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Doja Cat's No-Eyebrow Makeup Looks Are Off The Charts

Fortune favors the bold and browless.

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Ever since she broke the internet with a single Instagram Live story involving two eyebrows and one razor, Doja Cat’s lack of eyebrows has been the moment — and not just because you can’t see them anymore. With the freed-up space on her brow-ridge, Doja Cat’s no-brows makeup has been beyond amazing. She’s transformed her brow-ridges into canvases, and she is *for sure* an artist. Doja’s no-eyebrows makeup has popped off far beyond my wildest dreams. Fortune truly favors the bold and the browless.

Celebrities have been loving the no-eyebrows look lately, but for the most part, they’ve stuck to the low-commitment move of simply bleaching them away. Kim Kardashian, Dove Cameron, Julia Fox, and Kendall Jenner have all rocked the barely there brow style. Not surprisingly, given her “go big or go home” energy Doja Cat did not come to play when it came to this trend. Instead, much to her makeup artist’s horror, she lathered up her brows on Thursday, Aug. 4, and shaved them right off for all her fans to see. No muss, no fuss. Ever since then, Doja Cat’s been living her best makeup life.

So far, Doja Cat’s created super sharp, colorful, and detailed looks. She’s mastered hearts, flowers, and even some futuristic, abstract styles. Even her simple brow makeup has much more going on than might meet the eye. For most of her looks, she’s been using Glisten Cosmetics’ Wet Liners as well as Suva Beauty’s Hydra Liners. Since these products require a brush to apply, Doja Cat has been achieving maximum precision and pulling off some incredibly complex makeup tricks. Getting rid of her eyebrows may have turned into the biggest makeup slay of 2022, and you can check out all of her most graphic looks below.

Doja Cat No-Eyebrow Makeup: The Debut

To kick off her no-eyebrow tour, Doja Cat shared an Instagram photoset of four super sick looks. On Friday, Aug. 5, she debuted three heart-focused brow looks and a psychedelic look. Talk about coming out swinging. From her very first full day of being browless, Doja Cat clearly already loved playing with the extra space.

Doja Cat No-Eyebrow Makeup: Floral Fun

Florals on your face? Groundbreaking, but only if you’re Doja Cat. Using green eyeliner, the “Moo” singer created leafy vines to take the place of her former brows. Dotting the middle of where her brows would be, she decorated her brow branches with little white flowers, even including a yellow center for the bees.

Doja Cat No-Eyebrow Makeup: Futuristic Space Vibes

The retro-futuristic eye Doja Cat created on Tuesday, Aug. 9 will bring you right back into the ‘90s. The primary colors, wonky spaces, and asymmetry look like something out of Toy Story’s Pizza Planet. The design was bold, bright, so graphic, and, with the absence of her brows, was extra dramatic.

Doja Cat No-Eyebrow Makeup: My Smile’s Up Here

In a happy-go-lucky mood, Doja Cat also did up her brows with two, adorable smiling faces. While her grinning guys were more brothers than twins, they definitely possessed the power to put me in a good mood.

Doja Cat No-Eyebrow Makeup: An Apple A Day

Doja Cat really showed off her steady hands by drawing two apples onto her brow ridge. She could have probably been a surgeon with how precise she had to be to get these fruits, especially since she included so many details. Her apples were the perfect shape and even had little leaves and highlights to boot.

Doja Cat No-Eyebrow Makeup: Lightning Strike

With bright blue, white, and black liners, the rapper created a lightning storm spanning across her drawn-on brows and eyes. Between the twists, turns, and sharp lines, this look is like watching a hurricane. The shimmering, silver eyeshadow only added to the overall storm look with a nice, disco-era touch.