20 Photos That Prove Those Scrunchies From The 90s Are Making A Comeback


If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you loved Freddie Prinze, Jr., crimped your hair on the reg and wore scrunchies... lots and lots of big, colorful scrunchies.

Thankfully, some trends from this bygone era are long gone and dead, like awful denim on denim ensembles (we're looking at you, Britney and JT).

However, as a true 90s child, I have never been able to part with my beloved scrunchies, and I have something to say to all of you scrunchie haters out there: Scrunchies are still cool, and they're making a serious comeback in the fashion scene.

As retro trends come back into play, scrunchies are popping up on ponytails and wrists left and right as all sorts of celebs and fashionistas resurrect the almighty scrunchie in all of it's 90s glory.

Although I've swapped out some of my bolder scrunchies for more subtle shades, these awesome accessories are still a fashion staple and every girl should own at least a couple of these fun, frilly hair ties.

So, there's no better time than now to relive the past and incorporate a few stylish scrunchies into your #OOTD.

Remember those scrunchies you used to rock back in the 90s?

Well, scrunchies are so old...

They're actually retro (which makes them cool again)...

And now, there's a scrunchie revival taking over the beauty scene.

Who can blame us for loving these bold hair accessories?

Scrunchies complement every type of hairstyle...

And they come in every color and pattern you could possibly imagine.

You can even match your scrunchies to your outfits.

Scrunchies let you brighten up your bun with a pop of color...

Polish off the perfect high pony...

And dress up your braided 'do.

Plus, they go great with the pastel hair trend.

You can even wear your scrunchie around your wrist to turn it into a fun bracelet.

These old-school hair accessories are popping up all over the place.

From poolsides...

And court sides...

To runways...

Red carpets...

And celeb selfies.

Everyone is digging this blast from the beauty trend past.

Seriously, even dogs want to get in on scrunchie trend.