Are Leo and Virgo compatible? These signs can bring out the best in each other.

Here’s Why Leo & Virgo Can Make A True Power Couple

Even though they seem like star-crossed lovers at first.

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Leo is one of those signs you just can't help but be attracted to. They radiate charisma and charm, and they tend to be warm and loving souls. So it's little surprise that Virgo, who typically avoids the "big personality" signs, sometimes falls under Leo's practically gravitational sway. For their part, Leo, who loves to be appreciated, feels honored when a highly selective Virgo crushes on them. In this situation, the question becomes: Aside from initial attraction, are Leo and Virgo compatible?

The answer is a bit complicated. Virgo is an earth sign, so they're driven by a need for order, security, and a strong foundation. Leo, on the other hand, is a fixed fire sign propelled by their passions and emotions. Not only that, but they’re also zodiac signs that are side by side, forming something called a semi-sextile, as Roya Backlund, a horoscope and astrology writer for Elite Daily, explains.

“It's sort of a connection that is very awkward and uncomfortable — it's like they have nothing in common,” says Backlund. “I sort of think of it like, let's say, you have a modern house, everything is glass, modern steel. And then you have one room that’s all antiques and vintage and old wallpaper.”

From a cursory glance, these diametrically opposite signs seem as though any love connection between them would be doomed. But since astrology is a guide rather than a guarantee, these differences can actually create chemistry and opportunity for growth. Long story short, a romance between the two signs isn’t necessarily over before it begins. Here's what else the stars have to say about Leo and Virgo compatibility.

Getting Close Can Be Tricky For Leo And Virgo, Initially


A Leo and Virgo couple is a rare match in part because, in the early phases of dating, their differences can make things a bit challenging. Leo's outgoing, engaging, and highly social, whereas Virgo's a little slower to warm, preferring to sit back a bit and observe before fully opening up. For Leo, who's used to their charm breaking down any armor, this can either be seen as a challenge and draw them in more, or it can wound their ego.

“Virgo could perhaps be overwhelmed by the firecracker life that Leo lives, and at the other end of the spectrum, Leo at times could be underwhelmed with the down to earth, hermit life that Virgo can live.” says Backlund. “Virgo could love staying home marathoning a true crime show, reading books, and sticking to the plan, whereas Leo wants to veer off course and party.”

But just because this pairing might not have that instant, easy chemistry, this doesn’t mean they don’t stand a chance. They each bring different abilities that can help them overcome those early bumps if they want to. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is warm, loving, and optimistic, so they don't give up easily. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with communication, which means they have the skills to work through problems and get on the same page with their Leo lover, as Gelika Bücker, an astrologer and founder of astrology app, Stars Align, told Bustle. “As long as these aspects are communicated openly, these needs could be met,” Bücker said. “However, Leos are about action whereas Virgos are about words and mental stimulation.”

They Bring Out New Sides Of Each Other

If Leo and Virgo can get through their initial roadblocks, they can discover a very exciting and challenging relationship that helps each of them grow and flourish in new ways. “They both lack what the other one most definitely has in a lot of ways, and that could make their relationship really exciting if they learn to let go,” explains Backlund. “For example, Virgo can learn to have fun with Leo, and Leo can learn to keep things organized and on track, as well as how to appreciate the smaller things.”

Virgo values stability and a safe, secure home life — something Leo might realize they'd never appreciated so much. In return, Leo offers Virgo a new lens through which to view the world as one full of possibility and excitement. Virgo helps to ground Leo, who returns the favor by aiding Virgo in giving up control just a little bit and being more present in the moment.

Together, this push-and-pull helps each partner grow and opens their eyes to new perspectives. There's a beautiful balance that can offer each of them the best of both worlds. “They can definitely help each other,” Backlund says. “They just have to get over themselves to do it.” This isn’t the easiest task to ask of these two fairly stubborn signs, but it’s definitely not impossible.

They Might Have A More Compatible Natal Chart

Although Leo and Virgo are two very different signs that sit right next to each other on the zodiac, their sun signs aren’t the only things on their natal chart that play into their compatibility. “We're so much more than our sun signs — we have a whole birth chart, we have a moon sign, a rising sign, a Venus sign — and all of that goes into our compatibility with another person, especially the moon sign and the rising sign,” Backlund says. “So even if you're a Virgo or Leo sun, that doesn't mean things are doomed or things are bound to be really difficult, because there's still so much more to the story.”

In fact, being neighbors could be an advantage in other aspects of their charts, according to astrologer Clarisse Monahan. “As Mercury and Venus travel very close to the sun, it’s quite common for Leos to have either Venus or Mercury in Virgo and vice versa for Virgo,” Monahan told Bustle. “Having a Venus or Mercury sign in your partner's birth chart can go a long way in helping to smooth over any differences.”

Venus signs represent how an individual approaches relationships and displays affection, and Mercury signs describe how someone communicates and expresses themself. These aspects of the birth chart might make a significant difference in helping make Leo and Virgo compatible. If both partners have the same Mercury sign, for example, which can be common with neighboring signs, Leo and Virgo will have an easier time understanding and communicating with each other.

So, Are Leo And Virgo Compatible?


From a textbook compatibility standpoint, Leo and Virgo are a bit like star-crossed lovers. There are plenty of reasons why they might not be a good fit from a surface perspective. However, when a Leo and a Virgo click, they can make for a true power couple, provided they find a dynamic and balance that works for them. “A lot of things can attract a Leo and Virgo to each other, and I would say [that] it's important for them to remember why they were attracted to each other in the first place,” says Backlund.

For example, a Virgo might be attracted to a Leo because they saw someone who had the guts to enter a room at a party, announce their entrance, and say, “Let's do a shot!”, or be the first person to dance on a dance floor. A Virgo can watch that from afar and love that about that person.

On the opposite side, a Leo can get so wrapped up in the beauty of the present moment that they lose track of their plans, can’t stay organized, and become a bit messy. So they could really admire that Virgos are quick learners and have “a method to the madness,” as Backlund explains. Leos, who tend to look at things emotionally, might appreciate that Virgos can compartmentalize, approach things logically, and delineate answers from the facts.

In the end, it's really about being on the same page and sharing the same goals. If Leo and Virgo can do that, then there's literally nothing these two can’t do or achieve together.


Roya Backlund, horoscope and astrology writer

Gelika Bücker, astrologer and founder of Stars Align

Clarisse Monahan, astrologer

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