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Here's How To Achieve Gorgeous, Fluffy Eyebrows Like Zendaya's, According To Experts

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The pencil-thin eyebrows of the '90s have long fizzled out of style. In their place, thick and fluffy brows have become the latest look. While this sounds like an easy enough look to bring into your daily routine (who doesn't love not tweezing their eyebrows?), there are some brow shaping hacks and techniques that can help you achieve ideal, fluffy, brushed-up brow perfection. Before you dive in blind, though, these makeup artists' tips on how to get fluffy brows will set you up for instant success.

It seems like every other day, a celebrity pops up on my Instagram Feed rocking beautifully fluffy, brushed-up brows that look perfectly placed and laminated. Gigi Hadid's been known to rock a minimal, laminated look, while Zendaya's arches are perfectly in place and fluffed to perfection. Meanwhile, my brows... do whatever they want to do. Fortunately, according to three makeup artists, achieving the fluffy brow trend is relatively simple and can be achieve in three easy steps.

Start with soap or wax — not gel.

Soap brows, brow lamination, and general brushed-up brows are all different forms of achieving the fluffy brow look, and not a single one of them involves pulling out your hair — the dream if there ever was one. Instead, makeup artist Lauren D'Amelio Ventre recommends starting with a clean mascara wand (a spoolie) and brow soap, like West Barn Co.'s Soap Brows ($18, Beauty Bay). Rub the spoolie into the soap dish a few times, then brush the wand up through your brows to achieve your desired shape. Don't start with brow gel, she warns, because "brow gel, once dry, hardens and you will not be able to apply product over it." Hold off on the gel until your very last step.

Fill in your brows.

Now that your eyebrows are fluffed up, you can fill them in completely or touch up any sparse spots to get an even denser, fuller look. Shadi Malek, an L.A.-based makeup artist, loves Kosas Brow Pop Defining Eyebrow Pencil ($22, Sephora) for this step. "The colors are so on point, and the triangle tip really helps you create hair-like strokes. I think it is so innovative that it has castor oil in it to nourish the brow hair and help it look shiny," she tells Elite Daily.

Set your brows in place with a brow gel or brow wax.

Now, you can bring out your brow gel to really lock them into place. "Brush the hairs upward, and at the tail end, brush the hairs in the natural hair growth pattern," Ventre says. She uses Anastasia Beverly Hills' Clear Brow Gel ($22, Ulta Beauty) to get the job done.

However, not every pro is a proponent of brow gel. "I’m not a huge fan of gel as it dries out the hair and is bad for the skin," Christopher Drummond, the founder of CD Beauty, says. "I prefer a wax or pomade to maintain brow health." If you tend to have drier hair or skin, you may want to try CD Beauty's Ultimate Brow Pomade ($25, CD Beauty), and peep this super easy-to-follow brow tutorial if you want to see Drummond's brow process in motion.

The only thing keeping your from achieving the fluffiest brows possible is the tools. You can shop all the aforementioned products below to brushing and fluffing.

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