25 Hot Guys In Short-Shorts Who Prove Thiceps Are The New Biceps

Lately, we've seen the resurgence of retro trends like high-waisted pants, scrunchies and granny panties.

However, throwback styles aren't just for the ladies.

Apparently, guys are also getting in on the old-school action as more bros swap out their baggy, below-the-knee cargo shorts for some summer digs that show a little more skin.

That's right, there's an all out short-shorts epidemic taking over closets across the nation.

If you ask me, the resurrection of short-shorts signifies the beginning of a glorious new era where jacked thighs are essentially the new biceps.

Don't get me wrong, I love a man with muscular arms, but there is something undeniably sexy about a guy who's not afraid to flex the fact the he does leg presses like a damn pro.

It’s not hard to see why men love this trend.

Short-shorts are pretty much like the muscle shirts of pants, so sporting a pair of these badass bloomers is the perfect way to show off your quads while letting the world know you're a bro who definitely doesn't skip leg day.

So, in honor of this retro style revival, I set out to find a bunch of insanely hot short-short-clad dudes showing off their irresistible thigh candy. Just try not to drool on your keyboards too much.

Hopefully, this trend sticks around longer than the inseam of these shorts.

Behold, hot guys with thighs.

These guys prove the days of "sun's out guns out" are gone...

And now it's all about "sky's out, thighs out."

Lately, the inseams on men's shorts have been shrinking...

And thanks to the revival of this retro trend...

Tons of guys are ditching the long, baggy shorts...

For some short-shorts that show off their seriously sexy leg muscles.

No girl can resist a guy with a nice set of thighs.

This dude obviously leg presses like a legend.

Thighceps are the new biceps.

Are you religious? Because your thighs are the answer to all my prayers.

These shorts prove less is definitely more... less fabric, that is.

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle on the floor.

Hercules has nothing on those heavenly legs.

Is it hot in here? Or is it just those smoking-hot shorts?

These dudes definitely don't skip out on leg day.

It's not hard to see those short-shorts are definitely made out of boyfriend material.

Quads like that should be illegal.

So many short-shorts, so little time.

I'm digging the doggy DILF's short-shorts.

Everyone loves a man with a high IQ and even higher shorts.

Do you even squat, bro?

Who wears short-shorts? This insanely shredded stud.

That scorching sand isn't the only hot thing in this picture.

I'd let you tackle me any day.