20 Reasons Freddie Prinze Jr. Was Your Favorite 90s Heartthrob (Photos)

If you're like most girls who grew up in the 90s, there's a good chance your preteen poster collection mainly consisted of Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Then again, who can blame you? Between his charming smile and those irresistible dimples, it's not hard to see why he was one of Hollywood's biggest heartthrobs back in the day.

Yes, we all miss the days of watching our beloved FPJ star as the ultimate high school jock who always got the girl in rom-coms like "Head Over Heels" and "Down to You."

But if this gorgeous stud left a hole in your heart when he departed from the silver screen, you'll be glad to know Freddie might be coming back into the picture pretty soon.

That's right, there's a rumor about a remake of "She's All That" that we're hoping will feature Freddie as none other than Zack Siler.

It's probably been a while since you drooled over your long lost man crush, so we set out to find some of those FJP moments that will remind you of all the reasons you were completely and utterly obsessed with him during your middle school days.

Take a look at the pictures below, and prepare to fall in love all over again.

Recognize this teenage heartthrob?

Some girls loved Freddie Prinze Jr. for his devilishly handsome appearance.

There's no denying he had the most adorable dimples in all of Hollywood...

...and no girl could resist his charming smile.

FPJ had quite a way with the ladies back then.

And that's probably why you fell for him just as hard as his costars did.

FPJ always knew how to make your heart melt with his words...

...or his shirtless movie scenes.

Freddie was the Holy Grail of hot high school jocks...

And it doesn't hurt he always had the best looking popular friends.

You loved him so much, you couldn't even bring yourself to get mad at him when he ran over that girl....

...or that time he tried out the frosted tips trend.

No matter what movie he starred in, Freddie was always the most romantic man of the face of the planet.

He was basically a modern-day Romeo when he tried to poison himself by drinking shampoo.

Although you def called dibs on having FPJ's babies, you weren't the only girl who had her eye on this hottie.

And Freddie totally broke your heart when he chose to date Sarah Michelle Gellar over you.

Unfortunately, they were so cute together, you couldn't even hate them.

Seriously, how can you hate someone who loves eating cake...

...and playing with cute fluffy animals? You can't. It's just impossible.

Not to mention, FPJ turned out to be one seriously hot DILF.