Guys Are Rocking Sparkly Glitter Beards Just In…


You can do some pretty cool things with a big, badass beard.

Since the lumbersexual trend took over, we've seen everything from flower-clad facial hair and rainbow-colored scruff to beards covered in little Christmas ornaments.

If you've been getting into the holiday spirit by hanging beard baubles all over your face, you should know those dull decorations aren't the only ways you can make a seasonal style statement.

Apparently, "glitter beards" are now a real thing and these brilliant bristles might just be the best thing that has ever happened in the history of hipster beards.

Whether these dudes are adding some luster to their flowing facial locks, sprinkling some sparkles on their scruff or brightening up their manly beards with some gleaming glitter, it's not hard to see these colorful beards are festive AF.

No really, these dazzling dos are more lit than a damn Christmas tree.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this flashy facial hair fad.

Forget the boring beard ornaments.

Now you can get your facial hair into the holiday spirit... brightening up your beard with some glitter.

That's right, "glitter beards" are actually a thing...

...and these lit locks might just be the best ones yet.

Not to mention, the most hilarious thing that has ever happened to facial hair.

You can't go wrong with some subtle sparkles in your whiskers...

...a tinsel-topped chin...

...or some flashy, festive fuzz.

This beaming beard is clearly ready for its closeup.

Jack Frost has nothing on this glistening blue beard-cicle.

This scruff has so much sparkle swag, it should be illegal.

Some men are just born with glitter in their beards.

This fierce hair will give you some serious beard envy.

Don't worry, we saved the best glitter beard for last. You're welcome.