How To Use Your Mercury Sign To Cut Down On Miscommunication In Your Life

by Minerva Siegel

With trademark wings on his sandals, Mercury, the Roman god of communication, is known for flitting around carrying messages from the other gods. He’s an important figure in Roman mythology, and the position of his namesake planet in our birth charts carries a lot of meaningful messages, too. How do you communicate? Do you speak from the heart like a Sagittarius, or are you cool as a cucumber and level-headed like a Virgo? Are you someone who gets your inbox to zero every day, or do you find yourself frequently forgetting to respond to texts? Your Mercury sign could be why you're bad at communicating if you ever feel like you're totally misunderstood; it tells us all about how you interact with people, and we can use this information to avoid miscommunication in our lives.

Astrologers believe that the specific positions of various astro-bodies at the time of our birth influence our lives. Where Mercury sits in your birth chart can help you figure out how to balance your communication style so you can have effective, efficient dialogue with all the different personality types in your life. There are so many different personalities out there, and each has its own unique communication style. Being aware of how Mercury's position in your birth chart influences you can help you get along better with everyone you know, from that friend with Mercury in Leo who uses gifs like they're going out of style, to that no-nonsense co-worker in your life who was born with Mercury in Taurus.

To calculate your full, super-accurate birth chart, you'll have to contact an astrologer. A lot of websites offer free, basic birth charts based on the exact time, day, and city of your birth- but, some are better than others. Personally, I find that this birth chart calculator is rather accurate, and it gives a pretty detailed analysis of what everything in your birth chart means. It's the best I've found online without going through an actual astrologer. So, figure out where your natal Mercury sits and read on to glory.

Mercury In Aries

Aries is a sign known for being passionate and always on the go, so it makes sense that those with Mercury in Aries have direct and quick communication styles. They’re the ones who text you back instantly! A hot-headed fire sign, they're easily frustrated by people who speak with caution, and put a lot of value on getting to the point. They can come across as overly aggressive and defensive when met with a difference of opinion.

To avoid miscommunications, it’s so important to focus on responding to people rather than instinctively reacting to them. Take a deep breath, babes! Be a little more thoughtful in your presentation. Time to check for typos and reread messages before you send them. Think, Am I coming on a little stronger than the situation calls for? Focus on the tone of your texts and emails. Soften yourself just a little bit to avoid miscommunication and frustration down the line, but don’t lose your fire, babes with Mercury in Aries! Just be careful not to stoke it before the situation calls for heat.

Mercury In Taurus

Taureans are steadfast, no-nonsense, stable, and stubborn as all hell. Those born with Mercury in Taurus take time to think through things carefully. When they do eventually come to a decision, they dig their heels in and stick with it. They communicate in a refreshingly honest, direct way, but they have a tendency to gloss over details and can come across as harsh and inflexible.

So, babes with Mercury in Taurus, if you’re running into a lot of misunderstandings, it could be that you’re being a bit bull-headed. You like practical and utilitarian language, but try softening it just a little. Also, remember that the world isn’t divided into black and white, so you need to work on being comfortable in greyscale. Not everyone is as decisive and direct as you, and it’s important when dealing with other people to be a little more flexible. If you don’t take the time to learn how to see things from others’ point of view, you babes with Mercury in Taurus will end up with a lot of frustration and miscommunications. Your practical, level-headed and thoughtful decision-making skills are so valuable! Just make sure not to accidentally bulldoze anyone else’s feelings or opinions while trying to get your point across.

Mercury In Gemini

Gemini is a charming sign of duality. Geminis are eclectic, social butterflies with lots of different interests. So, those born with Mercury in Gemini have the gift of gab. They can comfortably speak with anyone about almost anything. They know a little about a lot of different things, which makes it easy for them to connect with people from all walks of life. They’re usually popular and witty, but they don’t have the focus to delve deeply into any one subject, so their knowledge and interest in most things is superficial.

Miscommunications happen with babes born with Mercury in Gemini when topics get heavy and the dialogue feels tedious. Avoid coming across as shallow or flakey by learning to be comfortable digging a little deeper into things when the situation calls for it. You’re always on the go mentally, but things can’t be entertaining and intellectually stimulating for you 100 percent of the time! Sometimes, you’ve got to slow down, get serious, and focus on the nitty-gritty. People can sometimes be frustrated by your tendency to be inattentive to the mundane-but-important aspects of life. To avoid miscommunications with other people, you have to learn when to settle down and focus on important things, even if you find them boring.

Mercury In Cancer

Cancer is a soft, sensitive and emotional sign. Those born with Mercury in Cancer sometimes withdraw and clam up socially, but when they do speak, it’s from the heart. They’re great listeners and they respond more to the vibe or feeling behind a conversation rather than what’s actually being said. People born with Mercury in Cancer can come across as defensive and easily wounded in conversations, but that’s just because they feel so much! Don't mistake their soft-spoken ways for weakness. They're powerfully intuitive. Others may perceive babes with Mercury in Cancer as being overly-emotional, but it takes strength to be soft.

While others may advise you to toughen up, I’m totally not going to do that. Why harden yourself to the world? Stay soft, but work on communicating more decisively. If you have an opinion, muster the confidence to deliver it boldly to avoid being bulldozed in conversation. Being open to other people’s feelings and opinions is totally valuable, but acquiescing to others’ requests all the time won't benefit you in the long run. You’ve got a deep mind and strong intuition; the world will benefit from knowing your thoughts! Speak up!

Mercury In Leo

Leo is a warm-hearted, flashy, dazzling sign. Leos value pomp and the art of presentation, so those born with Mercury in Leo are natural entertainers and leaders. They speak with style and keep their audience hanging on every word. Creative and dramatic, babes with Mercury in Leo love the spotlight and tend to dominate conversations.

Avoid miscommunications by knowing when to step out of the limelight and let others have the floor. Work on your collaborative skills! You take pride in your views and opinions, but can come across as a bit of a know-it-all who’s easily wounded by simple differences of opinion. Try to be a little more open to other people’s ideas and perspectives in communication to avoid frustration and misunderstandings. You rock a certain je ne sais quoi, and are very skilled at getting your point across with style- just remember that others can have valuable insight, too, even if their presentation isn't wrapped up with a pretty bow.

Mercury In Virgo

Ah, Virgo babes! They’re logical, methodical, and brainy. Naturally neat, they get a sort of high from organizing spaces and schedules. They’re practical people who live for the details. Those with Mercury in Virgo have a very methodical, concise approach to communication. Their opinions are well-researched, but they can come across as a little rigid. They respond promptly to emails, are always on time, and get to the point quickly as a courtesy, so they can be a bit judgmental of others who don’t put as much value on those aspects of communication.

Steer clear of miscommunications by learning to loosen up a little! Just because someone adds extra flair to their dialogue doesn’t necessarily mean they’re silly or not taking matters seriously. You value logic and sense over emotional responses, but be careful of how you deliver your ideas and opinions, because you can come off a little cold. Speaking from the heart a little more will help balance you out. You can also avoid frustration by being more open to other people’s communication styles. Be more tolerant of babes who throw a couple extra emojis in a text, use fancy fonts on memos or speak with flair. Efficiency is important, but there’s more than one way to communicate effectively; you just have to learn to speak other people’s languages.

Mercury In Libra

Libra is a sign that loves harmony. Those with Mercury in Libra value diplomacy and are naturally talented at finding creative compromises to dilemas. The friend in your circle with Mercury in Libra is the one who keeps the peace and solves problems by finding solutions that work for everyone. She speaks carefully but deliberately, and always has the most level-headed advice.

Babes with Mercury in Libra, tact and kindness are so important, and you’re incredibly skilled at handling others with care. Avoid frustration and miscommunications by remembering that you can’t please everyone all of the time. Compromises are great, but sometimes a situation calls for decisive leadership. Advocating for your ideas and what you really want is in your own best interest. That’s not selfish- that’s basic self-care. You just want everyone to be happy, so others can perceive you as sometimes wishy-washy. Be more decisive. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Don't be so afraid of rocking the boat.

Mercury In Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign that thrives in depths others fear. Those with Mercury in Scorpio find that their conversations get intense quickly because they have no patience for superficial small talk. They want heart. They want to get to the very center of the matter and dissect it with you. Those with Mercury in Scorpio are passionate, earnest speakers who can see right through pretense. Instinctively strategic and intellectually shrewd, they can be little too suspicious, judgemental and harsh.

Avoid miscommunications by learning to lighten up a little! Remember that not everyone is as comfortable with intensity as you are. Get more comfortable having superficial discussions. I know it goes against your nature, but learn to just chat. Channel your inner Eliza Doolittle by learning when to stick to two simple topics: the weather and everybody’s health.

Mercury In Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an open, honest, carefree sign. Those with Mercury in Sagittarius speak frankly from the heart. They’re big-picture people who don’t like discussing the details. They’re optimistic and idealistic, and while these sound like great attributes, they can also be weaknesses. Others can find them naive and unrealistic. Babes with Mercury in Sagittarius run into miscommunications when others can’t bring them down to earth.

If you have Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re passionate and carefree, but can come across as flighty and inattentive. You pride yourself on being blunt and direct, but, believe it or not, tact is sometimes really important. It’s just not something that comes naturally to you, and you’re often frustrated by evasive hints and people who are indirect. Balance your communication style by listening more to others and being a little more gentle with your words. There’s a time for being bold and brazen, but there are also times when you need to be softer and more subtle. Pay attention to your audience and how they’re receiving you to make sure you’re communicating your views and ideas in ways that are resonating with others. You’re so optimistic, and that's beautiful. Just be careful not to get carried away and promise more than you can deliver to avoid misunderstandings and let-downs.

Mercury In Capricorn

Capricorn is a steady-as-she-goes, resourceful, sensible Earth sign. Babes who were born with Mercury in Capricorn (like me!) communicate in practical ways. They can be a little strict and authoritative, and miscommunication often arises from their inflexibility. Those with Mercury in Capricorn value their time and like getting to the point. They’re annoyed with a lot of extra frills or needless information in communications.

If your Mercury is in Capricorn, you speak sensibly, but need to loosen up a bit. Yeah, the meeting got pushed back from 9 A.M. to 10:30, but don’t let that sour your mood and ruin your day. Avoid misunderstandings by learning to go with the flow of conversations a little more, rather than strictly staying on-topic. Getting to your destination is great, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Mercury In Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that’s defined by the unconventional. Babes with Mercury in Aquarius find very unique ways to express themselves and often speak without thinking. In conversation, they like to get a rise out of people and often play devil’s advocate just to stir things up. They have a lot of unusual, refreshing insights and valuable perspectives.

Babes with Mercury in Aquarius, misunderstandings arise when others get frustrated with your constant need to stir the pot. Contradicting people just for the sake of an argument gets old. Challenge the status quo, sure- but do it in productive ways that lead to real change, don’t just put on a show. You have so much insight and drive. Sometimes it’s necessary to sit down and get to work on the nitty-gritty, or your grandiose ideas won’t ever reach fruition.

Mercury In Pisces

Pisces is a very fluid, gentle sign. People with Mercury in Pisces are dreamers who don’t always communicate very directly. They love playing with language and putting a lot of emotion into their words. They’re so open-minded that they can have trouble figuring out what it is that they really want or believe in. Decisions are difficult for them because they see merit in so many different perspectives.

If you were born with Mercury in Pisces, you can avoid miscommunications by taking the time to get to the heart of the matter. You have a tendency to scratch the surface of a subject, and then drift away. Dig a little deeper and find a bit of solid ground to stand on. Commitment can be uncomfortable when you see value in all sorts of different possibilities, but others need to know that they can depend on you. You’re often a little vague and subtle you love nuance, and not everyone appreciates indirect approaches as much as you do. Feel out your audience and learn when to be a bit more direct and bold to avoid misunderstandings. Dream your wild dream, babe, but keep your feet on the ground.

Mercury’s placement in our birth charts can tell us a lot about the sort of language we use, the messages we convey, and how we can balance out our particular communication styles to more effectively and harmoniously speak with others. So, the next time you’re stuck in a group chat, go into it with a little more personal insight. By knowing what your Mercury sign means for you, you’ll be able to communicate with a variety of different people in more balanced, effective ways. Now, go out there and practice smooth-talking yourself into everyone's hearts, tiger! I believe in you.