Here's What Capricorns Can Expect In 2018, According To The Stars

by Rosey Baker

Happy New Year, Capricorns! It's your birthday month, and it's your season, until the sun enters Aquarius at the end of January. So, as a gift to you, I've decided to give you an overview of your horoscope for 2018. For Capricorns, 2018 means a year of questions, questions that will pop up faster than it seems like the answers will be able to come, but we'll get into that in a moment. The point is that this year will set up changes in your life in ways you'd ever could have expected, and you've got a lot to be excited about.

Think of how much progress we achieved in terms of our collective consciousness in 2017, and think of how quickly. The year began with The Women's March and included moments like the nationwide removal of Confederate statues, the first transgender woman ever to be elected to the House of Delegates, and ended with The New York Times publishing a piece on the Pentagon's secret U.F.O program. That, my friends, is what should be called a "leap year." This year will be somewhat like the last year was, but on a personal level for Capricorns. Make sure you can keep up, because leaving yourself behind won't be an option.

Saturn In Your First House

The cause behind all this personal revelation will be the move of Saturn into your sign, placing it in your first house of personal dreams, wishes, and personal expression. Saturn is about responsibility, and when it's in your first house, that responsibility applies to yourself. You may find your personal responsibilities increase over the next year, and you'll have to make extra efforts to maintain your health and to gather your personal resources in order to keep going at a personal cause that is close to your heart.

Questioning Your Personal Identity

Questions regarding your personal identity come up under this transit, which lasts throughout 2018 and up to 2020; you may wonder deep down, how you are coming across to others and how you appear to the outside world. Saturn has been transiting your 12th house for the last two years, which may have turned your focus more inward, as you touched base with your spiritual life, the secrets you keep from yourself, your subconscious and your connection to your higher self. Now, your focus turns outward again, and if you have been doing the necessary spiritual research the last two years required of you, you probably won't be shaken by this.

Creating A Stronger Sense of Self

A genuinely curious approach to the question of how others experience you, more than a self-conscious approach, is what's best for you right now, although in the beginning of 2018, you're more likely to begin this transit feeling a little self-conscious. Since you're a human being with an active ego, it's normal for your initial reaction to these feelings to be an attempt to reach out to others to make you feel better. But the lessons Saturn (your ruling planet) has to teach you are more lasting than whatever quick fix your ego comes up with. As you work through these feelings of self-consciousness, you will learn new ways to strengthen your pride in who you are, creating an unshakeable confidence.

Getting Rid Of The Superficial

By the same token, Saturn will act to remove anything from your life that is superficial. Beliefs you have about yourself, your body, your relationships to others will reveal themselves as illusions. Don't be afraid of this. There's something incredibly freeing about looking at your life and going, "Oh, it's only been 'hard' because I've been living a lie!" By the end of 2018, you'll have begun to learn this lesson and be able to stand in the truth feeling more empowered than ever.