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Hailey Baldwin Bieber with big eyebrows attends The 2022 Met Gala on May 2, 2022.

Throw Away Your Tweezers, Hailey Bieber's Grown-Out Brows Are The Moment

They’re the anti-bleached brow.

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The eyebrow pendulum has finally swung back around. After a surge of bleached brows being the celebrity eyebrow look du jour, a hero has finally stepped forth to stand in solidarity with the once-popular thick, fluffy brows. It appears that Hailey Bieber, the reigning queen of all things glazed doughnut, has said goodbye to her tweezers, at least for now. Based on a series of Instagram selfies, Bieber appears to be flaunting a pair of very grown-out brows and the results are magnificent. You haven’t seen eyebrows this free-flowing since your middle school days. Nature is healing, but it’s going to take time — a long time — for me to grow Bieber-length brows.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Bieber shared a photo on Instagram showing off a new bracelet from Tiffany and Co., but the real star of the post, in my humble opinion, was the shape of her eyebrows. While Bieber has always had excellent, full brows, this is the longest I’ve ever seen them. Rather than sporting the ultra-defined look of professionally shaped brows, the rhode skin care founder’s eyebrows had hairs growing out of (conventional) place. Based on this selfie, I’d say Bieber’s taken a break from the painful act of plucking to let her brows grow how they may and the results are super refreshing.

Bieber has always seemed to be a fan of keeping her brows on the natural end of the style spectrum, but this level of growth clearly took some time to achieve. In a selfie shared back on July 8, Bieber’s brows, while brushed up and fluffy, still had some growing to do to achieve their current length. Back then, they only extended just to the corner of her eye. It’s also worth noting that while she rocked the brushed-up, laminated brow look, Bieber’s brows weren’t scrupulously groomed here. There are hairs growing outside of her “brow shape,” that a brow artist would immediately pluck.

Bieber’s transformation couldn’t have come at a better time. Her new look is perfect for all the fall beauty trends coming your way. As moody beauty comes back into play, full, natural brows will be the cherry on top of any pumpkin spice makeup looks you have planned. If you’re not feeling spicy, don’t fret. Full brows are also the centerpiece for more daring trends like the ones currently on display at New York Fashion Week.

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New York Fashion Week has been filled with major brow moments. The Deus Ex Machina models walking in Harlem's Fashion Row 15th Anniversary Fashion Show on Tuesday, Sept. 6 had brows covered in pearls, while at the Peter Do show on Tuesday, Sept. 13, models sported full-glitter brows. At Christian Cowan’s Spring/Summer 2023 show, the models wore a split brow look that branched already full brows into two separate tails.

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Brows are happening, people, and it’s time to surrender. Even naturally full brows like Bieber’s had their time on the runways. Models walking for Christian Siriano, Pat Bo, Jason Wu, and Rebecca Minkoff all HAD thick, full brows brushed up to perfection. I’ve been waiting for the moment for a long time. Since super thin brows began trending in the ‘90s, people have been fiddling with their brows in one way or another.

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While full brows seemed to be slowly coming back into style, there were rules. In the late 2010s, full brows were in, but they were ultra-groomed, a look that required a ton of products. More recently, the trend has been to make your brows entirely disappear. Whether that means you’re bleaching them like Dove Cameron or totally shaving them off like Doja Cat, the less brow you have, the better you meet the trend’s requirements. But, given that brows grow back like nobody’s business, this trend requires a ton of upkeep. From personal experience, you’ll have little brown hairs appearing in your invisible brows after about a week.

Bieber’s natural grown-in eyebrow look requires none of that suffering. In fact, they’re literally effortless. Just stop tweezing, shaping, and fussing with your brows. For once, you don’t have to spend a dime to look like one of celebrity beauty’s biggest trendsetters, just in time for fall. You love to see it.