Why Mercury In Capricorn Is About To Make You A Lot More Business Savvy This Week

by Rosey Baker
Studio Firma

Who among you is ready to let the stress of the holidays fade into the background and get back to your own life? I know I am. I couldn't be more happy when the holidays were over, I'd gotten that extra rest I needed, and I was ready to get back to business as usual with renewed dedication to my own life goals. Mercury is in Capricorn, the first time in 2018 this week, giving us all the focus we need to keep our eyes on the prize, and make our resolutions a reality.

The most important thing to note about this transit is that Mercury doesn't just rule over communication; it rules over everything that has to do with it, including our thoughts, the way we speak, the written word, wireless technology, travel, and electronics. This planet governs the majority of our day-to-day living, and when it's in a stable, hardworking and traditional sign like Capricorn, it infuses everyone under its influence with laser-like focus and a drive to succeed. What I love most about astrology is how we can use it as a tool to guide our own lives, without having our future predicted for us. Here's what you can expect from this transit, and how to harness its energy to make your New Year's resolutions a reality.

Method Before Madness

Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini, a sign that's known for being slightly all-over-the-place in terms of their focus. But when the communication planet moves into Capricorn it's influenced most heavily by that sign.

Capricorn is a methodical thinker, and lays out a step-by-step plan for achieving their goals. While Mercury is in this sign, you'll most likely be careful not to waste time on frivolous projects and stick to using your resources on what truly matters to you most.

Creating Structure

Mercury governs, as I mentioned above, the details of our everyday lives, our communication, our organization of our day to day activities, and local travel (including our morning and evening commutes.) This is an area where Capricorn, the ultimate businessperson of the zodiac, needs no help at all, but to have Capricorns talent for structure, organization, and management allows Mercury to function at its best. When this planet moves into Capricorn on Jan. 11, 2018, take some time to go through your appointments, to organize your contacts, and to confirm any meetings you've left unconfirmed up until now.

Connecting With V.I.P.s

Another thing to consider when this transit happens is you'll have a greater than average ability to talk your way into business deals you didn't have the confidence to before. Suddenly, you may realize that this isn't a matter of confidence so much as inventory. You have something to offer someone that is valuable, and you'd be doing them and yourself a disservice if you let an opportunity to collaborate pass you by. If there is someone you've been waiting to meet with until "you're ready," take that meeting now. Offer them what you have, and ask for what you need. It's simply how business is done.

Whatever goals you've set for yourself, Jan. 11 is the time to set them in motion. Like a true Capricorn, you can make a list, and map out exactly what you need and who you need help from in order to get it. Work those professional relationships. It might sound kinda slimy, but it really isn't. Everyone is just a person who put their heart and soul into their work to get to where they are today. Nothing is given to anyone who doesn't make an effort. My advice to you is, take advantage of this transit and do the same.