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Karlie Kloss' pumpkin spice makeup is different from the makeup she wore to attend the Chanel Dinner...

Karlie Kloss’ Birthday Makeup Proves There’s No Escaping Pumpkin Spice

This look is about to be *everywhere.*

Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

The return of autumn only means one thing: pumpkin spice. Naturally, you’ve got your pumpkin spice lattes, donuts, and candles, but celebrities are taking this seasonal flavor a step further with pumpkin spice hair transformations, and, now, pumpkin spice makeup. To celebrate her 30th birthday on Wednesday, Sept. 7, Karlie Kloss debuted the most seasonally on-trend makeup look I’ve ever seen and it was pure pumpkin spice magic. Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared the look on Instagram so you can see all the intricate details up close. Kloss’ smokey, cinnamon eye makeup was so autumnal that it make me want to go upstate and pick an apple (or just order some Starbucks, that’s probably easier).

For her glammed-up pumpkin spice look, Kloss went super sultry thanks to the talented Vanngo who’s basically the master of soft, warm glam looks. Kloss’ lids were washed in an orangey, cider-colored eyeshadow that Vanngo buffed out into the crease of her lids and brightened near Kloss’s tear duct. Vanngo also pulled the eyeshadow into a crisp wing shape on both the inner and outer corners of Kloss’ eyes and added a reverse smokey eye look beneath her lower lash line in a shade of cinnamon.

While the pumpkin spice eyes were definitely the star of the show, the rest of Kloss’s makeup was also on point. To add to the excitement of her eyeshadow, Vanngo amped up the volume of her lashes and contoured her cheekbones with rosy blush. The almost e-girl levels of flush and glow were complimented by a soft pink lip. The overall effect was a delicious, pumpkin spice moment that was perfect for Kloss’ fall birthday and one you’ll definitely want to add to your fall beauty roster.

This isn’t the first time Vanngo has created a fall-toned look. In fact, he’s been building up to this major pumpkin spice moment for the past month or so. On Aug. 12, he gave Zoey Deutch a similarly autumnal eye look with some variations. Her cinnamon makeup, while equally smokey both above and below her eyes, had a more reddish tone, making it even moodier. Her lids were also more saturated with a shade of brick shadow that had a slightly shimmery finish to it.

While there’s no doubt that Vanngo favors the pumpkin spice palette, he’s willing to go different routes with it as he did for Hélène Desmettre. On Aug. 11, Vanngo posted a look he created for Desmettre featuring orangey and pink tones with the addition of some shimmer and high-gloss finishes. Thanks to the shimmering shadows, the look gave the pumpkin spice makeup trend a dewy twist, and it’s one of my fave iterations so far.

These are far from the only pumpkin spice makeup looks Vanngo has created and it’s clear that rosy, smokey looks are what Vanngo has in store for fall. If you’re feeling as autumnally inspired as I am, you can check out Vanngo’s tutorials on his Youtube channel and recreate your own warm-toned, spicy look for your next fall adventure.