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Julia Fox Looks So Different Without Brows, She Says Fans Aren't Recognizing Her

She's serving incognito.

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I am not surprised that Julia Fox apparently bleached her brows because she wanted a little time out of the limelight. If netizens became fixated on my whirlwind romance with Kanye, curious affinity for DIY denim ‘fits, and then collectively started drawling “uncut gem-m-m-ms” all over TikTok for weeks on end, I’d want a break too. It seems like a little incognito time is what inspired Fox to try the latest edgy beauty trend: bleached brows. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, May 31, the 32-year-old model and muse revealed a new look that was giving same leather, different brows.

In the post, Fox thanked MUA legend and icon Pat McGrath, writing, “Major shout out to my mother queen @patmcgrathreal for these brows!” before going on to drop a fashion credit for her full-length leather duster. While the padded shoulders and cinched waist on the Paul Benzing coat would normally be a whole entire fashion moment, Fox’s barely there bleached eyebrows definitely stole the show. How could they not?

The trend that’s come in and out of style for years and was most recently and notably displayed by Kendall Jenner at the 2022 Met Gala can entirely change the look of a person’s face. While it doesn’t exactly transform one’s features, it draws a ton of attention to bone structure. On someone with a face full of gorgeous angles like Fox and Jenner, it’s striking. (In other words, I’m not trying it unless I miraculously wake up with cheekbones you could cut glass on.)

The bleached brow effect makes Fox’s eyes look extra huge and gives her a bit of a sweetly surprised, doe-eyed expression. It’s certainly a far cry from the smudgy, goth, XXL eyeliner look she sported while gallivanting around Paris Fashion Week with Kanye which, she shared in a since-expired Instagram Story, is kind of the point. "Since I bleached the brow[s] I get stopped on the street way less,” she captioned a close-up photo of her peroxide blonde brows, adding that she’s “enjoying this false sense of anonymity.”

While Fox’s styling choices, which are all very go big or go home, don’t strike me as the type of look someone who isn’t seeking attention would go for, it could be that she’s getting bored or overwhelmed with the spotlight. Then again, I could be wrong.

Courtesy of Julia Fox's Instagram

After only one day with her new brows, Fox shared a photo, again on Instagram Stories, declaring she’d only been in New York for five minutes and was already experiencing ye old existential crisis. (Girl, same.) Could it be that she misses all that face recognition after all? Possibly. On the other hand, it’s really hot outside. Either way, Fox is proving she can basically pull off any look and is likely convincing others to try it out for themselves.