x Deadpool family: they are expecting their fourth child! Considering that Blake Lively is the queen of the red carpet, it makes sense that she took the opportunity to display her new baby bump in a sequined dress on, you guessed it: a red carpet. I don’t know how genetics work (doesn’t come up often as a newsletter editor, if u can believe) but if I had to hazard a guess, I think this will be a very stylish and very funny baby, just like their parents. READ MORE

Jason Momoa’s Hair Evolution Is An Absolute Roller Coaster

Try to picture Jason Momoa with short hair. Just do it: close your eyes, and try to imagine Khal Drago with an undercut. Aquaman with a shaved head. Was it as impossible for you as it was for me?! Do you think Jason Momoa was born with long hair? A little baby braid? Anyway, I’ll stop being ridiculous and let you see this transformation for yourself. READ MORE


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