The 20 Best Trends Hot Guys Treated The World To In 2015 (Photos)

If you've been paying attention to all of the Internet's eye-candy obsessions, you may have noticed there were a lot of steamy studs who fogged up our computer screens, melted our hearts and practically made us drool on our keyboards this year.

Yep, it's no secret this was a big year for bearded, man-bunned babes, coffee drinking cuties and hot dudes with dogs.

But did you know there was a bunch of other tantalizing trends that also made us swoon over social media's most irresistible guys in 2015?

That's right. From gorgeous guys with glitter beards and insanely hot doctors to fine food cart vendors, brawny bookworms and even fellas who look like food, there were all sorts of oddly specific groups of guys who gave us all the feels.

So in case you missed out on some of this year's most impressive babes, we set out to give you the ultimate gift of the season by putting all of these mesmerizing men in one place for your viewing pleasure.

You're welcome, ladies.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the men we've been lusting after this year.

Babes with badass beards.

Hot men with man buns.

Heavenly hunks with big beards AND man buns.

Sexy studs with tantalizing tattoos.

Doctors who made our hearts skip a beat.

Food vendors who made us extra thirsty.

Hot dudes with adorable dogs.

Dilfs hanging out at Disneyland.

Hot dudes who look like food.

Bros who aren't afraid to be basic.

Beef cakes who know their way around the kitchen.

Festive fellas with glitter beards.

Fine fellas who love fall.

Child actors who grew up to be seriously hot.

Especially all the guys from the Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

Steamy men sipping on coffee.

Guys in grey sweatpants.

Blessed bookworms.

Gorgeous guys eating salads.

Studs in short shorts.