Hot 'Men And Coffee' Will Have You Drooling Over Your Breakfast


A while back we introduced you to a new Instagram account featuring a bunch of hot dudes reading on the subway.

If you thought those sexy, intellectual guys were the best thing to ever bless the face of your phone screen, you'll be glad to know there's a new trend heating up on social media and it's going to give those bookworms a run for their money.

Behold, the Men and Coffee Instagram account.

Just as you might have guessed, this account features a myriad of insanely hot men posing alongside their coveted cups of coffee.

The photos include all different types of drop-dead gorgeous coffee drinkers from across the globe, and you can thank Alex Tooby for bringing these sexy photo submissions together.

So, what exactly inspired Tooby to create an account dedicated to hot coffee alongside even hotter men?

Well, according to Tooby,

The idea for Men and Coffee came up randomly in conversation with a friend of mine. We were just having a girls night, discussing how pleasant the two things were together. Since I work in social media the first thing I did was head to the Internet to see if anyone had a similar brand. To my surprise, no one was doing this, so I jumped on it that night and made the Instagram account Men and Coffee.

Whether these guys are grabbing a cup on the go, lounging around with a latte, sipping some java shirtless or catching up on their current events while getting their caffeine buzz, there's no denying these guys are scorching hot.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the new Men and Coffee trend.

Say hello to Men and Coffee.

These sizzling studs are just as hot as their morning coffees.

Men and Coffee has a sexy cup of Joe to suit everyone's tastes.

Whether you prefer your coffee super strong...

Extra hot...

On the go...

Or in bed...

...these guys will surely satisfy that caffeine craving.

There's nothing sexier than a bearded barista who can make his own cup.

This guy knows how to make espresso and babies. That's impressive.

Nothing gets you through a "ruff" morning like some piping hot java.

And a hot hipster serves as the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Maybe you prefer the tall, dark and handsome roast?

Or you like a blend that's a bit more rugged?

You're sure to find a delicious duo that will make you drool.

Seriously, these guys and their coffees are smoking hot.

Is it hot in here or is it just my coffee?

It doesn't get much better than beards and barista skills.

Who knew drinking coffee could look so damn good?

Watch out, Hot Dudes Reading, these coffee drinkers are coming for you and they're even hotter.

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