Move Over, Hot Bean Curd Seller: This Sexy Fruit Vendor Wins The Game (Photos)

If you're looking to get some eye candy along with your groceries, you might want to stop by a few Asian street markets.

Remember when we showed you the insanely hot bean curd seller in Taipei? Well, that sizzling stud isn't the only vendor who's making the market extra steamy these days.

Lately, people have been ditching the beans and turning their attention to a fruit stand.

However, they aren't interested in the fresh produce. They're simply looking to get a piece of the stand's irresistible employee, Jordan Yeoh.

That's right, Yeoh is the newest hot guy to join the ranks of the sexiest street vendors.

It didn't take long for people to notice this insanely hot fruit seller, and now, people of all ages are losing their minds over Yeoh.

Seriously, if this delectable dude doesn't make you want to eat more fruit, I don't know what will.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this irresistible street vendor.

Move over, bean curd boy...

...there's a new street market hottie.

A fruit stand in Malaysia is receiving a lot of attention... people line up to get a glimpse of the stand's hottest commodity, Jordan Yeoh.

Yeoh quickly became a local celeb in the street vendor scene after he decided to give his aunt and uncle a hand with their durian stand.

Now, Yeoh might be one of the world's best-looking vendors...

...and people just can't seem to get enough of him.

It's not hard to see why Yeoh is the apple of everyone's eye.

He's like a gorgeous fruit ninja warrior IRL...

...and lifting all of those heavy durians blessed this babe with one seriously hot bod.

However, selling fruit isn't his only speciality.

Apparently, he's also an “ambassador, fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer, and fitness model.”

When he's not breaking a sweat at the durian stand, you can usually find this handsome devil working hard at the gym...

...or showing off his manly muscles in front of the camera.

This isn't the first time he's gained recognition for being ridiculously good looking either; he actually won a "Hunk Award" a while ago.

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